Excited about my tummy Tuck and Breast Lift - Columbus, GA

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I went for my consulation with Dr. Pagadala in...

I went for my consulation with Dr. Pagadala in Columbus,Ga. After talking with him I knew that he was the right doctor for the job. I am planning to have my surgery around June. I am taking off 2.5 weeks for recovery. I hope that's enough time because, I work in the hospital and I stand and walk most of the time. I live in birmingham but, after reading all the great reviews on this doctor and meeting him , I feel comforable. Yes, I have visited other doctors in my area and state but, didn't get that comfortable feel. I will update as I count down to a new me.


counting down to a new me

Just over thinking

Has anyone taking arnica? I wish I could move my surgery date up but, I have to wait til after my daughter graduate from college next month. I wonder do I need to rent a recliner. How many sport bras should I buy?

waiting on the new me

As I visit and read so many stories, I wonder how am I going to handle the pain. Do I need to start taking my iron pills to help with anemia. I Look At My Body In The Mirror And THINK about how I about to get my body back.

The new me count down

Now it's may and June is fast approaching. I have so thoughts going through my mind.

count down!!!

The time is getting near for a new me. A new flat stomach and a pair of breast that will sit up without a bra. I have received my package from the doctor office for me to review and sign. I may not be ready for the pain but, I am ready for the flip stomach to go. I just got to get my supply list together. I am ready! !!

count down

So, I went to get my blood drawn. I hope everything will be okay. I have had iron problems all my life but, I had started taking iron complete by gnc. I been taking them for over three weeks. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

12 days and counting down to the new me!!!

As my surgery approach, I have do many mix feelings going on. My blood work came back fine. I am glad I started taking the gnc iron complete because, I have always had problems with my iron. I am starting to know I need to get my house in order and start buying my supplies for after care. I hate I can't tell my family or friends because, they wouldn't understand.

Yeah ladies, I am a week away

June 10 is fast approaching. I have most of my supplies list together. Got the house cleaned up over the past weekend, checked my hotel reservation again. I may need to buy some more pillows for the long trip back home .

whoop!! whoop!!

Ladies., this time next week I will be on the flat side with a breast Lift. I Had Natural Births With My babies, So I Am Not Sure How I Am Going To Handle The Pain.

Aunt flow

I hope aunt flow can come on before my surgery day. I don't know if I will be able to deal with her, tummy tuck and breast lift, all at the same time.

Three days

Three days till my get my sexy bod back.. I am getting so excited. I picked up some extra shifts at work so, I can keep my mind off my surgery day. I will fit the gym today and tomorrow but, Monday I will relax. Dr7423 are you ready?

This Sunday

Today is Sunday and I am at work just getting over excited about my surgery. I have gone over the plans with my friend on the aftercare but. You know with men , you have to tell them again. I Still Have To Pack. I have my supplies together just have to pack it up

Time is running down

I am on my last night to work. I can't wait to get off in the morning. I will be preparing my mind body and spiritual soul for Tuesday morning.

counting hours.

Today is my baby son birthday and tomorrow his mom will be getting this flip cut off and these breast lifted back up. I am so excited. I will take my antibiotics tonight. I am so excited to share my thoughts and feelings with you ladies. I hope to post new pictures or a update after surgery.

Tomorrow is the day

This time tomorrow I will be in surgery. On my way to a new me, this time tomorrow no more flip, no more padded bras or push up bras, no more stomach hanging over the pants, no more holding in my stomach while wearing a cute dress. Tomorrow my stomach will be flat again, my breast will set up again. I will love my body again, when I look into the mirror, I am ready. Dr. Sumanth pagadala in columbus ga here I come tomorrow for you to contour my body like it use to be.

Will be gone tomorrow

It's that time

Good morning ladies, I am just getting up, about to take a shower, kiss my kids, and pray before heading to columbus ga to start my new beginning. I am ready!!!. Whatever, I don't have at this point will be ok.

down to the last hour

Just arrived in columbus ga, just finished taking my nausea medication. Going to check in hotel then off to the doctor office. The distance is on 11 miles from each other. Saying my last prayers for all my rs buddies having surgery today

It's done

I am ok just in pain, I have been up walking some. Sleepy.

Hey ladies

I am good just pain, I had two surgery done at one time. I went on about 9 am and finish about 2 ish. I s n

post op day 1

Just getting up to take my pain medication and to walk around some. My is was putting out 100 now it's down 25. I am not in alot of pain. I think dr. Sumanth pagadala did a great job. He was answering all if my last minute questions and. Keep going over and over again about marking on my body. Tummy tuck with liposuction and breast lift, I believe I am doing ok.

random thoughts

I am staying at the homewood suites by Holton and the staff was sweet here. They brought me a get well basket full of food and a get well card. I would recommend this hotel if anyone come here for surgery. They made sure I had extra pillows and that food basket came in handle during the night. I guess I had image the pain would have been worst but, I feel sore. I have to go see Dr Sumanth pagadala this morning before I leave. He has a great stuff. Every Body was kind and helpful to me.

Leaving columbus

Just leaving the doctor office and my stomach is flat as broad. My breast points up and round. I am so glad I came here. I have to come back week to get my drains out.

post op day 2

My second day. In pain and sore when I try to get up. I get it and walk around and then sit back down. I am glad I did procedure at once. The breast lift doesn't hurt as bad as my stomach. Waiting for my daughter to cook and my boyfriend to come over to help me bath. I will post pictures when he can come and help me


Here are my pictures ladies, I am loving me even more

post op day 3

I am better then yesterday. After I took a shower and ate alittle, I went to sleep. I find myself getting full quicker. I don't care because, I don't want to stretch my stomach out again. My drain haven't been putting out much so, I hope when I head back next Thursday dr Sumanth pagadala will take it out. I do believe I am going to have to move to the couch today because, the bed is killing me. You know ladies, I went and brought all these supplies and my doctor just told me to use anti bacteria soap and water and allow the strips to fall off. I guess the supplies will come in handle later.

My before and after photos

a better day

I been up walking alittle more and the pain is getting much better. My drainage tube can be taking out Thursday. I don't have alot of bruises where I had liposuction. I can't wait to be put clothes on next week and head outside. I will post pictures tomorrow.

Looking good

Hey ladies, here are some new pictures. I think things are looking good. I am sore but dt. Sumanth pagadala know he pulled this skin down. No stretch marks in the front. I am so excited.

post op day 6

I am more discomfort then pain. Dr. Sumanth pagadala is a old school doctor that has a special way he does surgery. I may have over thought the pain. I am able to stand up straight today. My doctor said to I can stand up straight when I am ready. My boobs feel fine. I don't feel any feelings right now in my right nipple. I am so in love with my new body.

post op day 7

Today, I am feeling great. I head back to columbus tomorrow to get my drain out. I have really enjoyed this time at home but, I am ready to get out the house. I am not in alot of pain. My boobs are trying to get feeling back. I still sleeping in a recliner position in the bed. I can't wait to see when can I sleep in other positions. I sit back and worry about my return back to work in July. I really hope three weeks recovery time will be enough time to take on three 12 - hour shifts come july.

drain out

I went to dr. Sumanth pagadala top get my drain out. It felt weird when he was pulling the drain out. He said everything looks good but, to come back sooner if I starts to feel fluid (like a water bed feel) around my stomach. I went and walked around the mall and that plus the long drive back home wore me out. He look the strips off and my cuts looks really good. He could me not to put anything on them right now. Loving me results.

Still sore

Hey, ladies, I been walking more but, I am just sore. My breast and stomach are sore. I still have to keep pushing because, July 6 will be and it will time to head back to work. I still love my results. I love my results so much that I had to try on some two piece bathing suites to evaluate my scar. Lol

better days

I went to columbus for my second check up. I had my stitches removed from my navel. I don't have to be back for two months. Yesterday, I was able to hit the gym treadmill (walking). I just have to work with the soreness in my stomach. My breast are doing good. Both tt and bl scars are healing very good. My doctor said on my next week he will see if I will need to do scar therapy. In the meantime, he said I can use bio oil. Thanks for all the support and encouragement from everyone.

Best decision ever!!!!

My breasts are sore but, my stomach is doing much better. I am so excited about my results. I am so glad I choose the right doctor to bring my dream of having a flat stomach again and to finally have my boobs sitting back up. I could not have asked for a better experience. My scars are looking and healing good. I do have a little swelling during the day but nothing major. I am still out walking soon. I know I have three more weeks before I can really do a good good workout.

updates pictures

Hey ladies, I went out for a outing with my kids and I have a little swelling on the left side and I still have soreness. As you can see I am still swollen on my sides. It look like I got dog ears on my sides. Lol.

Just because

A picture with my favorite shirt on . No stomach.

disposable stitches

Hey ladies, I wonder have anyone experience a few of there disposable stitches coming out? As I was running my finger over my boobs and tummy scar with neosporin, I would feel something that felt like a stitche. True enough it was, one each boob and one down by my hair. I called the doctor office and the nurse explained that it can happen sometime and wanted me to come in today so, the doctor could take them out. I told her 2.5 hours was too far to drive for something small enough for me to handle. I just didn't want to miss up my great results. She gave me the go ahead and I took them out myself. They suppose to dissolve under the skin but sometimes they be pushed out .

4th of July

Hey ladies, happy 4th of july. My count down to work is closing in. Sunday night will be here and I hope I can make it for 12 hrs. Here are some new pictures. Enjoy your weekend and be safe. And for the ladies who just had surgery be careful.

breast leak

I woke up this morning with my shirt soaked with fluid. My left breast have been more sore then my right breast. I called the doctor office and less then 5 mind the on call doctor called me back and I described the fluid color. I told him I was feeling a knot (if you had milk in your breast from breastfeeding), he said it was accumulated of fluid and that it had to come out so, I wasn't in a panic shock but, I just wanted to make sure I didn't need to head to columbus this morning. The on call doctor said allow it to drain and don't put anything on it till tomorrow. It was good to know the doctor was a phone call away.

day one of work

Hey ladies. I figure I would jump on here to tell you how my first night at work. My 12 hrs shift is coiming to an end. I expected that I would be hurting or something but, actually I feel okay. I wore my shape wear but, believe you me, I will not be wearing it again to work. I was only wearing my shape wear garment when I would leave the house for my date night or family time so, I would say a few hours not 12 hrs. Well. Lesson learned!!. I will have to wear my binder to work. I wish I could take off my shapewear now. I am totally glad I took off three weeks be cause walking on these hard hospital floors can beat you down. One night down and two more to go.

Loving my flat stomach

I am sorry ladies it's been awhile since I have posted pictures. I am still loving my flat stomach. I feel good going to the gym with my tank top. My breasts is another story but, my I am so glad I got it done and I am so glad I went with the right doctor. I started using silicone but it seems to be making my scar darker then lighter. So, I think I will use just bio oil for now. I hope everyone who was my surgery buddy is going good and for the ladies that is planning to have their stomach done, I wish you the best.

Hey ladies

I am sorry it's been awhile since I updated. I am loving my choices.

Dr Sumanth pagadala, is a great doctor. He Took Out Time To Answer All Of My Questions And To Calm My Nerves down. He made me feel at ease. I would highly recommend him and she staff. He said he was going to give me back my body . I felt his price was good. He didn't make me feel as if I was just dollar. Great bedside manners. And the nurses staff is so sweet and caring.

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