24 Year Old with 2 Kids and in Desperate Need of a Breast Reduction!!!! - Columbus, GA

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I have always had bigger breasts than most of my...

I have always had bigger breasts than most of my friends and even all the females in my family. I have always felt very uncomfortable with the size of my breasts ever since Middle school. I would get comments by guys that would make me feel uncomfortable and felt like I always needed to cover them up. Even walking down the halls in school I would cover my breasts with my books and/or binders so nobody would see them. Once I graduated things seemed a little better. I didn't get harassed every day but I still hated the size of my breasts. I then met the love of my life and a few years later we decided to start a family. I then became pregnant with my first child and of course with most if not all pregnancies my breasts started getting bigger and bigger. I became a size H by the time I was a few months away from having my baby girl. After I had her I thought my breasts would get smaller and they did a little bit but not by much. About a year and a half later I became pregnant with my son. My breasts of course got bigger and next thing you know I'm back at a size H and feel horrible about it. I then had my son and my breasts have not gone down any sizes. I am still a size H and wish to be down to a full C or small D. I have a lot of back pain and can't fully do basic house cleaning chores like cleaning my bathtub because bending over with all this weight up front hurts my back so bad. I then decided to look into a breast reduction. Then started making a few phone calls and next thing you know I get my consultation scheduled. I went to my consultation last month and got my pre op appointment scheduled for September 12th and my surgery date is September 25th with Dr. Naman. I am very excited yet nervous at the same time. I know it's completely normal to feel this way. I just can't wait to get this procedure done!! The waiting process is killing me lol

My month is here!!

It's September now and that means by the end of this month I will finally have smaller boobs! I have a lot of prepping to do before my surgery and need some advice on what are the best sports bras or surgical bras to get. Also is there anything else I would need to get? My post op is on the 12th so I'm pretty sure I will get all the info I need then but I kind of wanna know early so I can just get everything I need now. Any advice would be very much appreciated! :)

Pre op appointment is today!!

Today I have my pre op appointment at 3:30. I'm so excited!! It's getting closer and closer!! Just a little less than 2 weeks from now I will have much smaller and much perkier breasts. I don't think I've ever been so ready and excited for anything in my life like I am with this breast reduction.. well, except for the birth of my kids of course. Well.. gotta go get in the shower and get ready. Have a wonderful day everyone!!!

My Surgery Is Thursday!!

I have a few more days for my reduction and I'm so nervous/excited!! I can't wait! My mother n law and husband will be there for support and to help me afterwards. I will post an update and let everyone know how it went.

Today is the Day!!!

I'm up and just took my shower. 12:30pm is my scheduled time for surgery. I'm excited and ready to go!! Just wish I didn't have to wait so long to eat lol

I finally had my Breast Reduction and I'm feeling wonderful!!

The surgery went really good. I did end up throwing up a few times after I woke up from the anesthetic but other than that it was just fine. I went in and got my IV put in and then Dr Naman came in drew on my breasts. They then gave me something to calm my nerves and took me into the operating room. All I remember was them putting the oxygen mask on me and asking me to take deep breaths and then I remember waking up and feeling nauseous and threw up 3 times while waiting in recovery. Yesterday and a little today I have been in and out of sleep but feeling great and loving my much smaller breasts already!!!! I am so happy I did this and can't wait to see the final results once they heal all the way.

Today marks 4 weeks since my BR!!

It's been a while since I've been on here. I've been so busy lately. I just wanted everyone to know my healing process is doing wonderful!!! I have a dime sized blister like sore under my right breast but other than that everything else is looking wonderful! My 6 week Post Op appointment is on November 7th. I very much can't wait to start working out again. I can tell I've gained a couple pounds since my surgery since I haven't been able to do anything. Just 2 more weeks!! I will post more pics as soon as I download them on to my computer. Hopefully tomorrow :)


Yesterday was my 6 week post op appointment

Technically my 6 week post op appointment was suppose to be last Friday but I accidently mixed up the times and missed my appointment so they rescheduled me for yesterday. They said everything looks really good and that I am no longer on restrictions so I can now work out and live a normal life. I just have to say, even though I know I have said this a few times, I absolutely love my smaller/perky breasts!!! I have never been this confident in my boobs. If I'm at home I will walk around topless as many chances as I can get. Before I would never walk around topless. Half the time I didn't want my husband to see my boobs even though he already seen them a thousand times lol Now I will randomly pull them out and flash him when the kids aren't right there lol Needless to say this was absolutely the best decision I have made for myself.

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