43 Year Old with Turkey Neck..neck Lift and Muscle Tightning - Columbus, GA

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My motivation was heredity. My grandmother has a...

My motivation was heredity. My grandmother has a horrible turkey neck. Looking at profile shots of myself within the last few years my neck was dropping. I wanted to hit it head on before it got any worse. I had the procedure done on Halloween. I will upload pictures soon of my progress. It has been a very emotional one. In July I had a belt lipectomy, lipo, and a bbl. This has been a worse process for me than all those combined. I guess we are more aware and more sensitive when it comes to the face. As of right now I regret even doing this surgery. I'm hoping and praying for a good outcome. I just want to look normal again. Today has been seven days since the procedure. At day three the drain was removed as well as stitches. By day five my face was so swollen and I felt feverish and sick. Not well at all. I went back to the office and he freaked me out because I had so much fluid in my neck and face. He sucked out fluid and put a tube in my neck and told me I need to keep pressing to drain out the fluid. Day seven my incision where the stitches were removed open completely. Fluid was pouring from the incision as well as from the tube he stuck in my neck. This is all happening while I'm working as a hairstylist....stressful. I called him and he met me back at his office after hours to stitch me back up. When I see my neck, the swelling, redness, lumpiness, and now a rubber tube which will leave a scar I'm asking myself whyyyyyyy did I do this. Praying for a quick turn around very soon. Very discouraged!

before after pics of chin lift with muscle tightening

Here are all the pics I've taken so far...still swollen ...its day nine....

I look horrible!!!!

Its been two and a half weeks since surgery. I'm really starting to freak out. The right side of neck is lumpy, red, and swollen. The skin is very thin. I'm so scared. I need words of encouragement. Posting pictures....


I've developed a very small bruise by the hole where blood is still draining. I am hoping and praying its not where the skin isnt getting enough oxygen. That is my biggest fear. Its not looking good.

here are pics of the small dark spot.

Hoping and praying this isn't my skin dying. What do you guys think?


Still look horrible on right side. Also still numb...can't talk or smile correctly. So frustrated..

looking worse everyday....

As I'm nearing four weeks my right side looks awful and now that swelling is going down my left side is jacked up. There are these lines appearing...more like ridges. It looks like a tunnel where the cannula had been...I don't know. Frustrated.

One month today.

Today is one month since surgery. I'm still not sure it was worth it. The right side of neck looks horrible still. I had to have fluid drained from my neck due to a seoma?...Hoping and praying I start looking normal soon. I wear scarves everyday to cover my neck. It is that bad. I'm so embarrassed. I can't believe I paid for this. Still can't smile or talk correctly. Frustrated...

One month today...

Still very unhappy with my surgery. I'm regretting having it done. My neck still looks horrible. I can't leave My house unless I'm wearing a scarf. I'm so embarrassed. I still can't smile or talk correctly. Frustrated still....

One month photo

Updated one month photo...

One month

Right side...

Almost five weeks.since neck lift and lipo

Everyday it's looking worse and worse....I regret doing this so much. I called another doctor to get a second opinion. He told me to wait three months before doing anything. I will be driving to Atlanta next week to show him the damage....

Bad neck lift

It's been six weeks today. I'm deformed. I look absolutely horrid. I'm pissed. I regret ever having this done. I'm furious with the doctor. So many things went wrong with this procedure. I feel hopeless and helpless!!!

Two months one week after neck lift/lipo

I had a steroid shot two weeks ago. The scar tissue and fold of the skin are finally going down a bit. More progress than I've seen in quite some time. I massage aggressive with lotion every day. Still have to cover my neck in public...prayer for more progress soon.

Jan. 26 had Lipo in back, flanks, inner thighs and a second Bbl...

January 26 I went in for more surgery. I had upper back where your bra line is, my flanks, and. Inner thighs from groin to. Knees. The surgery lasted five hours. I went under at a surgery Center. This surgery was way more painful than I expected. He got 6 liters of fat. He injected 600 on each side of butt cheeks. I'm in a body suit so I can Tell how it looks at the moment. I'm trying to stay pain free. It feels like I've been run over by a Mac truck. Today my legs were shaking uncontrollably. Not sure why...but that has eased up some tonight. Dr. Larsen did the procedure at Buckhead surgical center in atl. I had great results with him and went back for more. I will post pics tomorrow I hope. I will keep you posted...

Four months since neck surgery

I just had my second steroid shot in my neck. The skin is very thin where he did the shots. It changes your skin. I still look horrible on that side. The swollen lumps are almost gone but it looks as if I've been bitten by a vampire. Only way to describe it. Here's my latest Picture....
Columbus Plastic Surgeon

He listened to my complaints and gave me hope of turning back the clock. His staff is somewhat friendly. Very easy to get an appointment and they always return phone calls.

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