Breast Reduction in 2 Days! -Columbus, Ohio

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Well after more than a year of researching doctors...

Well after more than a year of researching doctors and looking at hundreds of before and after pics and 2 consultations later, I am scheduled for my breast reduction with Dr. Heck this Friday. I have mixed feeling. I am excited and extremely nervous at the same time. I hope I am making the right decision. I am currently a 40 DDD and I am looking to go down to a size D. I have upper and lower back pain for over 4 years now and it's not getting any better. I am 42 and somewhat active and I am just so tired of my 'heavy' boobs. When I went to get my mammogram for my procedure the nurse said wow--your breasts are heavy---DUH!!! :-) I truly believe I am making the right decision, but you just never know! I have throughly researched Dr. Heck and have had 2 consults with him. I am impressed with his bef and aft pics, but was concerned with shape and scaring of breast aft procedure. During my 2nd consult I had a ton of questions for Dr. Heck and he was patient and answered all of them. I'm a little OCD and controlling, so I am extremely nervous about the procedure. I am sitting here on New Years Day (2014) at 1:35a.m. still researching before my procedure on Friday the 3rd. This is my first time journaling (is that a word???), but after reading others, I think it helps the person and anyone thinking about having PS. I will check back in before my procedure and after. Happy New Year everyone!!!

Before pics

Here's a couple pics of me before my surgery this Friday the 3rd. I will post more later

Last day of HEAVY boobs!!!!

Tomorrow is surgery day! I'm excited and nervous!


Getting all my supplies ready for tomorrow. A little discouraged because all of the bras I bought don't fit right??? I know I will be smaller but I will be swollen, so I don't know if any of them will work?? We will see. Will post more tomorrow. Thanks so much for ALL the words of encouragement.

BTW--What's up with the website change??? Wasn't like this earlier.

Can't sleep!

Surgery is tomorrow and I can't go to sleep! Want to get a decent night sleep, but...

Aggghhh! Gonna force myself to at least go to sleep by 1:00a.m.!!!!

Post op

Hi All--thanks soooo much for all the well wishes. I am finally on the 'lighter-side'! Surgery went well. I arrived at 1:00 at the surgery center to get IV, markups etc, done and everyone was so nice and helpful. The first nurse (Kelly) was so nice and sweet and helped calmed my nerves--thought about bolting when she left me alone to dress...Lol!! Then my Anesthesiologist came in the administer the good stuff. He was hilarious and really helped to calm me more. He was making lots of jokes, which was okay with me because I was soooo anxious. I told him to give me the good stuff and not to dilute like they do at the club bar...Lol. He told my husband that I need at least 6 wks of shoulder massages, back rubs, etc and I told him I would give him $20 for that :-) I really need to be put at ease because I had so much anxiety. My PS came in and did my mark up. Asked him a few questions such as will I have drains ( I don't have any drains in, which surprised me because just about everybody on this site has them????) I included a pic of my mark up, he did a really good drawing on me :-) I talked to him about the size of my aeroles , because I didn't want them small, but not freakishly big either, so I showed him a pic of the size I wanted and he no problem. They were a little bigger that he usually does, but it would still be okay--a little worried now that they will be big, but I'm sure he made they still look right--I hope anyway!!!

Next I was wheeled in the operating room and all I remember is people moving about and they put the mask on my nose and then I woke up in recovery. No counting backwards, just out cold.

So far only 1 complication, I was told that when I woke up I threw up and that I had a little fluid in one of my lungs (can't remember was too loopy) I was wheezing a bit and they gave me a breathing treatment where I kept blowing on a tube (which they gave me one to bring home to continue) They listened to my lungs and I stayed a little longer in recovery (I closed the bar down :)) I was literally the last patient leaving with 2 nurses and my Anesthesiologist. They wanted to make sure that the fluid had drained enough before they sent me home and I appreciate that.

Now, when I woke up I was extremely SORE. I literally felt like someone had ran over my boobs with a truck and backed up to make sure they ran over them the first time :-( I was pretty nausea too despite them giving me anti-nausea medicine in my IV and again during recovery.

Made it home around 7:00 and it hurts to move. Slept petty much the whole way. Just took a vicodin around 9 for the pain and a antibiotic at 10. Pain is manageable right now. Made a medicine chart to keep by my bed so I can keep track of what I took and when.

Sleep--there is absolutely no way I can lay in the bed, so my wonderful husband brought our recliner out of the living room into our bedroom. I definitely would recommend sleeping in a recliner or somewhere you can be elevated. I can't imagine laying on the bed. I am moving very slow!

Bleeding-I think I have minimal bleeding. There is a small line of blood under my left breast, but I had quite a bit more under right breast. My doctor did put me in a surgical bra. I didn't show the blood under the right breast on my sports bra--looks kinda gross! My breast just feel pretty tight right now. Also, my right breast seems more swollen that left and that could be why there is more blood stained on that side.

Since I got home, I ate a whole pack of townhouse crackers and some chicken noodle soup to help with nausea and so I didn't sicker when I took my prescribed meds. Getting really sleepy right now, but I wanted to let you all know how I was doing. I appreciate all the support. That has helped tremendously, I will keep you posted and will update more when I'm a little more mobile.

Feeling better

Hi there--feeling a lot better today. Very minimal pain, but went ahead and took a vicodin around 10, so I can keep the pain minimal. Not as stiff today, but feel like my boobs are stuffed??? Luckily my PS does an automatic breast lift with the reduction, so they are perky. I have noticed when I researched other PS they didn't do lifts with their reduction and charge extra for it, so I'm glad it was all included in mines. That may be why I feel like they are stuffed. I have only looked a little bit. Haven't taken off my bra, just glanced down. Kind of scared to look! I go back to PS for post op Monday, but might have to reschedule for Tuesday because we are supposed to get another round of snow and he's an hour away. Well see. It's so strange to see by boobs are up so high. Kinda feel like I have those Janet Jackson boobs that are up to your neck...LOL!

I have NO idea what size I am. My husband said the PS came out and talked to him and told him I was D, but looking down I feel like they are a C, but I could be wrong. It doesn't look like I have a lot of swelling right now, just a tight feeling. It's weird not having my boobs laying on my stomach :-) They seem so high up (like they should be) I feel like I have a rubber band under my boobs. I think I will be pleased with the results, it is definitely a huge difference.

Thanks again for all the support I have gotten from everybody! I really appreciate it!!!!! :-)

Post op pic

Hi there,

Had my post op appointment today. Everything went good. I am cleared to take showers now...yay!!! Here's a pic of my post op after the nursed cleaned me up. They are SUPER swollen, look like I have implants! Ask my PS to make my aeroles a little bigger, which he did, how they don't look freakishly big??? Nurse said they will get smaller once the swelling goes down. Also found out that he took 650 grams=1.5 lbs out of each breast. He said I should go done to a D. Which is fine with me, because I still have like 40 lbs to lose.

Nurse told me to change bandages every day and use peroxide to clean the breast. Also told me that tight/rubber band feeling will ease up once gravity takes hold and my skin starts to stretch. Have to go back to PS in 3 wks.

Thanks for all the support!!!

Thank you!

Thank you all for your support. I have been feeling a little down, because my breast are so swollen and they are killing my back. Like most everyone on this site, I decided to have a reduction to lessen my back pain. I am just anxious about how they are going to look once the swelling 'ever' goes down.

Just called my PS and talked to his nurse and she told me they should go down considerably in the next week or 2. I hope so, because I feel like they are sewn into my rib cage. Just feel like I got implants instead of reduction.

Also, have to lose weight. So weird I tried on some of my old button up shirts and they are sooo big in the breast area, but they still fit my stomach, so it looks strange.

Starting to second guess my decision!!! Maybe I will feel better once everything is settled???? I really appreciate all the words of encouragement. Just feel a little unsure of how they look, but I'm happy to hear that everyone feels they look good. That is really helping my self confidence!

Thanks again!!! You all are really awesome. So glad I have you all for support!

5 days post

Hi All,

Been a little down the past couple days, been having constant zingers in my right breast and increased swelling in both. Had to send a couple pics to my PS to make sure everything is going ok. Want to thank you all for the support. Have been on an emotional roller coaster! But I'm trying to stay positive and stop being a 'Debbie Downer :-) Wanted to post a few more pics. Need your opinion...pls let me know if you see any difference from my 3 day post pic. I see a slight difference, but could be in my head! Thanks everyone!

I also want to send best wishes to everyone that is scheduled for surgery soon! This forum will be a lifeline once you get to the 'light side'!

Another post review

Hi Ladies,

Just wanted to check in, I'm about 9-10 days post (depends which day you start counting :-)) Still swollen and sleeping in a recliner! Slept in the bed 1 night but it killed my back so back to recliner. Not much has changed, the only real difference I have noticed is that the swelling has gone down slightly between my breast. I'm starting to get 'white crust' around my areoles--happening to anyone else? I'm assuming because the incisions are healing. Went out yesterday and got my hair done---yay!!!!! So needed it. Unfortunately, I have to go back to work tomorrow. But still gonna take it day by day. I'm at the computer most of the time, so I will take it easy as much as I can. I still have a slight discharge but only with my incisions underneath. Pain is still minimal, just the soreness and the zingers! Incisions underneath is my BIGGEST complaint! If it wasn't for those, I think I would feel a lot better. I will be extremely happy when the swelling goes down, really hurting my back. Talked to my personal trainer yesterday and she recommended that I wear my sweat belt that I have or get a weight lifting belt to help stabilize my core. I think I will wear my sweat belt that I got at walmart for $5 because it has Velcro and a special liner to pull out excess water out of your belly and I can still move, so that might help me hold up my new puppies! Still can't believe they are heavier than my size DDDs...that is sooo wrong on sooo many levels :-)

I have been trying on clothes all day today to see what I can to work. New dilemma, the shirts that fit my stomach are wayyyyy to big for my chest now! So trying to find something that doesn't make my chest look deflated! Fun, fun, fun! Will probably go shopping this week and pick up a few things on clearance.

I have attached a couple more pics. As you can see not much has changed if at all. However, I did include one side pic, couldn't take the other side, but you get the idea...Lol!!!

My next post op is the 27th and I am making a list of questions to ask! Happy Healing Everyone!!!!!


Hi ladies--finally I am starting to feel better---yay!!! Still have some swelling of course, but that feeling of my boobs being sewn to my rib cage is starting to ease up. Thank goodness, because I was really worried about that! It was really freaking me out. I have to say to anyone 1-2 weeks post, hang in there because it really does get better. We are so lucky that so many women share their experiences with each other, but we all have to remember that we ALL have gone through major surgery and everyone heals at a different rate. This was very hard for me, because I felt like something was wrong because I wasn't as happy as the next person, or didn't feel as great, or wasn't healing as fast, and I was emotional, etc. I am so glad that I found this site and all you amazingly brave women. Thank you. Thank you for all the support and encouragement you have given me. I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. (tear) :-)

Now back to boobies--swelling is starting to go down, having the most soreness on my right breast. Still getting zingers off and on. Have sensation in both my nipples, very sensitive. I can feel my nipples are hard and sensitive, but they are not poking out like they normally do--weird! But at least I have sensation! Nurse said that white crusting around nipples is healing, but I'm a little concerned because it's taking my skin with it??? Like little patches. Sent an e-mail tonight to see if I can start using vitamin E oil because they are so dry and cracked.
Besides trying to find a bra that doesn't drive me crazy is a real challenge. Will keep you updated.

I'm melting!!!

Just kidding! But seriously my areoles are still peeling. Starting to freak me out. Is this happening to anyone else? The nurse said the color would come back, but I'm surprised that they are peeling. Other than that, I think my recovery is coming along okay. I am still having the tightness with my incisions underneath and I had a small opening underneath on my right breast. Nothing major, again the nurse told me to put some Neosporin on it and it should be fine. Have tried to be very care, but I'm right handed so I might be doing a little to much. Just gets annoying when you feel like you can't do anything for yourself. I have attached some updated pics. Kind of had a rough day today, my right breast felt like it was filling up??? Felt hard and tight. Really thought it was a lot more swollen than the left, but when I took the pic it looks like the left is bigger. Go figure! I guess they are still settling. What week did everyone start scar treatment? Nurse (see a theme here) told me not to use anything until the incisions are completely closed, but I feel so dry and crack underneath that I feel I need something! My incisions are real crusty underneath.

Today was a GOOD DAY!!!

Hi ladies--well after a horrible night, I am feeling better today. Last night was rough. I was in soo much pain, it felt like day 3! I was feeling so sore. My breast were so tight and hard, especially my right breast (problem child). I am having my first menstrual cycle since the BR and the nurse said that we have increased water retention during our cycle and that will definitely affect our breasts. Still doesn't explain the hardness. Will probably send an e-mail 'again' tomorrow. I bet they are tired of me...oh well! Lol!!!

Anyway, so today I decided to go to Macy's and buy some shirts. Today is the first time I really appreciated having much smaller breasts. It was very exciting shopping for shirts and looking at XL and saying...that's way to big!!! ha-ha-ha! On top of that, Macy's was having a 65% off sale and an extra 25% thru the weekend. Are you serious!??? I went crazy! I could fit in medium shirts when normally I would wear at least an XL or 2XL depending on the shirts. I bought all Large shirts, because I still need to lose my belly and tone up my arms, if it wasn't for that, I would be in medium shirts. Freaking awesome. So for all the ladies who are wondering if they are doing the right thing, think of the pain that will go away and the cute shirts you can buy afterwards :-) Sure there are a lot of other reasons that people have the surgery, but not having breasts resting on your stomach like an end table is good enough for me!!! :-)

3 weeks

Hi Ladies,

Can't believe it's been 3 weeks already. I think my healing is coming along. Just a few issues still. Been having a lot of zingers in my right breast! Nipples still very sensitive which I guess is good because I have sensation! I still can't feel certain parts of both my breast, hope that comes back soon. Also seems like my left breast is bigger than right now. My right breast keeps getting tight. Will ask PS about this tomorrow.

Hopefully I am on target with my healing and can start exercising a little. My stomach and arms are dictating what shirts I can wear. I posted a couple more pics. Ready for the swelling to down, but I hear that can take a couple months :-(

Thanks again ladies for all your support! I appreciate it!

2nd Post op appointment

Hi there,

I had my 2nd post op appointment today. My PS said I am healing well. Finally got some answers to all my questions. PS said that the tight, underwire feeling would definitely go away and not last. Didn't say exactly when, of course, but said as the horizontal stitches continue to heal and stretch that feeling would go away. Yay! Also, said it's normal to have some peeling on the areoles and that the color would come back...again-yay! I asked about the tight feeling and swelling in my right breast and he said it could be fluid build up and they could stick a needle in to drain...ouch! Said he would wait until next appointment to see if symptoms improve. Forgot to ask about openings, but he looked at them and didn't say anything about it, so I guess it's okay. He also took out the ties at the end of my stitches...that freaking hurt! I also asked the $ex question :-) He said that lying on your back and having 'soft' sex is okay as long as your significant other doesn't fall on your chest :-) He also said I still can't work out yet or use scar cream. Have to go back in 2 weeks.

4 weeks post

Hi all,

Well I have finally hit the 4 week mark...yay! Can't believe it's a month already. I think I am healing well. Still have a few zingers here and there, breast don't seem to have changed that much. The left still looks a little bigger than the right. I might have to have the right drained of fluid, because I am having pain in my areole area. Feels like it is 'filling' up and has a weird sensation when I walk sometimes. It also feels really hard around the areole. My PS said it could be fluid and he will check next week. Really nervous about the possibility of draining, wondering if it will make my breast look different than the other? Finally, I don't have hardly any pain/soreness left with my horizontal incisions...yay again. I do have some soreness/tenderness in between my breast at the bottom. Doesn't hurt just tender. So at 4 weeks post, my biggest issue is the right areole and that weird sensation. I still have some numbness on certain parts of my breast? When does it all come back??? My PS said as long as I have feeling in my nipples (which I do) everything else will come back in time. I can't really feel my areoles even though I have feeling in my nipples and I'm still numb on each breast on the sides??? Weird! BUT I still do have some swelling, so maybe that's it??? I hope.

I have attached some pictures that I took today. There are pictures of my horizontal incisions, which look pretty good. Also, I had NO idea what size I was. I was a 40DDD and I told my PS that I wanted to be a D. I found an old bra in my drawer that has to be at least 10-15 years old (don't know why I kept it???) but it's a 38C, so I tried it on just to try and gauge what size I might be. To my surprise it actually fit!!!! Don't know if that's good or bad. I really wanted to be a D, but I am happy with the size I am now, so if it's a C I guess I'm okay with it, my concern is that I'm still swollen, so will they get even smaller??? I also have about 40 lbs to lose, so what happens then? I wanted to be a D because if I lost a lot of weight and they went down to a C, I would be fine with that, but I definitely don't want to be a B! When I tried on the bra, I didn't pull it all the way up because of the underwire, but it fit pretty comfortably. I will check with my PS when I have my next post op next Monday the 10th. Another list of questions.

Thanks everyone for all the support.


Well I had my first bra fitting since surgery at JCPenny's today. I have guessed about what size I was and was totally surprised that I am currently in a 40B!!! WTF!!! I tried a 40C and I could fit the bra, but my breast didn't completely fill out the cup. I am hoping and praying that once the swelling goes down and my breast drop the other way, I will at least be a C cup! I talked to my PS in great length about being a D cup. He said I would probably be a C/D, but I was adamant about being a D and I know it's not exact science, but being a B cup is insane! If I get any smaller, I will be in a training bra. My 13 year old daughter is a 36C. Seriously!!!!! The B cup is snug, not to tight, but definitely snug, so I'm hoping I will at least end up being a C cup. My husband that they look great and said if I wanted to keep my 'big boobs' then I shouldn't have had surgery and just kept my Dolly Parton tits...geez thanks! Uggghhhh!!! Had to vent. Go to PS on Monday and I am hoping he can shed some light on my size. Geez!!!
Anyway, attached are a couple photos I took today.

Thanks everyone!!!

Reality Check

Hi ladies,

I wanted to thank you ALL for your words of encouragement regarding the size that I am currently. I know I still have a while before my breasts settle, so I have to remember to be patient. I have my post op tomorrow, so I'm going in again with a list of questions. Again, I might have to have my right breast drained, but will find out tomorrow. I'm feeling a lot better today. My husband gave me a complete body rub down with my bio oil :-) I totally needed that! I didn't realized how stressed and tight I was from sleeping in the recliner for 2 weeks and sleeping on my back for 3 weeks. I was finally able to sleep on my side a little...yay!!! Usually when I tried I would feel pulling on the other breast or it was very uncomfortable, so last night it was bearable. I am totally a side sleeper, plus having all the kinks worked out really helped me get a good night's sleep! Went to Wally world (walmart) and bought 2 genie bras and to my surprise the XL was really snug, so I am going to back to exchange for a 1X to put my 'B' cups in...LOL!!! I think I am really going to like once I get a bigger size, I could fit in it, but it was snug! Really like how big the bands are and they didn't rub my incisions. If there are any questions you ladies feel I should ask at my 5 week post op, please let me know. I'm a little concerned that my right breast (rogue one) is still really tender underneath. Horizontal incisions seems to be fine, just actually breast is tender. Left breast seems to be fine. Anyone else still tender/sore at 5 weeks? I have included my before and after pic in a fitted t-shirt...WOW!!! Huge freakin difference!!!! Also a pic of the girls, don't see much change if any at all.

Thanks ladies! I really appreciate all the support and the sharing of your experiences. It helps a lot!

2 month mark!

Hi there,

It's been a little while since I have updated my post, so I wanted to share what's been going on. I am still healing and am feeling pretty good. I am amazed that I still get sore when I do too much. I went to my 3rd post op February 10th and my PS was pleased with my healing. He did remove all the internal stitches that were visible, except a really big one around my areole, so I ended up just pulling it out. He said that the pain and tenderness that I was experiencing with my right breast was scar tissue around my areole. He said eventually my body would absorb it! My right breast is still hyper sensitive and the left not so much. I have feeling in both nipples and feeling on my right areole, but not on my left??? I'm a little worried about that, but I guess I will just have to be patient. My PS said my left breast was about 10 weeks along (then) and my right was still at 5 weeks. As you can tell by the pictures, my left breast has softened and dropped more than my right. I hope by the 3 month mark they will be more even. You can't tell in my bra, but it drives me crazy when I look at them in pictures. I don't see my PS until April, so I will be at 3 months then. I remember reading someone's post that commented on their "shrinking areoles", I am having that happening, sometimes they are smaller and then they get larger. Maybe because of swelling. I was hoping that I would be completely myself by now, but some days I definitely remember I had surgery. My PS cleared me about 2 weeks ago to start working back out with my personal trainer, but I am waiting until next month before I start back. Don't feel like I'm ready to train again, but I started weight watchers and have been walking on the treadmill. Been working a lot so I haven't been as dedicated to working out, but it's finally starting to get warmer so I need to lose this belly now that it's exposed!

Would love to hear from you ladies that are at or past the 2 month mark. Wondering how healing is progressing, but also want to know how everyone else is doing as well.

I can't tell you how much I have benefited from and appreciate all the support I have received from everyone on this site. You all have definitely made this experience a lot more tolerable. I would have been freaking out even more if I didn't have you ladies, so THANK YOU! from the bottom of my heart and I hope everyone's healing is progressing beautifully.

BTW--had a bra fitting last week and I'm a 40 D!!! Now wondering if I should have been a C---yes I know, I am totally crazy!!!!! I am still a little like am I too big, I am too small, but in the end, it's a heck of a lot better than before and nothing I plan to do about it now, so I have to accept whatever it is.

Can't wait to hear from you all. Take care and HAPPY HEALING!!!!

Rash and red incisions! Help

Hi ladies,

It's been a while, sorry I haven't provided an update, just been crazy busy like everybody else. I am having some issues that I am really concerned about. My horizontal incisions are bright red! I think I have read about others with the same issue. Just wondering if anyone had experienced this 3 mos. post. Also, I have developed a burning, flaky and peeling rash in between my breast! I have no idea why because my breast are not even touching. Looking for some guidance, I'm freaking out. I just started with a personal trainer and they had me do some fitness test, such as push-up and bench pressing a 35lb bar, just to see what I could do. They are aware that I had surgery, I don't feel any pain, was a little sore for a day or so, but now I'm worried. Please see photos and let me know what you think. I have a post op appt with my PS in 2 weeks, but I just sent the pictures to his office in case I need to come in sooner. I appreciate all feedback.


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