Scared to Death.

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Like many ladies here, I developed early. By fifth...

Like many ladies here, I developed early. By fifth grade I was a 34c. By 12th grade I was a 36dd, at 5'6" and 128 lbs. As I grew older, my weight fluctuated between 160 and 225 pounds. I have been at 180 for over 18 months now, and wear a size 12 in pants...and a 16 in tops. I hate it. I am rather broad shouldered, and long ago discovered how to hide how big I really was. But seriously, my bra cups fit over my head like a hat...but bigger. I have back pain, and it's really hard to exercise with breasts that big. I lost weight by walking,but now have stalled because jumping around and running just ain't gonna happen. I'm not afraid of pain, and I am not afraid of a bad result, because my surgeon is awesome, I am just afraid of the recovery period. My surgery is 8/8, and I am a bit apprehensive. I will be 44 years old next week, and I probably should have done this a long time ago.


Ok, I am home from my surgery, and suprisingly lucid. They are stinging pretty badly, but no real pain yet. I drank some broth and had some crackers. They are wrapped pretty tightly in an ace bandage, and I can't take it off until tomorrow. My husband just gave me my pain meds. So I may be pretty sleepy soon. My cats seem pretty concerned. It's cute.

Next day.

About three I am going to take a shower, and my husband is going to help me. He is scared. Not of the frankenboobies so much but of seeing me hurt. Aside from being pretty tired, I am ok I am getting some stinging pains, but they mostly feel ok. I just took tylenol today, but after my shower and bra putting on, I will most likely take the real pain med. I am scared to see what they look like. I will try to get my husband to take a pic.

How Much I Got Off

The doc took 800cc from the right boob and 750 from the left. I wanted to be a D. I love my boobies, except for the pain they cause, and I would feel weird being smaller than that. Besides, I plan to lose 30 more pounds, and if I do I should be a c cup.

After the shower.

Well my first shower was fun...not. My husband actually washed me and we left the gauze on because he was too afraid to pull it off, so we moistened it first. Then when it came off,all the blood that was in it became wet and it looked like someone had died. Which scared the heck out of him. Me, it just made want to pass out. I am ok with other people's blood, but SO not ok with mine. but that passed and I am now wrapped up in a sports bra and pads. Yes pads. LOL. That's what they recommended instead of gauze. As they are cheaper and shouldn't stick. My right breast is leaking a little but my left one is fine. They look pretty good. I am surprised.

Changed dressings

Ok, so I am not putting a bra on yet. NOPE. We changed my dressings today, and I had hardly any leakage, we put neosporin on my incisions and then covered them with gauze and used pads on the sides, then my husband wrapped me back up in the huge ace bandage. I can't imagine trying to put a bra on. So I probably won't for a week or so, except for when we wash the ace. Later my husband is going to wash my hair for me. Which is really sweet. He's is being so sweet. Later he is making me my favorite dinner. Did I mention my husband is a really good guy?

Today is my birthday.

I took a shower today, and washed my hair,which was just nasty. Or I should say, my hubby did it for me. I should have mentioned that I have a terrible vasovagal response to my own blood or trauma. I will seriously pass out on the ground. It wasn't as bad today as it was the first time, but I thought I was going down. I can handle other people's boo boos, but I puke when I give blood, and seeing the stitches, yeah.
I can't imagine doing it by myself. Oh, I put a sports bra on for a while, and it was ok. But I still like being in the wrap better.

button down shirt

I tried on a button down shirt that I to wear unbuttoned with a cami. It fit. In fact I had room to spare in the chest. It was AWESOME. Now I have to lose some weight, especially in my midsection. I can't wait to get to start exercising without pain!

So we changed my dressings, time for new pics.

They don't look so bad...

Wow you can tell where my wrap was. They don't hurt at all, and there was very little leakage, which is great. Hope the bruising goes away soon, yuck. My doc want Neosporin on them for the first week, then vaseline after that, so the incisions don't dry out. I think they will turn out pretty good.

Oh and before I forget...

My nipples have feeling! Yea!

This is me.


Everything is itchy. I want to scratch! But I must not! I am so ready to get out of the house for a bit. I have been showering every other day, because it still makes me woozy. Looking forward to it tomorrow.

Good day.

Just a nice day with my husband. We are making a grocery list. I highly suggest that you ladies eat some strawberries. I have eaten them every day, and have little swelling, and I feel pretty good. Tired today though.


Ok, it's raining here, and my boobs are sore. Like really sore, they woke me up last night. I have had little to no pain so I have no idea what could be going on besides the rain. Ugh.

Oh my Goodness!

My Marena bra just came UPS! I just ordered it YESTERDAY! Yea!


This bra is WONDERFUL. It is so soft and comfy. It was so easy to get into! I got the one with the two inch band. I feel so good! My one week follow up is tomorrow, and I am so glad this came before then. Yea!

One Week update

So, I saw the PA today and she was happy with my healing, except for by the T place where they meet. She thought they might be ischemic and peel. I hope not. But if so, they will be ok. My boobs are a lot softer, and I am just wearing a sports top with a shelf bra right now. It feels ok, but I will put my good bra back on later. The Neosporin on my boobs must have catnip in it, because my kitty keeps trying to lick it. Yeah, that is pretty weird. He sat on my chest and sniffed around for about ten minutes, trying to get in my shirt. He's a perv.


My lab biopsies came back normal. Yea!

Hoping I Heal Correctly

I am kind of worried about my T junctions, and hoping they don't open or peel badly. They look ok, but still are draining a tiny bit. My worse fear is having these incisions open. Seriously, I just don't want to have to deal with that.

Time for Some Pics

feeling good...

But I am wondering if I am going to peel. I hope not.

Need to exercise!

Well, the one thing I don't like after my surgery is that my belly looks bigger now. Probably because I can see it! LOL! My doc is firm on no cardio for six weeks, and I don't want to start dieting yet because I need the calories for healing. But when that six weeks mark comes, I will be on that treadmill. Oh yes, yes I will. I want to lose 20-25 pounds.

What I look like now.


Yesterday I wore a different sports bra when I went out, and it hurt me pretty badly. The stupid thing has seams that went directly on top of my vertical incisions. I have worn it before with no problems, but yesterday, when I took it off I almost cried. It made my incisions look like they had split open, and it scared me, and hurt. After a while it went away, as it was just a bad fashion wound, but man I was not happy until it did.

T junction Peeling

I want these stupid places to heal up! I am getting pretty impatient with how long it is taking for them to be all healed. I called the ps, and the nurse was all, "just keep them covered, they will be fine. " I want her to tell me to come in and they will look at it. I know they are not bad, they don't look like some of the ladies on here, and I know that is what they got told. I am just pretty frustrated right now.


So, I called the PS to see if I could get in a little earlier, because I am kind of concerned about my sutures and my t junctions. I can't until Friday. But that's ok. I am just ready to be all healed. I will be six weeks out on the 20th, and I hoped I would be done healing by now. I'm not. I miss taking baths. My incisions look more red to me. I also have some places where the stitches are starting to poke through. I felt a place sticking up around my left nipple. When I pushed on it it "clicked" back into place. Which is pretty darn gross. That being said, the shape of them is awesome, and they are exactly the size I asked for.

cleared for anything!

Went for my last appointment Friday and the ps cleared me for anything! My right t junction finally closed, but my right one is still a bit scabby. But it is healing just fine. Now to work on these scars... what has worked best for you ladies?

New Pictures of These Awesome Girls

I love my boobs now. I still wear the silicone strips a lot because I think they have really helped. I love my surgeon, I think he is awesome. If you are anywhere near Columbus, GA, you should definitely go to him.

My New Boobs

My boobs have dropped, fluffed, and softened. I love them. They are beautiful.

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