31 Years Old, 2 Kids. Scheduled TT & Fat transfer to my butt

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Went in for my TT consult on 01/13/15. Dr. Cochran...

Went in for my TT consult on 01/13/15. Dr. Cochran and staff were very polite and friendly. He explained to me the entire procedure process and expectations. Told me I'll be back to that flat tummy again with this procedure in no time!! Finally I don't have to be shame anymore. So ready to feel comfortable in my skin again. Oh and lipo is included in the price.

2nd Consultation...Fat transfer to butt

I went in today and got another consultation...soooo I'm getting fat transferred to my butt! $1k more added to total. Overall total $5900. June 15th is my day! Oh yea, the nurse said my tush was already plump. I don't want a big boodie but a nice, toned, lifted butt :)

Back at it again...Tummy Tuck on its way!!

Hello ladies! Well after a year of making up my mind, I'm finally going to do it (drum roll)!!!! I go back February 15th to see Dr. Cochran for another consult. Your consult/price quoted is only good for 6 months. You have to make your down payment and schedule surgery as well as have your surgery paid for within that 6 month window...I believe your final payment is due 2 weeks prior to your surgery date. I was quoted $4900 last time/$5900 if I decided to do the butt fat transfer! Hopefully it's still in that $4900 range cuz that's all I have ????!!

Surgery Date booked!!! Dr. Pagadala

Hi everyone!! Well today I went in for a TT consult & go figure today marked exactly 1 year since my very first consult!! I had to go with Dr. Pagadala this time due to my availability at work. I must say this consult went VERY well!!! Dr.P was very detailed, he used a ruler to measure my fat rolls lol, even told me I had an "A" body frame, meaning smaller body frame and took the time to show me pics of women similar to my size who had the same procedure! I loved this because it made it more personable! Dr.C was pretty straight to the point but I loved the interaction with Dr.P!! I paid $1100 on surgery expenses and plan to make another $2500 within the next few days. My surgery is scheduled for May 26th at 8:30 but I have to be there at 8:15. I also have to have my balance paid 2 weeks before the surgery along with a pregnancy test and CBC TEST. I live out of town so I was told I can just use LabCorp in my city and have them to fax my lab results. I'm sooooooo excited yet nervous...The countdown begins!!!


3 months exactly from today

Hello my RS Dolls!!! 3 months to go and I'm becoming impatient! I guess I could start buying some supplies. Does anyone have a list that is almost a Must Have Supply List for a TT??

What supplies do I need for a TT??

Hi ladies! So time is ticking away....May 26th will be here before you know it. I want to go ahead and start preparing for the things I REALLY need...I don't want to overdo it and buy things that are pointless. Any suggestions???

Purchased a Miracle Suit

Surgery date rescheduled to 4/28/16

I couldn't hold out anymore...I'm ready to toss my girdles and spanx out the door!!!! April 28th it is and a new countdown begins!!!!!

The wait seems longer than having a baby

Geeeesh come on 4/28 so I can get this pain over with!!!!!!!!!

Birth Control Pills & TT

Hi ladies,
I am currently taking Seasonque BC pills religiously. I was told to stop taking them 2 weeks prior to surgery; however, I have been reading 4 to 6 weeks is more ideal. BC pills can increase the risk of blood clots and I definitely don't want that.

Tired of hiding behind layers and armor

I look pregnant ????

38 days!!!!!

Spoke to Donna today and she said I will be mailing my preop package next week...she mails them out a month in advance. I don't have to come to the pre op appointment since I live over an hour away. I need something to occupy my time in the mean time! This countdown seems longer than having a baby

Received a call...surgery now 4/4/16

Well well well...I received a call this morning and someone cancelled so I was asked did I want to bump my date up....heck yea I do AND DID!!!! 13 days now!!!! Whoooop whoooop!

Last minute things to buy

Ok ladies, I really need your help!!!! I need a realistic list of things I will need for TT. Absolutely MUST HAVES!!!!!! I have purchased a faja and Mederma skin cream but that's it!! Also what should I wear home following my SX?? Helllllp!!!!

Received my Pre-Op package via mail today

No turning back now!!!!!! Lots of info to read!!!! It's so real now!! Strengthining my body and eating right. I'm mentally preparing myself

Last week with my flapjack!!! 4/4/16

Sooooo many emotions right now...excited, anxious, nervous, afraid!!! I think my biggest fear is after surgery....the pain!!!!!! I've been taking my multi-vitamins, drinking plenty of water, even changed my diet up. I hear a lot of people talk about constipation so I'm making sure I'm eating a fiber rich diet. Also excited to be off work too for 2 weeks!!!

Follow my TT journey!!!! 4/4/16

Another day I'm calendar watching!!!! Like a kid waiting on Christmas to arrive!!! I will go today to buy some Cocoa butter and pillow shopping. I have the Mederma cream but I want to make sure my scar heals well and fades well. Also I need to do some grocery shopping... Feels like I'm nesting!!!!

BC Pills withdrawals

Ok so I was advised to stop taking my Seasonique Birth control pills. I'm feeling the effects of not being on them :(. I've been having horrible headaches and here and there spotting with light cramps. My body needs them!!! Lol! Feels like I'm PMS'ing everyday!!! I've been on them for so long, I forgot how cramping and all that even feels like. Uggghhhhhh!!! Anyone else experiencing this??

5 days!!!!!!!

I don't know if I'm more excited about the surgery or not going to work for 2 weeks!! Lol! Not that I will be laying on the beach but my bed propped up with pillows will be the next best thing!!! Anywho...I dropped prescription off today. Was prescribed Percocet and Keflex! I start the Keflex Sunday (twice a day for 4 days). Tomorrow I will buy my last minute supplies. Other than that, I shall wait patiently!!!

2 days!!! Never wanted the weekend to hurry

My day is approaching!!! I never wanted the weekend to hurry up up until now!!! I'm headed now to Columbus to stay the weekend with my aunt. Gonna eat light and just relax! 11:45 Monday (eastern time)...just hate it's in the afternoon! I'm going to be anxious all that morning. Until then ladies, I will check back in with you Monday morning!

Today was the say!!!

Hi RS Ladies. Just waking up from my nap. Still doped us but all went well! When I tell you I don't remember a thing except when I was poked in the neck with my IV. I don't remember who put my clothes and shoes on and how I got in the car lol! As for pain, I don't hurt AT ALL!! My back is a little sore but other that that not a lot all painful. Just can't wait til take this binder off!! I that than that. Yes I would do it again! Thank God for spell check cuz rigger now I'm zoned out! Well gotta, post pics in Am ????

Post Op-Day 2

I huuuuuuurt!!!!!! I feel so handicapped!! The simplest things are now difficult! My mother is here helping me. Bless her heart...I know I probably yelled (not a loud yell) at her a few times. I just hate being bothered when I'm in pain. Oh by the way, Dr. P didn't put any drains in me. He said I wasn't leaking bad. I thought the drains were supposed to help with the swelling?? The most difficult thing is trying to get comfortable. My back hurts more than anything. I will post pics maybe in a few days. Thank you ladies for your support

Post Op Day 3

Hello Ladies! Well today I'm dealing with the sharp gas pains. Feels like a baby is moving inside of me and I can just hear my tummy rumbling! I took a suppository and milk of magnesia and drank apple juice and still no bowl movement! I burp every now and then! Never had I wanted to poo this badly! Feels like contractions! Other than that, getting up and out my bed is the hardest. I'm walking around a lot better thanks to my $5 walker from the thrift store. I took a sponge bath yesterday. My tub is too deep for me to try and get in so my mom helped me wash up (AWKWARD). I saw a peep of what my tummy look like...it looked wrinkly but probably cuz I was hunched over. Was hoping all the stretch marks went away but there's some still remaining. Well here's a pic after my mom bandaged me up. She mad sure no tummy was showing lol

Post Op Day 4: No Meds

Hi ladies!!! Today I dressed myself in sweats and a tee shirt. I also have been sitting up in the living room on the couch all day watching Netflix and Hulu movies. Not much pain to report today...sometimes I will get a burning sensation around my incision area at the bottom of my abdomen. Oh and my back seems pretty weak. I can't stand too long. Hoping by me sitting upright it will improve my posture when standing. I still have yet to take a pic of my tummy. I'm anxious to see but yet a little nervous.

Swollen and tight

Hi ladies!! I finally took all those bandages off today. I don't think I'm supposed to take the ones off where the incision is...or am I? I go for my post op appointment Monday so maybe they can deal with it. I don't want to mess anything up. Nothing new to report today other than me standing up straighter a little. Oh and I coughed and I promise that hurt more than anything....HORRIBLE ALMOST UNBEARABLE WORSE THAN HAVING A BABY pain!!!! Don't cough or sneeze! :)

I just want to walk upright again ;(

Hi ladies!!! I'm doing well; however, trying to walk upright, even hunched over, takes a lot of my energy! It's like my hips just won't cooperate!!! I've been doing some walking in my house each time trying to inch my way straight. Any recommendations? If I can just walk ;(

1 week Post Op-Post Op appointment today

Hi ladies! Well today makes 1 week! I didn't have drains so thankfully I didn't have to go thru that experience. Dr. P did take out a couple of stitches. He helped me straighten out my back too and pulled my binder tighter! I think I had the binder too loose because once he did that and flexed my back a little I walked up out that doctors office standing upright. Things are getting better and there is really no pain...only when I lay down for awhile. He told me to starting sleeping flat on my back now. I'm not really a back sleeper more of a side sleeper. Anyways y'all have a fabulous day!!! ????

Leaking fluid without drains...normal???

Hello ladies! I've had the hardest time with this TT procedure. Everyday something different happens it seems. Well now I'm dealing with drainage...mind you I never had drains in me. I've developed a fever flu tailing from 99 to 101. Last night I felt so cold I had 3 shirts on and 2 blankets and felt like I was in an ice house. Called the doc this morning and the nurse called me in an antibiotic. I have to keep a pad against the incision just in case I start leaking. It stops then it starts back. Has anyone experienced this? I have to go back to the doc on Monday so they may have to stick a needle in me to drain some fluid if it doesn't get any better. Now that's my left side I'm talking about...my right side is still tight. It makes it a tad bit hard to stand up because it feels like I'm going to rip it open if I stand too straight. Any advice? Wound treatment? Recovery from this?? ;(

2 weeks PO Before and After

2 weeks PO appointment today

Hi ladies! Today I went in for my 2 week Post Op Appointment. Been through a lot these past 2 weeks. Dr. P noticed all the swelling and decided to lay me down on the table and push some of the fluids out. Since I had a drainless TT my TT developed a lot of fluid afterwards. My incisions started breaking open a little and the fluid found its way out on both sides. So the tiny open parts of my incisions, fluid would secrete out. By him pressing on my stomach a lot of the fluid came out and sounded like a baby being suctioned when first born...I mean it was a lot. They had to put something underneath me. After he pushed what he could out he placed a small mini straw like tube in my incision (no it didn't hurt) so the fluid could drain from the little tube... Feel so much better but still walking a little hunched over. I'm sure it will get better with time.

3 weeks PO...when will swelling go away?

How long will I have to deal with this swelling??

When can I sleep on my abdomen

Hi ladies! Tomorrow I will be 1 month PO and I'm still sleeping on my back and sides. When am I able to lay on my abdomen??? I'm still swollen btw

1 month PO

If only I can get rid of these stretch marks and swelling

Seroma perhaps???

Hi ladies.. Well tomorrow I have to go back to Dr. P because I think I have developed a seroma. Above my incision area near pubic area is swollen very badly. It looks like a baby is resting in the bottom of my abdomen which is now causing me discomfort. It feels like a hard ball, especially when I bend over. Also blood has been oozing out a small break in the skin. I have had the most issues and beginning to feel regrets and unhappy :(

Bought a derma roller

I think I rolled over my stomach too much with this derma roller...now it looks like I have welps and scratches all over it!!! How does this thing work again and how effective?? Boy I tell you, the money I have spent on this body here lately!!!

First time laying flat on my tummy today

I'm assuming it's ok! It actually felt good and some sort of relief feeling! Maybe even help with some of this swelling! I'm not gonna over do it but I must say the simplest things like this are golden :)....no one else will understand us lol

Another step backwards...Pain in right abdomen

Hello ladies!! Here we go again! I'm having some severe pain in my lower right abdomen. I mean it hurts so bad I had to start back taking my prescribed pain pills. I'm walking back hunched over because the pain is almost unbearable. I'm trying to hang in there to see if the pain will wear off. I'm going to give it a few more days, if not then I'm taking an ER trip. I don't want it to be something unrelated to my TT. I hope it has nothing to do with my appendix or ovaries

Feeling much better

Weight loss

I was weighing 166 before SX....now I'm at 154!!! A total of 12 lbs so far and I'm in size 8 pants...before was 11/12 & some 13's. Even the 8's are beginning to get loose!!! #winning Oh and I've been eating healthy and light treadmill which contributes to it. Doc only took 3 1/2 of skin and about a liter of fat!

2 months PO

If only I would have did the BBL

Over a decade since I was able to wear a 2 piece

Almost 4 months PO...revision coming soon

Hi dolls! I haven't updated in a while...I went to see Dr.P about a month ago and expressed to him my concerns I now have. I have this fat that seems to pertrude on my sides when I wear my pants. Also, I want my waist to be more defined...I have a flat stomach but I want more of a curve. Dr. P said he would extend my TT excision and take off the flanks and more lipo...I'm thinking to myself isn't that what I paid for in the beginning??!!?!? I said I was going to maybe do that maybe after October. I have to get back in the gym more before I do because I want to get rid of as much excess fat on my own.

Revision scheduled for 9/19

Hi ladies! I hope all is well! Well I go back in on the 19th to have more lipo done to my sides and to get rid of that hang meat on the sides (dog ears I guess you call it). I figured from now until the 19th I can go hard in the gym to maybe help with the results. This will be an in office "clinic" procedure with local anesthesia. Has anyone had this before? If so, was it painful? I plan on going back to work the next day

5 months Post Op!!! I need more waist definition :/

Tatt I want

Or this Tatt

I just wanna cover up stretch marks on the front and sides!

BBL after TT! How much????

Has anyone gone back to get a BBL after a TT? If so, how much and what doctor would you recommend? Not trying to spend too much

5 months PO

Just got belly button pierced ????

Belly button Pierced

My pics aren't uploading :(



I need to loose weight

Revision complete

Today I went in to get his excess fat on each of my sides removed. It was done under local anesthesia and I got lipo on each sides and Dr.P cut off the fat. I was first numbed on each sides which still hurt a little, I guess to fresh nerves so I'm real sensitive to pain now. He started performing the lipo on the right side first, which I could feel too. I felt a little bit of pain but lots of jiggling and moving. He then did the left side which for some reason was a lot more numb than the right side. He turned me back over and then started the incision on the right side and YES THAT HURT! For some reason, I felt when he started cutting so he had to numb that area more. I even felt in certain areas when he started burning the fat away! That burnt and hurt like hell!!!!!!!!! The smell of the flesh and fat burning is HORRIBLE! The left side didn't hurt when he started and cutting and burning the fat away. Pretty cool to be awake during the procedure! I'm just dreading the after pains to kick in. Oh yea, another 2 weeks of this binder uuuuuuggggh

Pain again ;(

Well I feel like I felt when I had my TT back in April. I woke up last night and couldn't sleep!! It was hard to get out the bed again: nevertheless, sit up. Dr P. said I could go back to work after the procedure but there was no way I was up to feeling like going in to work...mind you I do sit behind a desk all day. I didn't go in today because my sides were in excruciating pain. I'm like Noooooo, not this again

Before revision (5 months PO)


Itchy scar again :(

Can't wait to heal so I can cover these scars up with tatts

Another revision coming up

Hi dolls! Well yday I went in for my follow up to get my stitches removed from a week ago in office procedure to remove side and back love handles( looking more defined btw) basically extending prior tummy tuck incision. I spoke to Dr.P about my lower abdomen appearing a little flabby and asked if he could lipo it some more and he said really the only think is to "cut" again to stretch the tummy down more. I go back in a couple weeks because I had to get restiched because apparently I bust my stitches open somehow and he said it will heal faster if he restiched the area back.

Now the debate is, do I want to go back under the knife?? I seriously debating on doing so to repair what was originally done but I just hate to keep getting cut on and going through this pain. Mind you it will be done under local anesthesia. When that numbing medicine wears off it's a bad feeling.

I think I may just wait until the beginning of next year once my sides are all the way healed. I will post pics soon

I need a BBL!! Thinking about going to the DR next year

Tummy feels awkward

My tummy feels weird like, especially when I bend over. It's kind of difficult to really describe! It just feels uncomfortable, kinda like when your pregnant and your tummy is in the way! I'm not pregnant though! I'm supposed to be going back soon to have a revision where he's going to pull my tummy down more to make it tighter but not sure if I want that anymore! The healing process takes months to recover from plus I still can't feel some places when you touch my stomach. Maybe that weird feeling is feeling of numbness and emptiness! It's almost like the TT has done something to my appetite! Like I'm not as hungry or don't eat much anymore! Sounds great but I'm sure not eating enough isn't healthy for the body

BBL quote from Dr. Yily in the DR $3500

TT extended to remove dog ears. Original Sx date: 4/4/2016

I had dog ears removed on 9/12/16 with more lipo on the sides too. Still a bit swollen and I itch like I've been rolling around in Poison Ivy

Y'all see that pancake booty


I should have just went to the D.R. to begin with

Feel like I would have had a much better body

Guess where I am

My thighs are huuuuuge

I need to get used to wearing tighter fitting shirts
Columbus Plastic Surgeon

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