Mommy makeover for my 40th birthday

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I had my consultamt with Dr. Vincent Naman today....

I had my consultamt with Dr. Vincent Naman today. I have decide to geta breat reduction goung from a 42dd to 36 C. I also asked him to give me a tummy tuck because I didn't want my stomach to look huge after the reduction. I am considered a Plus size girl wearing sizes 14/16 so 18 depending on how its made. I am more on the curvy side. I will come bak with more updates and pictures after I have the surgery on December 1st.

I am super nervous but excited as this will be my birthday gift to myself I will be the big 40 on December 5th.

It's almost Dec. 1st

A few pictures

Ok so I decided to upload a few pictures. I pray my surgery goes well on Dec 1st. I can't wait for these breast and stomach to go down.

One week left before the big day pre/op

So I had my pre/op was excited to step on the scale and see that I am down 14 pounds. So I got my instructions and meds. I will have to take 10 shots of Lovenox to help prevent blood clots. They go by your age and weight so I start the shots the day before surgery. I am so nervous but can't wait to see my new body.

5 days until my surgery date

Got the call from my ps office today that my blood work came back good. And to show up on 12/1/15 at 7:15 am. I was instructed to make sure the night before to take my Lovenox shot and to place my nausea patch on the back of my neck to help with nausea. I am so nervous and excited to see my new body. I'll be bringing in my 40th birthday on 12/5/15.

I Made it to the flat side!!!

Breast reduced and tummy tucked!! This hurts. He took 4 pounds from each breast and eight pounds of fat from my tummy. Surgery was at 7:15am this morning. Pictures will come later

Day two after surgery

So they too was a little challenging is very hard to get up at recliner am from him repair my muscles feel like every time I get up I'm pulling in pulling in pulling my muscles so I'm very sore breast look great you get me down to 36c I'm just waiting to see what the what the healing process will look like an out of date on pictures later going to progress right now I'm still win the garment that the doctors office provided me I hope everyone out here

Picture of what I looked like yesterday after durgery

Well today is my 40th birthday and is been 5 days since I had surgery

I am feel much better my abdominal muscles are not as sore and I still need help getting out of my recliner. But I can say I am getting up and down pretty good today.

Its been 7 days since surgery

So I'm seven days postop surgery I do find that as the days go on I am able to get up and out of the recliner by myself . I know this yesterday that down I start feeling like a little tingling and pulling in my stomach muscles from what I have read that is all normal. I go for my first post-op appointment today.

A few picture updates

10 days post op

So today is 10 days. I'm able to move around better I still have my draining and I'm scheduled to go to the doctor tomorrow morning at 9:15 AM to get the drain removed is still hard time moving around a little bit but things are getting better my breast is still a little sore but over All my breast reduction looks great. I have a few pictures of me trying on a dress that was once to small.

Drain is out!!!!

Well today is 11 days post op and my drain is officially out. I still can't sleep in my bed yet because it's too high. So counting down the days for when I can get out of this recliner.

A few pictures taken today

So this is 11 day post op the big guy is gone. I still have s few more pounds to lose and I do want to tone up. After I heal up I am going to see if I can find a trainer to help me get my legs, arms and back in shape.

18 days post op

Well had a little scare on Tuesday my incision started to bleed. Saw my ps today he assured me that everything is alright. He said it was just extra fluid build up that cases the incision to bleed and that it should clear up by Christmas. My breast are doing well healing good. I wanted to add a few pictures of what I look like so far in my dresses.

18 days post op

Today makes 4 weeks

Well I still have a small incision that's still draining a little. I am able to get around a lot better. Stomach is still sore. My breast are fine I started using the Palmers scar treatment oil on them yesterday. No treatment for the tt scar yet as o am still waiting for it to heal

It's been a month!!

So the swelling is going down and it's been a month. I still have a small draining from one of my tummy tuck incisions. My breast are healing well they are still sore and my tummy is still numb. I will attempt to go back to work on Monday 1/4/16. Overall I love that my stomach is not huge and I love my small breast. Can't wait to get into the gym to work on these arms, legs and back fat.

It's been 5 weeks

So my incision that was draining is finally starting to close and stop draining. I ordered an extra Vernoquie garment from my ps. So I wear that while at work it really helps with the swelling. When I get home and take the garment off my tummy swells up. I still have soreness and my breast from the reduction are sore on my sides I guess from wear the garment or my arms rub it. Over all I am one happy lady!! Still feels unreal to not have a big belly!

6 week update

Had my six week check up today I noticed on the left side of my stomach that is very hard the doctor looked at it and said that he could either be scar tissue you maybe fluid buildup or fat necrosis process so I have to follow back up with the doctor on February 10 overall they said that my results look great

6 week before and after photos

Before and after photos

8 weeks and 4 days today

Well it's been 8 weeks still swell after a long day of work. Still wearing my garment and I have started working out with my Walk Away the pounds 2 mile workout. I go see my ps on 2/10/16 for him to look at this hard spot on my stomach so we can determine if it's fluid, scar tissue or fat necrosis.

It's been 6 months

I still notice swelling and bloat. It really shows like s week before my cycle. I want to go back and get lipo on my back. But I have started training with Coach Kenya Crooks so hopefully I will lose this back fat.

9 months post op

Well I'm healing well still have some weight to loss.

9 months post op

So at 9 months post op I still experience swelling. I went to see my ps and he said its normal can last up to two years.

Soon to be 10 months post op

Well I have noticed that the swelling is getting much better. I also noticed when I cut out the processsed foods and started taking a probiotic my stomach doesn't bloat as much.

More pictures

10 months post op today!!!!

Celebrating 10 months post op today!!!

Dog Ear revision

Today I went to see Dr.Cochran to have my dog ear revised. I really like him I wish I had let him do my tummy tuck.
Columbus Plastic Surgeon

I love Dr.Naman he is the best. He prayed with me before the surgery and he did everything that I asked him to do.

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