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I've been watching the lower half of my mid face...

I've been watching the lower half of my mid face region start to sag for years. I'm 41 years old and first noticed the sagging in my mid 30s. It's bothered me for years, but in the last two years my face seems to have aged almost 10 years. I always looked young for my age (despite the marionette lines), but now I feel like I look older than my age. I finally talked myself into seeing a plastic surgeon about it (I had a hard time justifying the cost and feared bad results, mostly after reading so many negative posts from this site!!).

I am glad I had the procedure done. He injected one syringe between both sides. It didn't hurt (and I'm a total wimp!). My left side developed a pretty bad bruise the following day. It's completely cleared up by day 7. Was hard to hide even with makeup days 1-4, so I'll be sure to plan better next time. I had to field lots of questions at work about it!!!

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I should probably mention that the Juvederm only solves half the problem (trying to minimize the sagging at my mouth). The other half of the problem is the fat from cheeks is gone (that is what migrated south and is now sagging at my mouth!), so Dr Sullivan recommended Sculptra to replace the lost fat in my upper face. I agree, that I need both procedures, but I can't afford the $2k Sculptra price tag right now, so settled for just the Juvederm. I think the Juvederm has definitely helped hide the sagging, but when I look in the mirror I still see the flat/hollowness of my upper cheeks and wondering how much better I'll look if/when I have that procedure done. But, I'm going to explore a potential mid-face lift with other surgeons. I'm concerned about spending several thousands of dollars each year to maintain injections that are only masking the issue, when maybe it's in my best (longer-term) interest to invest in a more *permanent* solution (I know nothing is permanent). So, before I invest in Sculptra, I'm going to meet with a few other doctors and get their advice. I'll keep everyone posted as I go through this journey. Hope it helps someone along the way!

Trying Voluma for cheeks next!

Went to Dr. Heck in Columbus this week for Botox (my first time!). I asked him about my marionette lines, told him about my recent filler, and he point-blank said, "you don't need fillers there, you need to lift your cheeks with Voluma". He handed me a mirror and pointed out my flat cheeks (which I was already aware of, and commented on in an earlier post). He said not only will it give me back the lost volume in that area, but it will also lift the sagging skin at my mouth just a tad, which will give the same effect as the marionette line fillers.

I'm convinced. I totally agree with him. He said no to surgery - said my jowls are great (was actually surprised to hear that). The original filler should last through about September, at which time I'll see Dr Heck for Voluma in the cheeks. He quoted me $1700, which is less than the $2k price Dr Sullivan quoted for Scultra (for the same cheek area).

I really, really like Dr Heck. I liked him when I went to him 2 years ago for a skin consultation (where he recommended Obagi). He does more Juvederm injections than anyone in Columbus (check out the Juvederm website for more info on doctor's purchasing volume). What I really appreciate, is that even though I didn't technically pay for a consultation, he took the time at my Botox appt to talk with me about this. He provided more "consultation" in 3 minutes for free than Dr Sullivan provided in my quick 10 minute consolation that I paid $100 for. Anyway, I'll keep everyone posted as I go!
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I will not be going back to him. I found him on this site and he has dozens of five star reviews, but I just didn't have good rapport with him. He seemed aloof, like he was annoyed he had to treat me. He did not explain the procedure, just told me to hold the squeeze ball and came toward me with the syringe. I had to ask all the questions, like how many pricks there would be, etc. He didn't explain it at all. I even paid $100 for a consultation on a separate day before the injection to have my questions answered (which he didn't really answer. It's hard to explain, but it's like he was giving me the simplest answer possible when I asked a question - there wasn't any valuable dialog about my concerns). He didn't tell me to avoid ibuprofen, asprin, etc before the injection to minimize bruising - only reason I knew this was because I did my own research before the procedure (I DO NOT blame him for the bruise, I knew it was likely to happen). I told him I was really nervous and he didn't respond to my comment at all! I had told his nurse (who walked me back to the room) I was nervous too, and she was really nice and was trying to reassure me that the procedure is simple. She even told Dr Sullivan I was nervous and again, he ignored the comment. I just didn't connect with him. I'm pleased with the end result though.

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