37 Years Old, 4 Boys All Breastfed - Columbus, GA

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For as long as I can remember I have wanted boobs....

For as long as I can remember I have wanted boobs. Well bigger ones. I always loved how they looked while nursing but after.... Well not so much. Now that I am done nursing baby's I am so excited to get this done. I am wanting to go with 650 cc saline. My pre op is July 11th. I am so ready to get to the day but I have to work around other people's schedules.

Two months out

Two months out from the big boob day and I man so excited!!! I want it to be now but lots of things planed to help pass the time.


Here is a before shot

Almost a month

I have a few days from a month till the big boob day! I am getting so nervous. Here are a few photos of me before in a slightly padded bra and tank

It is almost time!

My pre op is Monday and then the big day the Tuesday after that! I am so nervous and so excited!

Pre op done!

Just had my pre op appointment. Paid my balance and got all my meds and a special soap to wash with day of. She said they do not schedule until day before so she would call me and tell me when to be there. It is getting so close! I am nervous and excited! They said 650cc should not be any problem.

Four days

Four more sleeps till boob day! I am getting so excited and very nervous. I am worried more about my one year old than me. Here are a few before pictures so I will have something to compare to.

The big day!

Tomorrow morning bright and early! I have the butter flies something awful. Do not know how much sleep I will get tonight!

Today is the day!

I am up and showered and ready to go. I think I got all of 35 minutes worth of sleep last night. Waiting for the hubby to get dressed and my mom to get here to watch the boys. I feel a little sick but I am sure that is nerves. See y'all on the other side! Eek!!!


I can not say enough about Dr. Naeman and his staff. Everyone was so great and he even prayed with me before surgery witch was calming. Yesterday was ruff I am not even going to sugar coat it. I was sick on the way home and several other times yesterday. But woke up this morning feeling much better. Almost of soreness but nothing that is unbearable. I am moving around great today. Finally able to eat something. Went back this morning to get my bandages removed and it felt so good to have them off. Now it is just a waiting game to see them drop and fluff.so far I am extremely happy with them.


I feel pretty good today. Going to try to not talk pain meds today just over the counter stuff. I do have a pulling burning feeling on my right side but it is not to bad. Going to try to shower today as well maybe snap a few new pictures!

A few pictures

Here are my incisions and a picture of me in a sports bra and a tank. Took a shower today and it was not bad except I had to take a colder one because I was told not hot showers!

Holy nerve pain batman...

My one side is on fire! Saw my surgeon today and had my sutures out. He was very impressed that I had no bruising. I have found however that ice really helps with the nerve pain. Other than that I am great. I have to start laying flat on my chest twice a day and that is interesting. He also said to start massaging them as well. I love this DR. And his office. Such a good experience every visit!

Going to the beach!

I am going to the beach this weekend with just my hubby! I am so excited. I feel great still some soreness in my incisions but all the massaging and laying on them do not help! I did have to get a new bathing suit top to wear. I love the way they look already!

Another occur picture

3weeks today

It has been three weeks since my surgery date and they feel like my own already. I love them and I am so glad I did this. They have dropped some but not all the way ,and that is to be expected. Starting to research scar strips to use starting his week.

The best thing ever!

I get to go bra shopping on Sunday! The dr wants me to bring some bras into my appt on Monday. Can not believe it has been almost 6weeks. This is the best thing I have ever done for myself. (Except have my boys and marry my hubby). I will take new pictures and post later. He had to lower my pocket so I have a line but that should continue to go away.

From 36b to....

So I went to get measured yesterday and I am now a 34DDD! So excited. I have my final visit with Dr. Naman today. I am very happy with my results. I also bought a few more bathing suit tops and will post more pictures later.

Went for my consult and loved the practice!

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