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Okay this is the third time I have tried to write...

Okay this is the third time I have tried to write this review if it erase again after this time I give up. So that you may tell you because I got my Brazilian butt lift done by dr. Yily back in March. I was the one who unfortunately got robbed while there. Initially I was going to get my rhinoplasty done and it Dominican Republic. I decided to wait so I got back to the states to do it. I did my research here on realself and found a girl who had her procedure done by dr. Shah. She had the best work I have seen so far. He did an amazing job on her nose. I contacted his office and was told that it will cost $100 for a consultation. I went in the next week and spoke with him. We both decided that I would need a bridge place in my nose I would need to have my nose broken in order to bring my sides. Dr. Shah gave me two options. The first was using an artificial graft and a second was using a piece of my own rib which I decided to use. About using a piece of my own rig will cost me $2,500 more it was less likelihood by body will reject it and he was able to save it more to get the shape that it when I both wanted. Dr. Shaw his staff were very nice and very attentive answered any questions that I had. I then schedule my procedure out for September 20th

Day 1-4

Day 1 Tue the day of procedure they told me not to bring anything but Loose clothing and maybe some Gatorade as well as the medicine that they gave me prior to having my procedure done.
I don't remember much of this day after your procedure I have friends over who helped because I was not able to walk and I was not able to talk maybe because I was intubated my procedure was supposed to be 4 hours long with the rib graft a friend said it's an upwards of six hours. She said I was all the way out of it I slept the entire day once I get home. Side note my friend said it kept bleeding from my eyes which was weird

Day 2 wasn't so bad I was really tired I didn't feel much pain and I know I felt slight pain in my ribs. Dr. Shah called me and made sure I sent him pictures. He also check to see if I needed anything. That was very nice of him

Day 4 Friday was the worst I woke up in so much pain. If I like somebody was taking turns throwing bricks at my face. My face swell up so bad my eyes are so puffy and black I didnt even recognize myself. Dr. Shah said that is normal. His nurse called me and had me Email her photos. I took pain medication which gave me a headache. Guess I'm going to have to suffer through.

Day 6

Today is Sunday day 6. I'm not sure to say day five or six my procedure was done last tue. Either way today I awake with my cast laying next to my face. Not sure how it got there I must have knocked it off while sleeping .I rushed to the bathroom to see my face and was horrified at what I saw. I don't even want to post a photo beca use i know these are not my true results. I immediately text my doctor he responded right away. He told me to retail the cast and come in first thing Tuesday morning when he returned. I did just as he said. He also said that I was very swollen for the cast must have been loose for some time, because I was not supposed to be feeling like that. I'm going to post but I'm staying positive these are what my result will be. My nose,lips and face is very swollen. My nose is crooked and to the right. He told me not to worry. I finally got fresh air today my swelling went down. I'm preying for the best. Will update after tue appointment.

I forgot to tell you all. He had to cut into the incision Yily made when she did my breast augmentation to remove my piece of rib

Cast removal

Today was my first follow up appointment. I was supposed to get my cast removed... cough,but didn't have it on went I went to the appointment. Shame on me it know. Ever since it came off the other day, it has been nothing more than a hindrance. I decided to sleep with it off yesterday. I was a relief.

Ok first off let me just say I am so happy I decided to go to Dr Shah and his crew for my procedure. I always thought I would have to go to Miami, NY or LA to get a top doctor and achieve the results I desired. Not only is Dr Shah a professional he is very attentive and he listens which is important when you areceive getting any procedure done to your body. I often hear people say their doctor told them what they should get, I understand to a certain degree. It's my body is want what I want. I also like the fact that I can' call and/or text Dr Shah at anytime any day and he responds that day with real answers. Not just stuff you want to hear. The office is beautiful, the aroma in the air smells like elegance and class lol. (It does smell really good in there). The staff is very polite and gorgeous. I'm glad I chose him. It was definitely the right fit. I would recommend his office to anyone who lives anywhere close to ohio and want top results without the major city cost.

Any way I am done digressing. So I went in to get the cast that was suppose to be on off. They took photo, my hair was a hot mess. I had on a hat but had to take it off. I got several stitches removed. That stung a little bit.... Dr Shah showed me how to wear my tape which for the next 6weeks i will have to wear 24hr a day then at night for the next 3 months. It wasn't hard. I talked to him abiut my smile and when those muscles would come back he said give it time. I'm still swollen, not as much but I still can't see my true face yet. I'm schedule to come back in 2 weeks. Hopefully some of this swelling goes down I start school next week.

2week update

So it's been two weeks. I decided to go out. I needed to get out the house. Swelling is going down. Still really swollen at the tip

Swollen nose

So here I am 3 months went to my follow up appointment a month ago. My bulb of my nose is extremely swollen.Dr Shah said that it did seem a bit more swollen tHan normal but we wonto do anything until March. This is really bothering me, especially since I've seen so many other nose jobs and noone else's nose been this bad. I asked for steroid shots. I was told not until. June, honestly there isn't any improvement it's only getting worse. If I don't contour my nose, The sides as well as the tip will look huge. Too big to have a nose job.

Forward nose shot

Columbus Plastic Surgeon

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