Extended Tummy Tuck with Lipo of Flanks..Upper Abdomen..so Excited - Columbus, GA

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I have been wanting a tummy tuck for the past 10...

I have been wanting a tummy tuck for the past 10 plus years. After years and years of talking about it I am officially about to get it done in Columbus Ga by Dr Pagadala... I have not have my surgery yet but I'm very excited about getting it done. I carry all my weight in my stomach and I'm looking forward to it being flame March 11 2016 hurry up n get here.

Pre op visit soon

I have a pre op visit on Feb 29 I make my final payment and do all my lab work....I'm so excited....wish me luck you guys

I want my sexy back

I'm so excited

Thinking about changing to Dr Cochran

I am loving all of Dr Cochran reviews and post I am seriously thinking about changing to him if I can get an appointment around or about the same date as my March 11 scheduled appointment.

It just got real

Paid in full ...lab work done....ready to be on the flatside

9 days until my surgery SUPER EXCITED

Less than a week away before I enter the flatside

I'm getting nervous guys my sx date is getting closer. I am so ready to get it over with so I can have a flat stomach. I have always been extremely insecure about my belly...Even though I dress it up well I know it's there, but that's all about to come to a end...so excited

My biggest insecurity

Want to get back down to this size after surgery

Less than 8 hours til my surgery

I should be sleep but I can't..... Less than 8 hours before I am officially on the flatside...yall pray for me

I'm officially ON THE FLAT SIDE!!!!!

Got to my appointment this morning around 845am they took me back and in less than 20mins u wS out like a light. It went by so quick I'm very sore and the pain needs don't really help but I take Tylenol helps take the edge off. I e been sleep most of the day. I take a shower tomorrow and will see my tummy for the first time. I will put pictures then PAGADALA DOLL OFFICIALLY

Swollen but loving my results

I had a BM

It was not as bad as I expected I just took my time...but it gets better by the day...I got one stitch right above my pubic hair that's pulling and really hurts when I get up and down....I'm trying my best not to rip it....I can't wait until I get these stitches and drains out

Loving my results

Even though I am super swollen my stomach is still flat and I am loving my results....every bit of pain is worth it....I'm stay positive and looking towards the future.

Before and after 3 days post op DRASTIC CHANGE EVEN WITN THE SWELLING

Before and after drastic difference even with the swelling...loving my results

I can't wait until my swelling go down and I fully heal you ain't go be able to tell me NOTHING...

Almost 2 weeks POST op still swollen but I'm loving it

Loving my results

1 month post op today...UPDATED PICS...it was worth every dime

Updated pics

Columbus Plastic Surgeon

During my consult he listen gave me his full attention and took time to explain detail of my surgery to me

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