Getting Ready for a Make-over.....Fear and Panic Setting In - Columbus, OH

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I know it's a little early to start blogging about...

I know it's a little early to start blogging about it but I am hoping for feedback from ladies who have had this done so that I won't be so afraid when the time comes. I am 65 years old and I have had two breast implant surgeries, first set was silicone 30 yrs ago, one broke, so second set saline, now the right one is broken, it's 21 yrs old so I am not surprised, they only last so long. Plus even though I have not had children my tummy looks like I did. I have scheduled a breast reduction & implant replacement and tummy tuck combination for July 10th. I would have waited until middle of winter but I will probably have to get knee replacement surgery and want to be healed before next summer (ha, sounds like I am falling apart doesn't it) anywho I just want to get it all done and move on. I have heard that a tummy tuck is very painful and you have to walk bent over for at least 2 weeks....hoping to hear from you all. I will post pictures just before I get it done and then during healing and after.

Well ladies I have some sort of sad news....I have...

Well ladies I have some sort of sad news....I have decided to put my TT & BL on hold and get both my knees replaced first. This was really hard but it's like as soon as I made the appointment for the body work and got the money together, my knees (both of them) said "hold on, what good is a great body if you can't walk and in constant here is the plan....we are leaving for vacation on Siesta Key Fa. Friday the 10th of May for 2 weeks, and as soon as we return I am scheduling the knees (I doubt if they will do them both at once) soon as I'm through with therapy, probably in the fall I will reschedule with Dr. Heck for the body least I won't be suffering in the middle of the summer with the TT....Ya know my mother and none of my grandparents had bad knees...WTH happened to me???
Columbus Plastic Surgeon

Paid a visit to Dr. Heck. He is reportedly one of the best PS in Columbus. I was pleased with the consultation visit, he took pictures and assured me that it will be FINE. All fat sucked out, no more belly, breasts nice and high (I asked for a C cup, as I am a D now). I will write more after the procedures.

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