Septo/rhinoplasty with Unexpected Complication- Came out Great Due to Fantastic Doctor

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I am a very lucky girl, I had a difficult...

I am a very lucky girl, I had a difficult rhino/septoplasty with an unexpected complication, and everything came out well due to my excellent doctor and his support team.

I had a twisted, deviated septum (my nose curved along the entire bridge) with a bulbous, overprojected asymmetrical tip, with impaired breathing in one nostril. It sounds worse than it looked, but I was always aware that correction would more complicated than the average septo/rhinoplasty. Although I had always wanted the surgery, I waited until I felt that I could financially and emotionally deal with any disappointing results (I am in my mid-20's), and when I was ready I started to seek out consultations with doctors.

I had consultations with 4 doctors on 2 continents, and learned a lot through that process. All were board certified (UK or US or both) and on paper were brilliant. I highly recommend that someone considering plastic surgery meet with as many doctors as possible, there is a learning curve about cosmetic surgeons. Ask as many questions as possible- a doctor who rushes you isn't in your best interest. I asked a *LOT* of questions, and the unexpected still happened, so there are never too many to ask.

All the doctors told me something different. The worst one barely looked at me before recommending a tip reduction only. All had vastly different prices. Finally, I met with Dr. S after receiving a recommendation from a friend.

Our consultation was brilliant- over 2 hours and a very thorough investigation of my nose. Some time afterwards I booked the surgery.

The surgery took nearly 3 hours in an outpatient facility. Dr. S was happy with how the surgery went, and I was sent home to recover. The first day of recovery was expectedly unpleasant. I slept on a reclining chair, and a family member slept on the sofa next to me. The splints were taken out the next day, and my breathing was *FANTASTIC* I never realized how compromised my breathing had been. I was elated about my new-and-improved inhaling, in no pain whatsoever, I wasn't even that swollen or bruised. I was all set to have fun recovering and hang out with my family.

However, things took a turn for the worse the second night post-op. I noticed that my cast was weeping (wet). It got worse and worse, and at about 3am (not even 48 hours after surgery) we called my surgeon at home to let him know that something was very wrong. I wasn't in any pain, and there were no external indicators of what was happening.

My surgeon came to our house at 6am, in his pajamas, to see me. I was only mildly panicked (my family was much more so) when he decided that the cast had to be removed. It was a very dramatic moment in our kitchen, I could only see his and my family's horrified and startled reaction when the cast was taken off, but obviously I couldn't see myself.

It was an allergic reaction to the tape used on the cast. I've never had any allergic reaction to anything before, I had no idea I was allergic to tape (of all things!), but where the cast had been on my face was a mass of huge blisters (half an inch or more) and red marks. It was really bad. I wanted to know if I would scar, and if my fantastic new nasal passages would stay in place. Unfortunately, neither question could be definitively answered in those first moments.

Dr. S was *excellent* throughout this. By the time the pharmacy opened at 8am he had phoned up dermatologists, figured out what was wrong (contact dermatitis of a certain type), and prescriptions for steroids, antihistamines and a steroid-infused ointment were ready for pick up. I was miserable the next few days: with no cast I swelled up like a basketball, I looked like a zombie with massive blisters, and my face was covered in steroid-infused vaseline. I had to sleep *very* carefully in a reclining chair as nothing was protecting my nasal bones, and in general wasn't supposed to be up and about much lest I bumped my nose on anything at all. I was so drugged I could hardly see straight, and worried that the bones would move and I would be both scarred and deformed. I followed Dr. S's regimen to the letter. My family was very supportive and I tried to stay positive.

I saw Dr. S nearly every day to check my progress. The bones stayed in place. Once the steroids kicked in the improvement of the reaction was hourly. 4 days later I was able to leave the house for brunch at my favourite restaurant, albeit hiding at a table in the back. After 2 weeks I could go back to work (I work overseas), looking presentable but not completely healed- I was still very swollen and there were red marks on my face from the reaction. I was prescribed further topicals to address any hyperpigmentation, and constantly wore a very strong sunblock.

And, now, 4 months later? There was no scarring at all from the reaction. The last of the red marks faded ages ago. That is itself a small miracle, however my nose also healed very well. It is not only straight, my breathing is fantastic. The tip still looks a little bulbous from swelling , but that will go down with time. I am very, very happy with the results.

What could have been a disastrous result came out fine, due to an excellent doctor, staying calm, and keeping a good attitude.

I recommend my doctor whole-heartedly, feel free to contact me.

Columbus Facial Plastic Surgeon

Excellent Dr!

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