46YO Ready for my TT with Lipo. Columbus, GA

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I have finally decided to join the flat side I am...

I have finally decided to join the flat side I am aplus size women 5'6.5" 270lbs three children all c-sections I have tried to loose weight unsuccessfully so I have decided to work on improving the appearance of my shape starting with my tummy after extensive research I have chosen Dr. Vincent Naman my consultation went well he answered all of my questions and most of all he did not make me feel uncomfortable about my weight I'm super excited. I received a little bit of unpleasant news my pre-op EKG was abnormal I will follow up with a cardiologist hopefully it won't delay my surgery. This is the beginning of my journey I look forward to sharing pictures and more pray for me.

I have joined the flat side!

I just had my surgery 3/22/16 so the pix I'm posting now are not the best because bare in mind I am still in quite a bit of pain the binder the doctor had fit me in is the white one I'm having a hard time with but after 24hrs I took my first post op shower and was able to get in a small body shaper so I've been using it in combination with the binder shopping for spanks today, the pictures are not up for judgement so please no negative comments!

Day 4 post op feeling a little better

Just wearing my girldle took off the binder for laundry little tip t shirt underneath help it slide on better not so good side profile because I am still bent over but overall I'm happy!

Day 4 post op pic didn't post

Sorry they didn't post the day of the update.

Day 10 of my journey!

I am reaching out to my realself family for suggestions on how to get rid of the swelling in lower extremities. They are giving me a fit I still have some swelling in my abdominal anxious for a change!

3 weeks and 3 days

I finally got the drain out Wednesday, however the swelling returned the doctor said I can expect this frequently for the couple of months this makes it so much harder to wear your compression garment the more active you are the more you swell.

Happy mother's day

Just wanted to update my realself family I'm back to work and I couldn't be more happier with the results of my TTmy clothes look great and I feel great and this is not even the final results. Will post new pic soon!

Enjoying life

I do not regret My decision to get my tummy I wish I could afford a few more nips and tucks but oh well here's some pics of me in clothes loving me!
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