Ready for a new tummy!!!

Im am looking for a good tummy tuck doctor in...

Im am looking for a good tummy tuck doctor in columbus ohio. I have been contemplating this decision for a long time now. I think im ready to put down a down payment with the right doctor. The right doctor should be:
1) passionate about his work.
2) talented
3) have a procedure that can work best for my specific needs. (Were I prefer my scar,.pain management,.ect)
4) hopefully b not to far
5) have experience with satisfactory results

If any of u ladies know of any good doctors that you would refer plz leave me the information. It's hard to make a decision to have surgery. Im extremely nervous about the thgt of surgery but im so uncomfortable in my own skin, that it is making me lean more towards wanting to take the risk. I would like a doctor who is understanding yet confident and have experience. I will keep in touch and let you guys know how my "doctor search" turn out. I will post photos soon.

Had my 2nd consultation with dr donaldson today!!

I had my 2nd consultation with Dr Donaldson today. It went well for the most part. I put down a down payment. And I'm excited but very nervous and a little scared. The part that I'm not that happy about about is that he quoted me like 3000 more than my first quote was. .That's weird. Im gonna make sure I try to lose just a little weight before surgery day,. Cause with that increase, I better looks I mean totally gorgeous. I will admit the money part makes me nervous. Does anyone else experience that? Like "thats a lot of money. .so I hope it will all b worth it. It will suck so bad to spend that type of money and not be happy with your results. Well im sleepy, so I will update later. I will also be uploading before pics soon. The part everyone hates. .lol

before pics

As promised, the horrible, horrible before pictures. I hate being asked when am I due, and what am I having. I have 3 kids my oldest is 14 and my youngest is 8. Yet I still look second trimester pregnant. ..smh.

exploring options

Hi everyone. I haven't been on here for awhile. I have been researching doctors, far Dr Cochran is at the top of my list, with him I can include lipo on the inner thighs. Im still waiting to hear back from a few. Im excited, anxious and nervous,..all in one. I will let u all know how that goes.

some changes with my surgery

Well I have changed surgeons. I will be going with Dr Cochran in Columbus, GA. I love his scar placement, I am scheduled for surgery on June 24 which is a friday., i will have my pre opp that Thursday before. I'm am hella nervous. But I am extra excited. I'm tryna get myself mentally prepared for the worse. I know recovery will be difficult. I am working out and eating better to try to help things along. I with be eating raw foods and doing my nutria bullet smoothies (which I have already started my smoothies) right before surgery to help with constipation from pain meds. I am expecting my pre opp packet in the mail any day now. It should contain a list of hotels I can check on. I'm going to go, I work 3rd shift and im about to get the kids off to school so I can sleep,. I will finish this later.


I was going to make a payment on my surgery. Then I starting "freaking out", lol. I'm thinking once I start knocking down this balance and these 6 weeks fly by,.I'll be locked in..I mean I've made my deposit and got my date (which btw changed to the 24th when I changed to doctor Cochran) but it's something I've researched and wanted for years, I'm so nervous and anxious tho. A little scared. So basically, I've been holding on to this money for a while now trying to make this payment, then I'd get a Lil nervous and procrastinate, anyone else go though this at all.? I'm gonna make it tho, then it's really no going back. Well, it's sleepy time for me, I work 3rd shift and time seems to be flying by...later ladies

Last change in rescheduling,.unless

Hi everyone. I have rescheduled a few times but I have to decide to go thru it. I guess I'm just nervous. I hope everything goes fine.,and I don't have to reschedule again. I have been dealing with a scary issue tho. A few years ago my doctors fouND lumps in my breast but luckily it turned out they were not cancerous. I have a new lump now, at least I think it's new,..and I'm so scared and nervous. I will be trying to get it looked at real soon. I'm praying it nothing. Guess I'm ready for this surgery yet I'm nervous as hell. I'll update when I find out about the lump.

Last change with doctors..

So it's been awhile since I've updated. I decide with the advise of my loved ones., to go back to my first choice and have my surgery with a local doctor. They really want me close to home, not to mention Dr Donaldson have an additional pain relief option that Dr Cochran didn't have. I was mainly traveling because Dr Cochran makes his incisions super low, so my Dr said he will definitely try to get it as low as I want, even if I have to have a small t scar. I'll be paid in full in about a week,.and I'm prolly gone be super nervous. Got a few more supplies to get along with a recliner. I'm also trying to get my cardio game back up to hopefully make things at least 5% easier, lol. I'm ready but scared at the same time.,6 more weeks.

4 weeks away!!

Hi beautiful ladies. I am now 4 weeks away from my surgery. I'm excited but i know my blood pressure will be through the roof because if I even think about when I walk into the surgery center. My hearts starts pounding and my hands get shaky. BUT I am ready and excited. I picked up my chair today (well, I had the hubby to go pick it up, lol). It's an over sized recliner.,and it doesn't rock...I read that one lady said how much harder it is to get out the chair when it's rocking, lol. But it should be comfortable. It's huge and fluffy! I have a few supplies that should be arriving soon. I got some compression thigh highs that will hopefully help with circulation, a backless shower chair, some xtra large gloves for the hubby's big hands (altho he is like an inch shorter than me, his hands are not at all small), a thermometer to help me make sure I don't develope any kind of a fever, and some bed pads to keep any leakage off of my huge awesome chair, lol. I've been trying to think of other things I need. I know I need to get some huge granny maxi pads, since I heard they help much better than gauges. I got tape, alcohol prep wipes,.gloves (for my hands as well),..ummmm...I can't think of everything right now. But I am open to suggestions.,if anyone has any recommendations, plz feel free. I have been Goin to the gym getting my cardio game up, hoping it will help with me getting worn-out too fast and hopefully erases the back pain I'm hearing so much about. Time is flying by. I will be working out til the day before my surgery unless told not too. I guess I'll post more b4 pics since I been working out, see if there's any difference. I'm scared to weight myself because I don't wanna see the same ole ladies, yall know what I mean,..we be working out hard as hell, then weigh ourselves only to be the same weight, if not a few pounds heavier,

A tad bit over 3 weeks to go!!

So today is Saturday and on Tuesday I will be 3 weeks away from my surgery. The closer the date approaches the more questions I come up with, so I take advantage of the fact that my Dr told me to email him with any questions. He did say I should be able get up the flight of stairs to my bedroom where I will be recovering. He also said that if im a nervous wreck when i get to surgery center they will give me something to calm my nerves.. me and the hubby will take the recliner up soon and set it up. Got a few more supplies to get. I need to get some multi vitamins cause I started taking em early and I'm almost out and I gotta get some thick heavy pads for incision. Got almost everything. Expecting a preop packet in the mail, I guess it will have my prescriptions in it. I will take a few photo,..been working out lately. I'll take some in specific clothes for before and do the same after. Later ladies.

2 weeks Away!!

Time is flying by, and I'm as ready as I will ever get,..I am getting more nervous the closer i get but I've waited for this for so long..and I am excited about the potential my body has,..been tryna think of last minute things, I did promise to take more b4 photos in certain clothes so I can compare them with after photos in the same clothing. We are gonna celebrate my moms bday this weekend and my last week I will watch what I'm putting in my body to hopefully avoid constipation from the pain meds,..I will be doing lots of water and fresh veggies and some fruits...I also plan to work out up to the day of surgery,..I'm still waiting for my leave to get finalized apparently the lady who handles the important stuff decided to take alot of days off,..but I'm trying to be patient. I'm also still waiting on my surgery packet which is supposed to have my prescriptions, I think and was supposed to be in the mail over a week ago. I'm trying not to freak out because to me, time is flying by and Im still waiting on important things to get done...ugh..I'm also going to send my doctor some "wish pics". I want my scar as low as he can safely put it, even if I have to have a small vertical scar. I will stay off the scale till they weight me b4 surgery,.also will stay off the scale a few weeks after surgery. Between now and surgery I will update those b4 pics I was just talking about,.if u ladies have any questions about anything so far,..let me know. I will try to be available after surgery as much as I'm able to for questions as well. Laters

A little more before pics,.

Been working out a lil bit,..I feel different but I don't think I look all that different then the other pics


My paid LOA is finalized! I was going to take 2 weeks off but I decided to go ahead and do 3 weeks, since it is paid. I have a desk job but my desk is upstairs sooo, I figured I should be able to get up the stairs fairly well at 3 weeks post op. After this weekend, I got one more week. It's feels so unreal..OMG..this is really happening. My nerves are all over the place. But I am ready. Nutra Bullet shakes and fresh veggies mostly this last week. Has anyone ever did a body Clense b4 surgery? Imma ask my Dr if I can do one.

Recovery area and Supplies!!

OMG 1 week away!

Hi beautiful ladies. I am officially one week away. My nerves are ALL OVER THE PLACE! Don't get me wrong, I'm ready..but I'm soooo nervous. I'm ready, nervous, excited and a lil scared all in one. I have everything ready except I still gotta put my shower chair together,'s still in the box, lol. I will avoid certain foods starting today. I'll be avoiding meat for sure....I will definitely be getting lots of fruits n veggies n my system for sure. Situation is getting really real..pray for me plz.

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