I'm Tired of My Belly Button Winking Through My Wrinkled Belly Skin! - Columbus, GA

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I have been thinking about a tummy tuck for over a...

I have been thinking about a tummy tuck for over a year. I am 37 years old and after two kids (11, 4) I looked up one day and I wasn't sexy anymore. At 5'5, 175 lbs...no sexiness was there! I want to get my sexy back and not have my belly button talk to me every time I sit down and stand up.

So, I started by visiting two different PS for consultations: one felt like a sheep herding farm - no real bedside manner - and the other consultation was where the PS answered all of my questions, smiled and had a personality. I bet you can guess which one I chose!

But I wasn't ready to commit so I decided to see what I could do on my own. I worked out, became an avid runner, went biking, took spin classes, jammed to Rihanna and Two Chains on the step machine and cooled down to Gospel. Eight months later I was over 20 lbs. lighter, my feet were smaller, my calf's were banging and my underarms weren't swinging when the wind blew...but my belly button was STILL WINKING AT ME! Ugh!

I never forgot the nice, kind PS consultation so I decided to go back for another consultation. This time I took ammunition: My Mom! She didn't want me to do it but she is going to be my 'nurse' so I felt she had to be there to hear what was going to be happening first-hand.

Well, today was the 2nd consultation. While in the waiting room, my mom is telling me I don't need it while she is steady flipping through before and after pictures. When the PS came in and told me to let him see my stomach again, she finally saw what I saw and quickly vouched for the tummy tuck.

Before walking out the door I paid my deposit and scheduled the appointment. I'm looking forward to Monday, March 3! I'll post before pictures soon :)


I have spent waaaaay too much time trying to get a perfect body selfie. When I am going through photos on the site I try to find one with a similar body type as mine so I can see the end result so I hope this conveys my pre surgery nody type.. I have my pre-op in 2 weeks and I can't wait!

Photos Cont.

Surgery is Tomorrow!!! YIKES! *Wide-Eyed Stare*

I have been soooo bad about posting updates. Why? I don't know. Work, kids, watching movies on AMC. In any event - my surgery is tomorrow! EEEEEEKKKK! I haven't been nervous up until now and now I can't go to sleep. How crazy is that? Well, I have to update you so get ready.

I have been prepping for the surgery for about two weeks. I didn't want to get too ahead of myself and I also didn't want to spend too much money buying items I didn't need. So, after my pre-op is when I really got into the buying mode. I must say, there are tons of things out there that tempt you to buy but just go with your gut and get what's right for you! And make a list. If you don't you will be in the store all day. Here are some of the items I purchased:

- Rubbing Alcohol
-Cotton Balls
-Gauze Pads and Regular Pads
-Ouchless tape
-Compression Socks
-Fuzzy socks with rubber sole
-Tape Measure
-Some button down shirts and oversized sweatpants from Goodwill ($3.00 a piece!)
-All of my meds (including Traumeel and Arnica even though they were not prescribed but suggested by my PS)
-Stool Softner
-Cocoa Butter Moisturizing Gel Oil
-Absorbent Underpad for the Couch that will be my bed for the next two weeks
-Body/Husband Pillow (found a nice one at Walmart that I will be giving my daughter after I recover)
-White Dove soap
-Granny panties
-Raided everyone's house for books and magazines that may be interesting. I also didn't watch the Oscars so I can get the updates online and see the Oscar Fashion like it's the first time :)

-Lemons (for water)
-Pineapple chunks (not sure what this helps with but they are soooooo good chilled)
-Fruit bars (couldn't decide on which brand so I purchased Edy's and Nature's something....)
-Soup, soup, and lot'sa more soup
-Apple Juice
-Anything green - spinach, no salt green beans, brussel sprouts, cabbage, etc. (to help move the poop through the chute)
-Fruit - peaches, sberries, nectarines, etc.

-I refused to pay $40 for a shower stool so my mom made a make shift stool from a lawn chair and shower mat. I tell ya, the ladies ingenious!
-Pillow bed/couch - I don't know how she did it but we will see how comfortable it is tomorrow after my surgery :)
-3 Puke bag for the ride home

Ummm, yeah, I hit Enter to soon...

Okay. So continuing on from the list above....
-3 plastic grocery bags as makeshift puke bags for the ride home

-New movies for the kids
-Some games for the kids they can play in their room
-Tulle so my daughter can make some ballerina skirts
-Race cars and a race car track so my son can spend a week putting it together and then racing them!
-More magazines and books for me
-Yarn and knitting needles so I can start on Christmas scarves for this season!

I'm sure I purchased more, but not too much more. All in all I dropped about $165 between Walmart and Target, $40 at the pharmacy, and $65 at the grocery store.

I'm thankful that I have my mom to take perfect care of me. She is so meticulous that I pray (for the PS sake) that nothing goes awry! She is already cleaning the house and writing down meals she will prepare this week. I love her and all that she is going to do for me over the next 5-7 days. I can't take out a loan big enough to repay her!


I feel like The Little Engine That Could. This past month I have been going uphill and now it's downhill from here. I was nervous going into surgery and I thought they were going to reschedule because I was anxious and my blood pressure was high. I was sent back to the prep room and undressed, put on the booty-out hospital gown and climbed up under some heated covers. It felt good in the cold room! The nurse treated me very well and was very attentive. Then the anesthesiologist came in to ask a few questions and start me on an IV. Then my PS came in looking refreshed from a good, long weekend. He then did something I didn't expect. He PRAYED for me, himself and his entire staff! I knew I liked him for a reason. My mom and I found this to be very relaxing and made me feel secure. Shortly afterwards the anesthesiologist came back in and drugged me up real good! Three hours later, I was waking up in recovery. I didn't get sick on the ride home and haven't been nauseated. I am going to remove the patch behind my ear during my sprinkle shower today. After getting home I didn't sleep as much as I thought. There were really bursts of sleep but no really long sleep. I have to get up every two hours to use the restroom and walk. Potty talk approaching...I am glad those years of camping and learning how to pee standing up came in handy. I didn't purchase a toilet seat so I squat since I am bending over anyway! My mom helps me get my jogging pants down and back up.

I only have one bulb and there hasn't been much drainage, but enough. I have to take a shower today and I am NOT looking forward to it. I really want my bandage removed by my PS but I do want to see what's (not) under the bandages! I have a few swollen spots on the side from lipo. I can't right remember how much my PS removed. I'll ask and post that later.

So I'm currently propped up on the couch in a makeshift recliner. My feet are propped up in a small chair that is outfitted with pillows so I keep my legs elevated. I have pillows behind my head, neck and back. On one side is the couch arm and on the other side are a bunch of pillows.

Yesterday I ate a lot of saltines, ritz crackers, and a bowl of soup and some jello, and I've turned in my white wine card for lemon water! Some items that I have used so far...pain meds, stool softner, pillows, pillows, and more pillows, compression socks, underpads for the couch, a short, small chair to prop my feet, a kitchen table chair to place my 'reachables' in reach, and most importantly, the remote!!!

I Peeked!

So, i'm only two days in and I took a peek :) I'll post the pictures in a second because it is easier for me to type on my laptop than on my phone. This recovery has been uneventful (thankfully). I have been spending time on the couch and in the bathroom. My PS and staff called to check in on me. I thought that was very sweet...it's the little things that make me smile. In any event, I told them my back was hurting and they loaned me a walker! So, now I am getting around much faster. I didn't care too much for showering. It's too messy. But it has to be done! I have slowed down on the meds (Hydrocodene and the other for nausea). I now take them every 6-8 hrs. as opposed to every 4-6 hours. I'm a little bruised and I have swelled (my little hot pocket is 3 times its normal size) but nothing major that would require a call to the PS. I've heard the horror stories about recovery but I (thankfully) have not experienced any of them. Photos coming soon.


Here are some photos

Day 3 Post Op

I'm very tired today but I have been able to shower and sit at the dinner table to eat with my kids. Now I'm exhausted! My abdomen and hot pocket are very swollen right now. Its like a huge pound of brown meat sausage. Ewwwww! Why wasn't I warned that THAT was going to swell to three times its size? I guess i need to massage that down, too! Lol! I wanted to post photos before I call it a night. Happy recovery!

Dr. Naman is very personable and his staff is friendly and warm. His office is clean, neat and it smells good. The rooms aren't cold and sterile. I was impressed with the technology. There are patient television screens to watch information about procedures while you wait and I can view my photos online! Dr. Naman took whatever time was needed while I asked questions. His staff did as well.

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