FINALLY Getting my Breast Reduction! - Columbus, GA

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Alright. After 4 years of waiting I am FINALLY...

Alright. After 4 years of waiting I am FINALLY getting my breast reduction! :D
I have had large breasts since I started developing. I was in a training bra for only about 3 weeks then I went straight to a 34C. Did I mention I was in the 5th grade? Ya. Not ok. Since then (i'm 22 now) it has been a steady increase to what I currently am; a 34FF. I do have a 5 month old, but in all honesty my breast didn't grow at all even while I was breast feeding. They just got really hard. Thankfully I just found out that Tricare has authorized the claim so now i'm just waiting for the Dr's office to receive the fax saying to schedule my surgery!! I'm so flippin' excited I just wanted to share my experience. :]

Surgery Scheduled!

Going under the knife August 14th :] Cannot wait. Although I'm curious. Has anyone who's gotten this surgery felt like they made a mistake of going too small? I told my doctor I would be happy being a B but he said he didn't think I would be so happy. It's just hard to decide because I just cannot see myself smaller lol I know I should trust my doctor but I can be a second guesser.

Waiting sucks.

Only 29 days until surgery!! Having such a struggle trying to lose these last 10 lbs of baby weight because everything I do hurts my back & neck. My chiropractor told me there's no point in my coming in until after my surgery (at least he's honest lol) because he can't help me towards real progress until I stop slouching & correct my posture, so I haven't had that relief in the last couple weeks & it sucks.
Mostly i'm upset because I have worked so hard to lose 30 pounds these last couple months & i'm so close to my goal, it's like it's taunting me.. Did anyone else find exercise easier after reduction surgery? If so, how long did it take to get into a serious work out regiment?

Day After Surgery

So I had the surgery yesterday & I stayed over night in the hospital. Whatever they use to put people under always makes me horribly nauseous so the car ride & lack of morphine would have destroyed me.
Anywho! Dr. Pagadala is a master at his craft!! The nurses that changed my dressings though I had implants. Nope! The swelling is already going down & it only hurts where the draining tubes are. It's a stingy feeling. Also then incision site under both breasts will start throbbing if I don't get to my pain meds soon enough, but it's really not that bad.
I've been sleeping most of the day, not eating a whole lot because i'm not hungry, but like I said, it's really not that bad. :] I'll post photos later since I can't take off the bandage until monday.

Day 3 Post Reduction

Today has been easy. So ready for these drainage tubes to come out. That is the only part that hurts even a little bit. I had to fix my ace wrap so I got a look at my boobies! Again, words cannot describe how perfect they are! I got EXACTLY what I wanted! :D I don't think I mentioned that he took out 5 pounds. 5. Dang. My back and hips already feel better. I'm so antsy to try on bras, bathing suits.. All the things that I loathed to have to find before :] Also not being able to hold my son sucks. Luckily all the women in my family are here to help distract him.
Anywho, so far so good! No real pain just sleepy a lot. :]

2 weeks Post Op :]

I am feeling AMAZING! No more joint pain, bras that fit properly. I'm in heaven! Wearing normal clothes now, not feeling any pain that's surgery related. The only thing that sucks is every time I move in my sleep I wake up because things are tender when pressure is applied. But otherwise things are great! I'm healing nicely & like I said, I just cant get over how awesome I feel. I went from a DDD/F to a D :]


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