1 month PO, BL/BR w/o Implants, TT, Lipo Flanks/bra Roll - Columbus, OH

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Backround: 30 year old mom of 3 yo son and 2 yo...

Backround: 30 year old mom of 3 yo son and 2 yo daughter. My pre-pregnancy weight was 158, I gained 40 lbs with my son, lost 20 lbs then gained 30lbs with my daughter topping the scale at 208!! I got down to 198 after having my daughter, but could not lose any weight! After almost two years at 198, I decided on surgery. Once I scheduled my surgery I busted my butt to get down to 180 lbs. I've decided on a Tummy tuck (full), breast lift without implants, and lipo to flanks and bra roll area.

July 9th OP day!!! Finally here! After 5 hours and 45 minutes of surgery, I come to. My mother picks me up, and the pain is there, but not unbearable. I take my meds as prescribed, and the pain isn't horrible. I did get nausea twice, and I'll tell ya, dry heaving is soooo painful!!! After taking my nausea meds and eating some toast, I feel better and sleep the remainder of the day in my mother's recliner.

July 10th/11th Post Op day 1/2 Stayed in the recliner only to get up to walk every 2 hours or so and to go pee. Urinating standing up in a cup is easier, so that's what I do. I don't look at anything and leave my binder and gauze in place like I was told. Pain is there, but not too bad since I'm still taking the fully dose of meds. The recliner is a must for sure!!

July 12th Post op day 3. I get up and get dressed, washing my face and brushing my teeth on my own. My mom takes me to my first follow-up appointment. The staff is nice as usual, and my nurse says that I look great. I'm walking more today, but still hunched a bit. Drains stay in of course, but the nurse says that I can wash my hair and shower lightly, as long as I wrap up the drain area in plastic. Later, my mom helps me wash up, and this makes me feel sooo much better!! It's my daughter's second birthday today (her party is the 17th) and I can't wait to go home and see my husband and kids tonight! I try and sleep in my bed, but BOY is that a bad idea. Even though I propped myself up with pillows, I wake up soooo often with back spasms.

July 13th Post op day 4 By 5am (husband goes to work then) I'm in horrible pain for sleeping in the bed, and I throw up and dry heave. I feel flushed and feverish and worried! I call my sister to come help. By 715 (after taking nausea and pain meds) I feel much better! Sitting in the dining room chair helps, it's firm and supportive, and my sister arrives just in time to help with the kids. She takes us back to my mom's and I rest in the recliner the remainder of the day.

July 15th Post op Day 6. I slept in my bed last night. Not the best sleep, but better than last time I tried. It's just my daughter and I today, and we plan on cuddling :) Not much is coming out of the drains anymore, and I'm hopeful that they will be removed in time for my daughter's birthday party on Tuesday. I carefully examined myself today and took photos. I'm really concerned about my left breast. The nipple is not the same size and shape as the right one (hard to tell from photos), but it's really not circular at all. I'm worried, but I know it's early in the healing process, I'm just so nervous. I am however, SOOO pleased with my TT. Although I still weigh 179, I feel sooo different. It's exciting. Let's hope my breast lift turns out okay! I think the swelling from the bra roll lipo is effecting the shape and look of my breasts. Only time will tell!

Post op day 7- Yay!! I can't believe it's been a...

Post op day 7- Yay!! I can't believe it's been a week! Although I feel a little cooped up, time is moving and every day I feel better and better. I've been off the pain pills totally for 2 days now, and I am able to drive again. I can take care of my kids, but we are doing "rainy day" activities, ie puzzles, play dough, flash cards, etc. I'm still not picking them up, so I just alter my routine a bit. I'm still sleeping upright, laying down feels awkward. I really want to do some stationary cycling, but need to wait another week or so. My drains came out today, which was so exciting! I am taking it easy though since I'm afraid of fluid build up. I feel better about my breasts today, and I hope my left nipple starts to look more circular soon. I really want to start scar treatment, but my stitches won't be out until the 31st, and I'm pretty sure that's when I can start. My belly is still swollen, but I'm so pleased with it at the same time. My incision is really low, and this makes me happy :) Honestly, I feel great, and the only place that really hurts is my bra roll area where lipo was performed. Trying to get plenty of rest tonight since my daughters 2nd bday party is tomorrow! I'm feeling good and still happy I did this! Happy healing!

Post op day 8- Can we say SWOLLEN!! This is the...

Post op day 8- Can we say SWOLLEN!! This is the most swollen my belly has been so far. Maybe it's something I ate? I hope it's not because I had my drains removed. Other than that, I feel pretty good. I'm staying somewhat active with the kids, and my daughters birthday party was today, so by 7, I was spent!! Anyone have advice on how to prevent or help with swelling? Are there things to avoid or to take? Even with my belly puffy, I'm absolutely thrilled that I went through with this and amazed that I'm feeling as good as I do :) Happy healing!

15 days PO - I would have posted sooner, but this...

15 days PO - I would have posted sooner, but this is day 4 of a stomach flu. I have an appointment with my PS tomorrow to make sure this is not an infection, I'm pretty sure it's just a stomach bug. I can't keep anything down and am trying to force in fluids. My weight today was 170 and swelling seems a bit better. My abs sure are getting a work out from all the vomiting, and I hope I haven't caused any damage. My fever broke last night, so hopefully this is the end of it. I'll try and post new photos today, and waiting on pre-op photos from my PS. I also am going to ask about the surgery notes tomorrow. Happy healing :)

So, saw my PS yesterday and no infection! It was a...

So, saw my PS yesterday and no infection! It was a stomach flu after all. He did say that my belly button was developing a small yeast build up and to stop using the triple antibiotic ointment and peroxide. I might need to get some Lotrim of it doesn't clear up soon. I ate horrible yesterday and I'm paying for it in the form of swelling today. I think I can start easing myself into stationary biking in a few days, which is good since my goal is to lose an additional 20 lbs. I feel great and will post some new pics soon!

Post op day 25. I finally got some exercise today...

Post op day 25. I finally got some exercise today (1hour 15 min on stationary bike) and it felt good! I biked for 25 minutes two days ago but I had to stop from feeling strained. Today I could have kept going! I really am feeling more like myself. I'm back up to 175, and I am aiming for 155. I go back to the PS on the 13th, but I think I'm going to start scar treatment tomorrow. My belly button has a scab at the bottom now, and it's starting to tighten up, has anyone tried the marble trick? What's everyone trying for scar treatment? I'm still wearing the binder most of the time, but there's been a few occasions when I wore a abdomen/thigh compression garment instead. I'm still "puffy" throughout my mid section, but I'm sure I'll flatten a bit more over time. I need to jump on the computer and post more photos. Although my results are not complete, I'm so satisfied with the decision I've made!

I forgot to add that the removed my stitches on...

I forgot to add that the removed my stitches on the 27th.

1 month post op!!! My stomach is not as flat as I...

1 month post op!!! My stomach is not as flat as I wanted, but maybe that's from swelling still? I have been stationary biking most days (at least 45 min) to loose some additional weight. I wear the binder while at home, but I've taken it off while out a few times, and wore the CG instead. I don't wear anything to work out in. I think I can start running after my next PS visit this Monday. I should get before shots then as well. Still at 170lbs...20 to go :) I feel GREAT!! I'm pretty stoked about my results and I love my "little boobs" (I fit into a 38 c). Working on upper legs and arms so I hope to start lifting again. I still feel like I healed pretty fast. I feel pretty much back to normal now. I've started using Mederma on my anchor breast scars (3 times a day) and plan on using the strips on TT site soon. Happy healing!!

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