Extened Tummy Tuck After Weight Loss - Columbus, OH

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Monday is the day! Im very nervous and also...

Monday is the day! Im very nervous and also excited. Wish me luck. I plan on posting pics of before and after. So far Dr Donaldson and his staff have been great! I love his nurse Bobbie and I cant say enough good things about her. I Will be so happy to finally have this extra skin gone. Im hoping that this will be a new start for me.

so Im a little over a week out

so I'm a little over a week out I'm still sleeping in a recliner and I'm definitely having some discomfort but I love my results so far and couldn't be more pleased. I had to go to the hospital yesterday after having my tubes removed because one of my feet had swollen up and they were afraid I had a blood clot. all is well though no blood clot and so on with my recovery

im almost 2 weeks out

I'm almost 2 weeks out and still very swollen.I'm able to get around a little better and can feel that I'm healing. I can't wait to be able to stand up straight and fit into regular clothes also I think I may have a dog ear but other than that I think things are looking good.

more pics

Added some more pictures to show my progress

three weeks out

Wow still really hurting. Everyday feels a little different but the swelling just sucks no getting around it. The compression garment hurts but if you don't wear it it feels like your guts are going to fall out.

well I'm a month out

still haven't started my period and I'm super hormonal I think I'm still very swollen and the more I try to do more swollen I seem to stay. I know that that is just part of the processbut I was actually able to clean my kitchen.

missed one

Missed one

dr Donaldson

Dr Donaldson is amazing! Everytime I think I cant be any more impressed with him I find im wrong. Dr Donaldson is not only an amazing plastic surgeon but is also an amazing and very kind man. I can honestly say I dont think there is a better palstic surgeon in Ohio. I cannot express enough how greatful I am so the beautiful job he has done on my stomach and breasts but he makes you feel so taken care of. His nurse Bobbi is also amazing! if you are in the central Ohio area and are looking for a plastic surgeon Dr Donaldson truly is the best.

before photo

I finally stopped wearing my compression garment

I finally stopped wearing my compression garment and I'm feeling like a big girl :-) still swelling and have gained weight need to drop about 10 pounds its hard when you keep chalking stuff up to oh its just swelling... but the scales don't lie and my friend who had the procedure the same time I did is already fitting into smaller clothes while my pants are still tight. So I need to get back on the healthy eating bandwagon wish me luck.

pic edit

Pic edit

nerve pain

So I seem to be in constant state of swelling even in the morning near my incisions and today I'm starting to get nerve pain there too. I'm sure that its just things rearranging so that I won't be so numb but it sucks

hoping to get smaller but still swelling

Im hoping to get smaller. Lets hope

taken at night and swelling is down

so I took this picture at night and I feel like this one isn't too too bad but you can see the dog ear. DR D. said to give it until im 6months out to see if its part of the swelling and if not he will lipo my hips

Over a year out

So I'm over year out and still loving my results have never really gone back to get the dog your repaired but I don't even notice it that much anymore. Now I really want to get my thighs fixed and my arms and my body transformation should be finished.

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