27y.o/ 5"3.5 /148lbs/ 34B- 2 Children (Breastfed)

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On 9/26/16 I drove 2hrs and 10 minutes to...

On 9/26/16 I drove 2hrs and 10 minutes to Columbus, Ohio where I had a consultation with Dr. Heck located at Columbus Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery.

When I got there I was overjoyed and anxious to be finally taking that step especially since I've been wanting a BA since I was 16yrs old.

The staff was pretty much kind and welcoming except for good dark haired lady sitting behind the front desk staring at whole through me. I looked at her and said, "hi" in a WTF are you staring at with your rude ass type of way. I was given some paperwork to fill out about my medical history. Then they called me back to an examination room roughly 20 minutes later.

When I got back there, a nurse came in and took my vital signs, and told me you put on a "gown" ( paper mesh to cover the breast). The nurse went out to give me time to put the gown on but barged right back in without knockingb first and I just said, " forget it. Come on back! You're going to see them anyway."

So she took measurements of my chest and photos of my front,right, and left sides. After that the PS came in did pretty much the same and I tried on sizes and he helped me find the right size for my body.

Consultation part #2

So as I said, previously. I tried on the sizes and I liked 350cc because I felt as if they would give me the look I'm going for which is a full 36 C cup. PS suggested 300cc's in my left and 325cc in my right since my right breast is slightly larger than the left breast. Also, I wanted to go in through axillary, however PS suggested that under the breast would be a better route due to hygiene and future augmentation placement discrepancies. I am sure PS knows what's best however I am going to show him my wish boobs at my next appointment to make sure we're on the same page. Did I mention that Dr. Heck Has an amazing personality and he definitely expressed his passion for performing breast augmentations. He is credible and knowledgeable and i definitely love his work, it reminds me of Dr. Kim or Kym in Beverly Hills.

Natural Breast!

I'm content with my natural breast. I want perfect breast because I want to wear certain bras and clothes without feeling inadequate. I desire a fuller look.
I'm currently a 34b looKing to become 36 full C. I'm looKing to get one 300cc HP smooth round mentor implant and 1 325cc implant to correct Asymmetry.
Columbus Plastic Surgeon

Haven't had the procedure yet.

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