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Just like many of you, I have always wanted big...

Just like many of you, I have always wanted big boobs. After 3 children, my perky A/B's are little deflated A's. I had my consult at the beginning of Oct. Surgery scheduled for Jan 4th! It can't come soon enough! I'm 5'2", 130 lbs. Wanting to be a solid D. I would love to get opinions on implant size. I'm thinking 400s to 450s. Any advice would be great!

3 days post op

Surgery was 3 days ago! Feeling good so far! The first full day after surgery I felt really good and I think I over did it! Yesterday I felt pretty good but I could tell I needed to rest more! I did have a bad headache all day which I'm assuming was from the anesthetic. Of course my Boobs are still super swollen and tight. I ended up getting 500cc in my right and 475cc in my left! Super excited about it and can't hardly wait for the final result! Also, my back really hurts too. Which is from laying in the same position constantly.

1 week

I made it through week one. The first few days I slept good. The next few were bad and last night was great! I had my first mental breakdown today in the shower! It's really hard dealing with how high and tight these things are! I'm not really in any pain, it's just so uncomfortable. I'm sure some of this is the size of implant I got (500 right, 475 left). I'm hoping by the end of the month I'll feel much better!

First noticeable changes

I just got done taking a shower and I would say today is actually the first day that I've noticed a difference. My swelling has gone done just a hair and my right has dropped a teensy bit! Also, just feeling all around better today. I went back to work yesterday and worked a half day. Not too bad at all. I'll post a pic next Wednesday when I'm at 2 weeks.

2 weeks

Things are definitely getting better! Not quit as tight thank goodness! I definitely underestimated that feeling! Being a deflated A and going with 475/500, very very tight the first week and a half!! That was challenging! I still have a long way to go, but I'm feeling much better!! Always sore after work, but not too terrible! I also think that they look better in person than in a pic! The pic definitely looks a lot worse than they are!!

3 weeks

Yesterday was 3 weeks! Still so hard to be patient. Things are still healing very well. Getting a little softer but not much. I can push them together quite a bit now. Still haven't dropped a whole lot though, which is normal. In the pic I'm posting, it doesn't look like much but they really are looking good! I don't think pictures do them justice!! R/500 L/475. My swelling has gone down a lot. I'm super happy with the size! I was definitely stressing about that!!


I forgot to mention that I have a friend who works at Victoria's Secret, so I stopped in there on Monday! I absolutely know that it's WAY to early to be sized but I just wanted to see how big I currently am! I was happy that she sized me at 34DD! I tried a couple on and they obviously still looked a little silly but it's still exciting!! I can not wait till they settle and look fabulous!!

7 weeks tomorrow!

Hi everyone! I've for sure been slacking on updates! I'm feeling really good now! Very normal and I don't notice my boobs at all anymore! They still get sore from time to time, but nothing major at all. I also still have some numbness here and there, but my doctor said that could last up to a year. I think they are looking beautiful; dropping wonderfully! Obviously I still have a long time to go but I'm super happy so far!! As far as size, I think that is the hardest part of this whole process! I got 475 on my left and 500 on my right. Keep in mind I'm 5' 2"! Most days I'm super happy with them and some days I wish they were a hair smaller! Over all though I wouldn't change it! I think in another 4 months they will be perfect!! I'll post a pic in a bit!!
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