My Journey to the Flat Side - Columbus, GA

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So far everything has gone as planned. I'm nervous...

So far everything has gone as planned. I'm nervous and anxious and excited! I was going to go with Dr Cochran but I looked at his partners work and decided to go with him. The scar placement is really a big deal for me. I have 5 days to go ???? I'll update with before and after pictures.
Anything in particular I should be doing?

Before pictures

So this is me this morning. Really hate my stomach. I used to be so snatched but I guess that's what I get for having 4 kids and 4 c sections.

Did my blood work

Ok so I did my blood work on Friday. I'm hoping that the lab sent it out to Dr P today. I rarely get a chance to get out and do things for myself so it was crazy getting there. Well Monday is fast approaching and I am ready to be snatched to the Gods!

Today is the day

So I go in today at 11:45am to check in. I didn't sleep last night or the night before. Omg I am so ready to get there and get it over with.
I missed my breakfast cut off so I won't be eating until after surgery. Why didn't I get up and eat this morning? Sometimes I don't trust my own judgment lol but I trust it today.
I'll update when I'm on the flat side ????

Pagadala Doll in the building

I got it done and I'm not in as much pain as I thought . Here are some pictures from before again. I'll definitely update tomorrow when I showe.

One picture lol

I sure wish the dr would have a form that let's you know day by what you're supposed to be doing.
My husband got all of the instructions so you dollars already know we don't know shhh lol.

Shower day

Ok ladies today is my shower day and I feel like if I take off the cg I'm going to explode. Is that normal? If so how did you ladies take yours off? Am I going to need to dope myself up first lol ????

I have a dent and some other stuff

Ok so my belly button has a deep dent. Is this ok? Also my stitches in the front look weird like they aren't sewn into my skin. Help

Dr Pagadala is great

Dr Pagadala called me today to check up on me but I was sleeping. I'll call him tomorrow and let him know what's going on and maybe email pictures. Hopefully he'll say everything is great and I can relax.

so I showered today lol

My drain is almost empty all day and I'm only 2 days post op. My husband has had to massage my back a lot because it is stiff. I'm also very sore! I can't move around for long periods either. I am looking forward to walking straight and looking good ????

bigger binder

I also had to get a bigger binder. The one from surgery was too short and was cutting me. The one I have now goes under my breast and over my scar. It feels so much better.

feeling so much better

Ok so the shower and massage helped so much. I feel so much better. I'm hoping my husband will shower me down again lol. I was so weak and stiff I couldn't do it myself. So make sure you have someone help you with your first shower. I'll update with pictures later.

ok umm is this ok

The bottom of my stomach is all swollen and won't flatten no matter what I do. Should I call the dr about this?

am I going to bust

Since last night I've been feeling like I'm going to bust open. When does this feeling go away? I'm going to see if I can find a better cg because the one's I have at home are too small or too big. Hopefully this helps!

different cg

Ok so I forgot about the medium I had already. I showered all by myself and my husband helped me put on this cg. It feels so much better than the binder. The compression is even so I'm hoping for a less lumpy shape lol.

feeling snatched

I love how I look even with the swelling! My birthday is in 10 days and I just want to have a little fun ????
I still haven't looked at my belly button ???? I'm a coward lol

Me today lol

I'm feeling ok besides the swelling after a long day and the pain in the crease of my legs where the anchor sutures are placed. I'm liking the way the ace bandage wrap is providing compression at the bottom where the cg doesn't fit well.
I would say this was totally worth it! I would definitely do it again!

feeling great

I am feeling great. I still keep my cg on unless I'm in the shower. Went to my 2 week appt and he said he wanted to see me back in a month for the swelling under my scar. Tomorrow is my birthday and I am looking fabtastic!

Losing weight

Ok so I'm losing weight and I didn't want to! I'm hoping it's the swelling going down and not my legs lol. I believe I'm going to go for a bbl soon. I need some hips!

omg blood everywhere

So I woke up this morning with blood everywhere! I thought I was going to bleed out. I have to open "holes" on the left side of my scar. I put hydrogen peroxide on it and more steristrips then put the gauze over it. Anyone else having problems with their scar this late?

got dressed

Please don't mind the mirror lol my 2yo did something to it.
So even with the bleeding I got dressed today. I think my little walk yesterday may have irritated my scar. So I'm going to take it easy from here just to make sure.

feeling something different

Ok so today I have this feeling like the feeling is slowly coming back. Also it feels like my stomach is attaching itself back to my muscles. I can't really explain how it feels. Here a picture.

leaking again

Ok so today I woke up from a nap and was leaking again. This time it wasn't bloody it was more of the plasma looking stuff that used to drain in the tube. Wondering if I need to have my drain back in.....

I'm a month po

Ok so I'm still having the problem with the weird shape in the front. I'm still swollen right under my incision. It looks like someone wrapped a rope around my waist and squeezed lol. I am not sure how to get everything smooth like you ladies have done. I like having a flat stomach but the shape is so not flattering.

looking to get a bbl

I lost a lot of weight since having the tt. I want some hips and a little bit more booty ???? Any of you ladies know how much fat I would need to get a good result? I'm 5'6" and 154 lbs. I was 178 when I had the tt last month and I know I should've had it done then.



appt went ok

Ok so Dr Pagadala says that eventually everything will go down and will look great. Ok so I got a quote for A BA and saline is 4100 silicone is 5100. I'm not sure if that's with the lift without. He was supposed to give me both prices but.... He also told me I'm not a good candidate for bbl fat transfer because I have no extra fat ANYWHERE that he'd feel comfortable doing lipo. So hr suggested I gain 10 to 15 pounds and take it from there....let sigh.


So me and the hubby were getting to it and he liked my belly button ???????????????????? All I can say was it wasn't a sexy feeling lol. Anyone know how long it takes before you get any regular feeling back in your stomach?


Ok so I took a test and it did something weird. Anyone been pregnant after a tt?

finally feeling good

I'm feeling great in my skin dolls! Hope everyone is doing well!

I need to gain weight

Feeling good. Still trying to gain some weight for my bbl. Dr says I need 15 more pounds. Should I try a different dr for the bbl?

3 mth po

Do you ladies think I should try another dr for my bbl? Dr Pagadala says I need to gain 15 pounds. What do you ladies think?

Hey dolls

I have an appointment with Dr P tomorrow. I'm not happy with my results. My belly button is in the wrong dam spot and my shape is still weird from the swelling under my scar. I would post a picture but rs is being funny.

Fixing up my problem ????

So Dr P said he could fix my issue with the swelling under my scar. That's great but I guess I just have to have a really low belly button. I may have him do the whole thing with more lipo at the end of the year. I wanted to have a waist with definition and that's not what I have. I've noticed that most of his patients don't have a sculpted waistline. I wonder whose pictures he shows in his office?????
I still can't post pictures ????????????????????

Confused and upset

I feel like I should've waited to see another dr. I researched Dr P before I went and all his reviews were great. I went and did the consultation and the work in his book was amazing....but I don't look like that. I'm also starting to see other ladies that look exactly like I do. They also are getting the same story I'm getting. Dr P asked me "Were you expecting perfection?" Like no I was expecting to look like what you showed me in your office not like a side show freak. He also said I need to exercise to get rid of the swelling in my upper abs. I have lost 20lbs since the sx so I don't think it's exercise. I can't even look at myself naked. I'm crying all the time thinking about this shit! I know he's going to pull it tighter but what about everything else?
1. My bb is way to far down
2. I look like a lumpy tt experiment
I feel like I just wasted 5k. I'm going to go see what another PS says and report it to him so he can see that there's a problem.

Pictures won't upload

I can't upload pictures. Anyone else having a problem with that?

what in the entire hell

so disappointed

Still unhappy

Still very unhappy with my results. Hoping Dr P will do something to help with my satisfaction. I'm making an apt to see a new surgeon next week. Will post pics today.

oh shhhit

This is my fucked up tt. I am so angry. If I have to pay for a revision I may lose it.

Dr Pagadala didn't help

So I went to see Dr P on the 14th and it was the worst visit by far. He was supposed to make the bottom flat...didn't do that because he says he doesn't think I need it. I asked if he could do the lipo on my upper stomach area and he said he couldn't do that. I still look like a weird lumpy grade school project. I have 2 consultations coming up to see if any of the other Dr's can do anything for me.
Ok so at the visit my husband and Dr P got into a big argument. Dr P didn't want to listen to any of my or my husband's concerns. He ran out of the room screaming for me to go to another dr. This experience has been total hell! Dr P was so nice and said he could get me great results BEFORE he took my money. Now that I'm asking to get what I paid for he is very arrogant and mean. Hopefully one of these Dr's can help me. I'm planning on asking for a refund for the amount the other dr would charge to make my body look somewhat normal.
I haven't taken anymore pictures because I look crazy. Pray for me ladies!

Saw a new Dr now I'm really unhappy

I went to another dr who said i could use way more lipo than what I got. He also said he did sculpt my waist at all. The new Dr wants to charge me $3500 for the lipo I need! I don't want to go back to Dr Pagadala just to get messed up some more. I thought about trying his partner Dr C for the lipo but I'm sure he will be with his partner saying there's nothing he can do. I'm going to send an email from a different address and see what he says.

Dr P says I don't need anything....

Dr P says I don't need anything but his partner seems to think I could use some lipo. Real funny how they don't agree huh?

Lipo and bbl in DR

I got a quote from Dra Yily for $3500 for lipo with bbl. I am looking to set the date for February so I can be rock a skin tight dress lol. I started another review for it but wanted to update here. Anyone going to the DR in February?

New pictures

Ok it has been a long journey. I have been exercising like a mad woman. My lower stomach has made great improvement. My upper abdomen is still a hot mess. My stomach is still very numb. It feels weird to have an itch and not be able to scratch it lol. I'm thinking about lipo again (if I even had any).....such is life.

Oh and I haven't been back to Dr P since the last time I updated. Figure I'm not going to get any help there. ????
Here are some updated pictures. I want yall to know that this is all from my hard work!!!!! I feel like the cutting off the flap was all I got but that didn't stop me from making lemonade ???? lol. Ladies my advice is if you aren't happy after your tt workout hard! These Dr's are just the jump start to happiness. I have had to learn to make the best of a bad situation.....and it actually has been the best for me.
Columbus Plastic Surgeon

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