25 with Two Kids - Columbus, GA

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Well....I been wanting this procedure for over 3...

Well....I been wanting this procedure for over 3 years...my stomach look like cube steak uncooked... I haven't taken any pictures yet,but I will when I take a bath later today. I was really nervous as time was getting closer...I started to smoke a little weed, of course I told my doctor everything. The nurses couldn't find my veins ,so I told them this a sign from God I don't need this surgery. They wasn't hearing that tho. Lol. They found it and was sleep in les then 3 mins. When I woke up I was home!!! I'm really sore but nothing the medication can't fix... day 1op

Day 2 op

Just took a bath

5 day OP

I'm still swollen. And I'm getting sad because things are not looking great to me...one of my side look snatch but the other side look like he forgot to do. Idk tho. Go back on Thursday and hopefully these damn tubes come out!

Day 8 post op

These pictures were taken on Day 8 post op... he did not take my drain out so I wasn't happy about that so I have to return on Monday. I am still very sore and swollen

Day 10

Well today is going by...so far so good.. I don't think my scar is looking like it suppose to look. I'm still swollen like underneath my scar and I don't like how that look.

Tube Out!

Well today I got my drainage tube out....and yes that ???????????? hurt. He told me I could stand up straight and start back driving... I forgot to ask him about if I could bend or reach to shave my legs... so my incision is OK but underneath my stomach, like the crest of my upper thigh,it feels like something is poking me. Is that normal??

Feeling better

Even tho I had an appointment on yesterday.... I had to return today. I was in aooo much pain, in my upper thigh... he told Me it was a pinch nerve. Well that pinch nerve gave me the business. I could barley walk, I was in soooooo much pain. He gave Me come kind of shot close to that area I believe... and I was instantly feeling better.

Almost 3 weeks

Some new pics

Just wanted to show y'al.see how puffy my private area is....also that little area above it....always swelling.... any thing to help this smooth out???

Feeling better

Feelings a lot better. Still sore on my sides.... I'm finally laying down on my back and side....should I be doing that??? I always have my legs bent so I'm not stretching to much.


I'm only 4 1/2 weeks....I would really like to start walking on the treadmill with my garment on....any suggestions???

Okay...y'all se it

I'm looking better day by day... just need to watch what I eat and get ready for the gym

Still swelling

Its been a month and a half... I think, & I'm still having swelling in my lower part which I really hate. My sides are still sore and swollen I started going to gym on Monday and boy am I sore ):...... any who, I'm still making some progress! I need help maintaining my weight!!! also I'm still numb!!!


I feel like I'm gaining wait....do you think its okay for me to start doing abs workouts???

9 months later

My stomach still numb but not like it was. I'm still satisfied with my body tho
Columbus Plastic Surgeon

Dr. P was very sweet and he answer all my question.

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