Boobie Confusion!!! Columbus, OH

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Ok I am stuck and I don't think I will ever be...

Ok I am stuck and I don't think I will ever be able to make up my mind...but unfortunately I will have to make a final decision on 12/02/15. I am 30 years old 5'2" & weigh 149 lbs. I can say I carry my weight well & am more muscle then fat (with the exception of my tummy).
When I went to my consult I opted for the 497cc silicone gel implant mod+ hoping to achieve the look of a full c/small d & still be able to look natural. My breast size now is 36 B. When I tried the implants on I liked the way the 497cc fit with my frame, however after reading tons of other women's experiences & looking at final results it seems as if the 497cc may be too big. Looking top heavy is a huge fear of mine & I am getting. TT/BA in hopes of contouring my figure & getting a slinger frame, but having my breast look full & complementing my frame. A DD or DDD would be wayyyyy too big for someone like me in my opinion!! I'm also worried that the 497cc would eventually lead to back, neck & shoulder pain. So I'm wondering if I should go with the 375cc instead!! Or if I should go with the high profile implants instead like my PS suggested?? But like I said I want to look natural & would hate to come out looking like a porn star.
Then in the other hand I am paying a lot of money for my surgery & basically want to get the bang for my bucks!! I only plan to do this once now & again in the distant future if need be, and want to get exactly what I am expecting/hoping for regarding final results. I would hate to go with the smaller size and regret not going with the bigger size!!
I'm seriously stuck and don't know what to do. I've been looking at so many breasts lately that eyeballs are starting to resemble nipples!! Lol if there is anyone with similar stats PLEASE give me some advice!! It would be greatly appreciated!!!

Finally decided!

Well I've decided to go through with the 492cc under the muscle! Although it seems larger with my frame & shoulders, plus my height, weight & BWD @ 14.5 I'm following my surgeons suggestions & will trust they're not too big for me!! December 15, 2015 is right around the corner!! Can't wait!!

492 cc silicone gel mod + implants

Original breast size was small B & my BWD was 14.5 so my PS recommended I go with the 492...after it all I'm glad I decided to listen bc they'll look AMAZING after its all said & done!!!

Loving my boobs

Finally have boobs & lots of them! Even the husband who was very reluctant to be on boats with my surgery is loving the results as they're coming about, which makes me even happier/satisfied with my results!! My breast have finally started to loosen up and soften up quite a bit!! They feel/look real but nice & perky & full! Yesssss!!! Finally for the first time in my life!! Pictures below! I did go to VS & buy some bras (I couldn't help myself) I am wearing a 36DD & a 36DDD In some bras!! Whooooaa buddy!!! It is definitely bigger than I wanted and I was scared of that happened it would be horrible & I stressed about my implant size...I say if you're confused and have 2 sizers you like but don't want too big...go with the bigger outta the two you won't be disappointed! Trust me!!

8 month update

I must say I love my implants and am very happy with them!! I don't regret and it was well worth the money and pain! If you're considering implants I'd definitely say go for it!!! Mine are very natural looking & feeling & scars are minimal now!!
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