28 y/o, Breast Implants, 300cc Silicone Gel, High Profile, Submuscular - Columbus, OH

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I'll start by saying I'm 5'4'', about 115lbs, and...

I'll start by saying I'm 5'4'', about 115lbs, and built straight up and down like a 13 yo boy. I just think some breasts would flatter my figure. I met with Dr. Wakelin for my consultation last week and wanted to get things rolling so my surgery is scheduled for Thursday March 5th at 2pm. I'm definitely nervous, just hoping nothing goes wrong and I end up with the pretty boobs I'm paying for. I had in mind that I'd like either 300cc or 325cc. When I tried on the different sizes I wish I hadn't skipped over the 275s so quickly, but I remember loving the look of the 300 and the nurse who was helping me agreed (the 325s looked huge/too big on me). I think the size will be fine because they are going submuscular and I've heard those can look a bit smaller once in. Again, two days away, very nervous (and of course excited) I'll get back to you later with update!

More pre-op pictures

Surgery is tomorrow. Nervous, of course. I've taken like a billion pre-op pix so I have a good comparison of before and after. I'll post again later! (Ps, I had just itched my shoulder and my skin is super sensitive AND I'm fair-skinned, so that's what the pink mark on my shoulder is.)

About 6 hours post op

I think they look great! Of course there's swelling and I'm too sore/tender to do much more than take a pic with my hoodie and surgery bra still on.
They say you blink and it's over, and it's true! I went into the OR and next thing I knew I was waking up in the recovery room, so not bad at all. I'm being pretty careful with myself, I can lift a Gatorade and a glass of water -but drinking through a straw makes it easier- (although I can't reach up for the glass myself). I get pretty nauseous from anesthesia, or at least have in the past so they gave me a sculpamine (sp?) patch to wear behind my ear before I went back. They also gave me scripts for pain and nausea, I've only taken one each and am feeling ok. I wonder how long it will really take me to get back to light "normal activities" like walking my 17lb dog or shaving my legs or reaching up for things. It's different for everyone but I'm curious and I'll make sure to keep posting progress! I've kept an ice pack on my upper chest (above bra) which, maybe it's helping the swelling but mostly it just feels better. Dr. Wakelin called me this evening to check how I'm doing, which was very nice! I have an appointment tomorrow morning to change my gauze at 9:30am. I technically have sutures on the inside of my skin that will dissolve and just butterfly-wing band-aids on the outside that they'll eventually take off. Sorry if there's typos, I am a touch loopy. Post more later!

3 days post-op

I had my appointment after surgery the next morning (on Friday) and they changed my gauze and said I could shower whenever I was ready. I finally took a shower this morning (Sunday), with help. I won't lie, for me- recovery is feeling slow. But maybe it's normal, after only 3 days. It's still difficult to reach anything around shoulder height. Today is the best day so far, yesterday and the day before were rough, the ice pack/frozen peas are basically my best friend. Sleeping sitting up SUUUUCKS because my shoulders and arms are already sore. My butt and back will be so happy when I finally am able to sleep normal but the implants are still super high and I need all the gravity I can get. Obviously my skin is in a state of stretching and everything feels super tight. I'm mostly only taking ibuprofen (about 1 every 4 hours) and I've still been taking 1 pain pill only right before I go to sleep and a second one if I wake up in the middle of the night. I think the icing and ibuprofen have really helped with the massive amount of swellling I had developed by the second day. My sternum was very swollen until today, but it's looking much better now. I've been lightly rubbing/massaging them and that makes them feel less tight. The pictures I took are from right before I got in the shower this morning and I wish I'd taken some after because they didn't look as marked up. I'm still really liking the size I picked except can't wait for the swelling to minimize and the implants to drop/settle. The pain pills make me very bloated and constipated (tmi) so there's that, another good reason to only take the ibuprofen. Post more updates later!

Tuesday following surgery (5 days post op)

Chest isn't as tight, but still pretty tight. I can actually lift my arms above my head now, and was able to shower this morning without help and could put the shampoo on my head, yay! Had to give in and go buy Stool Softener yesterday in order to poop like normal today (sorry TMI). My boobs are still really high, the bottom part of my boob (below the nipple) still looks kind of parallel to the ground, which freaks me out. I know I need to have patience but am scared they will stay this way. Anyone have an idea of when they should start dropping/ settling?

Ruff! Bark! Woof!

Recovery is getting better every day. Today was the first day I've only taken one ibuprofen during the day, and as I'm about to go to bed now I'll probably take another (I've found I have no "morning boob" pain if I always take one before I fall asleep). My range of motion (ROM) is getting much better. I can pretty much reach up with no problem. Up+and+back is still tricky and Im still not lifting anything over 10 lbs. My sister's dogs are actually staying with us while she's on vacation (they're 5 and 10 lbs) and I walk them with no problem but still haven't tried to walk my dog at 17lbs (for fear he's too hefty - my bf walks him). I shaved my legs, no problem. I have a bit of trouble getting my underarms- I can its just awkward. I think I'm EITHER still bloated or I've put on a couple pounds from the total lack of activity, not to mention I've been eating tons because, hey, I'm healing;) I'm usually a very active runner and cyclist but don't see myself doing either until
I get approval from the doc, so I'm not too worried about it coming off. Not to mention I plan to make some Gainz and get in sick shape now that I have boobies to fill out the shape! I feel my boobies getting softer every day, tho they're still high. I'll probably end up with a strap at my next follow up appt. I will post another update pic at the two week mark, hopefully they'll be some visual progress. Later!

2 weeks post op

Some softening and I think they're beginning to drop. It's slow-going and I don't think it'll happen overnight. My skin is still tight. I can't quite breathe deep and stretch my arms at the same time (yet). I feel like the (my) left is coming along nicely and the right one is just a little tighter and slightly more sore up near my armpit. My follow up appt is on the 31st (like 10 days) and so hopefully by then I'll have even better photos. I bought Bio Oil today and plan to slather that on after showers to encourage less tight skin and stretch marks. Post later!

3 weeks post op

3/27/15. Three weeks post op

3 weeks post op

My left scar has hurt from day one and I took off the tape yesterday because I thought maybe it was irritation from the tape but it turns out, today I found a stitch sticking through the skin. I was told I had internal stitches that would dissolve after a few weeks and externally I only had the tape acting like a butterfly bandaid. I'm going to have to wait til Tuesday when I go for my follow up to get that taken care of.
So, I'm STILL WAITING for more dropping/fluffing/healing but I see slow progress. They're *softer* but not soft. They're still very tight and I try to stretch and/or massage a few times a day to help. I went back to sleeping somewhat upright for more than the obvious gravity, it also seems to diminish the morning boob that I was getting. I hadn't had morning boob at all until roughly 2weeks post and sleeping upright helps. Last nights the first night I didn't take ibuprofen before going to sleep, cuz I forgot but I was fine. I stopped taking the Norco pain med around a week ago because I wasn't getting much benefit and was getting very constipated. Other updates - the bruise that was on the side of my left boob is mostly gone. I almost cried the other day because I'm getting scared I picked the wrong implants, but I stayed strong and told myself I must have patience. I just feel like they're SO pointy, torpedoey, Lara Croft, Madonna, ahh! I think if I'd gone with mod plus they'd have the round look I wanted. They're also so far apart, I feel like for my chest size HP was a mistake:( Only time will tell, I might end up really liking the final result. Post again later!

Had my (roughly) 4 weeks follow-up today

Got the stitch "taken out," which didn't hurt at all. I was scared, but because it mostly dissolves only the part sticking out was not dissolved. They said I'm coming along nicely and I could have come in sooner to deal with the stitch, but I guess I thought a few days wasn't a big deal (it wasn't). I probably need to be more pro-active with calling them if I have questions or concerns, they said that's what they're there for! My next follow-up is in 3 months and hopefully by then I'll be more dropped/fluffed. Dr. Wakelin said I'm still progressing and my recovery (and final results) might take a few more months. He also said I made the right choice with my implants and if I'd gone with mod plus I would look even worse (more pointy), and possibly have even more high/upper pole fullness because the shape has to do with the breast tissue I began with (which wasn't much!) I am still very tight but they do get softer with every day-week. I am cleared to begin working out again and do anything that I feel comfortable with. Yesterday I did do T-25 lower body (legs) workout and basically did the modified workouts (so not as bouncy as regular.) Hopefully light exercise will help them loosen up and drop more too. They also said I don't need to be wearing the surgery bra any more and I can switch to much softer camis/bras but still nothing with underwire (which, I never wore underwire before anyway, just lightly padded and shaped wireless from VS.) So, I THINK that's everything - CAPS and Dr. Wakelin are REALLY great, I'm glad they reasurred me everything is progressing nicely. I think that was everything, very happy to know things are progressing (even if slowly.) I'll post again later!

Long over-due update; very happy!!

So I am looong overdue for an update. It's been probably like five months since surgery and everything has literally fallen into place - and it didn't take long after my last post either. They started really dropping within like a week or two just after my last post and began to look really beautiful and natural. I really do love how they look now! A lot of these current photos I wanted to highlight how well/fast the scars are fading too. I try to put on the Medica scar recovery gel (that Dr. Wakelin's office gave me) in the mornings because it's light and non greasy under bras/clothes and at night I usually put on the Bio-oil which is oily of course but seems to do the most good. I'm not religious about it but probably should be because I notice the scars fading drastically I am. I had my last follow-up with Dr. Wakelin in mid-July and he said I was released to do anything that feels comfortable going forward, even wearing wired bras. But I've always worn wireless and I'm just gonna stick with it cuz it is the most comfortable imo. I signed off to put my before & afters on the CAPS website/for them to show potentials. I don't mind as long as they're not using my name... But they really do good work there. I appreciate that they didn't try to convince me to go too big. I know before surgery, boobie-greed can really kick in, and it was. But I'm glad they were kind of like, there is such a thing as 'just right' Goldilocks... Because the 300s are outstanding and I wouldn't wish to be any bigger, especially considering my active lifestyle. I mean, I'm a runner who had NO boobs before and now I just need a sturdy sports bra to go running and I feel like my figure is bangin! Just thinking out loud here. PS, forgive my Northern-European skin in these pictures; I don't tan, I freckle or burn and it's not the most photogenic in harsh non-natural lighting (lol) but the boobs look great, right? ;)

Dr. Wakelin is great. He's very professional, polite, and so is the staff. I had my consultation, surgery, and next day follow-up and they even gave me an (after)care package with scar cream which is one thing I hadn't bought, so that was awesome! Still waiting for my breasts to "drop and fluff" but it's still early and regardless they look really great! I would go through CAPS all over again.

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