Face Ruined After Gemini Laser - Columbus, OH

People... Anyone... Please help. I need advice,...

People... Anyone... Please help. I need advice, comfort, positive outcomes anything right now. I am devastated after suffering damage from a Gemini laser procedure that was only meant to clear up some facial redness and broken capillaries. The doctor jacked up my settings and after 2 months things are not good. The texture of my skin has been completely compromised and where it was once beautiful and smooth it is now scratched up and scarred and crepey and dry and makeup only enhances the weird texture. I don't know what to do. I am still red and inflamed and can see the laser track marks all over my cheeks. I have never been so depressed in my life. I have read so many reviews of people in the same boat as me but none who had the Gemini laser as I did. Is there anyone who has advice for me?  I have told no one because I am so ashamed of myself. I only wanted to fix minor imperfections now I don't recognize myself.

Attempting to correct what's gone weong

As I mentioned I am extremely disturbed by the situation I have found myself in. But at this point I have to learn to accept that what's done is done and thinking about everything that was great in my life pre laser is only going to hinder my healing. So I am deciding to take a step forward and begin what I hope is a healing process. I have ordered the Psoria gold ultra which has been said to improve laser damage some, minimally if anything, but I'll take it. At 10 weeks out I am not going to do anything drastic as the skin is still in the injury and recovery stage. I will begin with the Psoria as soon as it gets here and will update on how it does for me. If anyone has anything to say about their experience with it, please share. They say that it must be used within 6 months of damage so I am still in that window.

No doc answers

Interesting how no doc answers questions about the damage incurred after a botched laser procedure. Going through the many questions people have asked, I notice the majority, including mine, remain unanswered. And so we are on our own. Amazing to me that individuals who have studied the skin extensively (all these doctors) have no clue what is happening to the skin after these procedures. Nor what can be done, perhaps because nothing can be done. Maybe they just are too ashamed to admit that they destroyed someone's face and ultimately their lives and they can't live with the guilt. So they avoid it altogether. I know when I went back to my derm after the procedure he blew off my damage and said the huge red welts would subside in a few days and that it was normal healing. Well 2 months later they subsided somewhat only to reveal more disturbing damage. So yea thanks Doctor. You really know what you're talking about. Then he says I can prob blend in the blotchiness with a tan!! A dermatologist!' Telling me I could make my horribly injured skin look better by causing more injury. What in gods name is wrong with this dude. What a situation to be in.

Some pics

This is immediately after procedure. Doc said it was normal histamine response. Lies...I've had this done before and never experienced this. I knew something was very wrong. This was my skin being burnt from inside out.

I can't accept this.

This pic hardly shows the texture damage but it's a glimpse. My skin was impeccably smooth prior to the procedure. I cannot emphasize how devastating this is. Looking in the mirror everyday is a punch to the gut and makes me physically nauseous. Please someone tell me if they have had any success? Someone has to know something.

The cost doesn't stop at the treatment

I just want everyone who is considering a laser to consider that it can go horribly wrong, and if it does the cost does not end at the treatment itself. My treatment may have been $400 but what I have spent has way exceeded that. Money spent on aftercare products, better makeup products to hide damage, oils, creams, and what I will spend in future treatments to fix this as well as doctors fees as I now have to consult with other specialists and am now going to see a psychiatrist to deal with the emotional cost and possible medications to get me through the days. Let's also remember the cost of losing the life you once had. Not being able to enjoy the sunshine with your children or enjoy going out with Friends. The cost of relationships and friendships and the cost of your health becAuse of stress and anxiety. This is not a joke. The cost of suffering laser damage is endless and devastating. Please think twice people.

This is what my life has come to.


My face is officially scarred all over. Just at a complete loss for words. Wtf. That's all I got Man. Life over.

Some morning inspiration

I have been having such a difficult time dealing with the outcome of what has happened to me. It has changed me, my lifestyle, and sent me into a depression deeper than ever I've known. I am still trying to accept thing so I can begin to move in with my life. I have never been a deeply religious person, but I am a Christian and so I am looking to the greater being now for spiritual healing. The page in this picture has given me a different way to look at things. Thought I would share

7 months

Hey all,
Today marks my 7 month laser anniversary.. Ugh. Hard to believe it's been going on that long. But here I am. I wish I could say I am healed, that is not the case unfortunately. I would say my only improvement has come in the form of minor redness reduction, the texture however and the liney wavy pattern on my skin are another story. I have not sought out any additional treatments yet, although I may in time. I've been practicing very gentle skin care, including application of glycerin and rosehip. I am not giving up my face though. We all know 7 months in laser damage world is in fact not long at all. Even if it feels like an eternity. I am going to work on healing from the inside. I have committed myself to a fitness regimen and completely clean diet. If I can't have my face, by golly, I will get the body I have always wanted!! And hopefully my skin will follow suit. If I can get rid of this inflammation perhaps my skin will begin to repair. Well that's it for now. Hopefully the next post will be good news.
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