28 Yrs Old, 3 Boys in Need of Tt and Bbl. Columbus, GA

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Hello RS fam, I am a an active mother of 3...

Hello RS fam, I am a an active mother of 3 handsome boys ranging in ages 3 to 8. Although I am active my body does not say the same thing when the clothes come off. With clothes on many people question why surgery but little do they know whats hiding beneath the high waist jeans and girdle lol! I'm a beauty by face but nightmare by body. With all this being said Im getting a tt with lipo to back rolls/flanks and a bbl. I originally chose Dr. Cochran in Columbus,ga but instead im going with Dr. Pagadala (same office) only because he has more experience in performing the bbls. I'm really hoping he can deliver similar results with the tt. Im wishing for a low line incision and a nice size behind to compliment my frame. Very excited n looking forward to this amazing journey!

Angle pic vs reality

So rs fam u know how how taking a pic from an angle always make u look slimmer than u really are? Well thats the situation in the pic im posting lol. Ive learned to make myself appear much slimmer than i really am through poses, clothing, girdles etc. And as far as the behind goes???? lets just say i own alot of hi-low shirts. Quite frankly I'm sick of having to cover myself not necessarily of how others feel about, but how I feel about me when I'm looking in the mirror. Not only but trying to find the right jeans that sag a lil after wearing them for bout an hour???? soooo ready for surgery.

Thank Goodness for RS

So thankful for this site! Too be able to see so many stories similar to mines and to see people anxious, excited and just as nervous as I is definitely a relieve. I think I browse this site more than the avg person check their page lol (maybe not that much). With 2 months to go I'm full of emotions but mostly excited!

Wish pic!

While patiently waiting I came across quite a few wish pics and Ms Amber Rose.....body banginggggg. I love that she still has the big thighs but toned. I love the size of my thighs especially with clothes so I'll say I'm going for her look!

Yay!!! Getting Closer

So excited although I haven't really bought any of the needed supplies..... I'm really looking forward to this minus the pain and recovery stages but other than that most definitely ready

Final Payment

Just made that final payment baby!! Work papers, payment, lab work, childcare, transportation/travel and even a few supplies all in place!!! 23 days and counting ??

Today Is the Day

On yesterday I finally had my face to face consult. Meeting him in person has put me at ease even more because my consult with him lets me know he's about his business. I have prayed continuously about this and glad my support system has called and did the same. Any who heading to the office, will update later. Have a great a day rs fam!!

Road to recovery

Beyond excited that this is ove with .... For now. My pain is described as more so intense workout pain. So far hasn't been anything unbearable.

Wrapped up

I rented a power lift recliner that helps out a ton especially when getting up and down. I'm definitely using the restroom a lot which is a good sign for the swelling in all. No bm but I do have an enema as backup because according to post op papers you should have one in 24 or 48hours. Anyway here is a pic day 1 with bandages. My sister wouldn't take the backside pic she wants me to rest n worry bout taking pics later lol. So strict but I love her

Pic of P/O day 4 b/a

So unfortunately I didn't have any 'fully naked' pre op pics in this phone so I had to screenshot the b/a. I still have a lot of swelling which is expected. I had a total of three drainage tubes, 2 of them are still in and on p/o day 3 he pulled a small one out the back that had no bulb to collect the fluid ( very minimal drainage). I did have the fat transfer which explains the the back drain. I am barely draining in my front tubes so hopefully they come out Monday. I am satisfied so far with the tummy tuck and awaiting final results on the bbl. I definitely wanted something more on the natural side but I'm a bit concerned if it's enough. I can tell a small difference but as I said I will give it time.

Bbl side view

The arrow on this pic is pointing out the blister I caused from using a different tape other than the paper tape he gave me. Although the tape wasn't a real harsh tape, due to the skin being super sensitive after surg when I pulled it off this developed soon after. So please try to use paper tape only
Columbus Plastic Surgeon

I have yet to have a conversation with my doctor but so far the receptionist/coordinators have been very informative and patient with me. I sent pictures via email and will meet him in person a day before surgery.

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