33, 2 Kids, Full Tummy Tuck - Columbus, OH

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I've been wanting a tummy tuck since my first...

I've been wanting a tummy tuck since my first child a decade ago. I'm 33, 5'2, 125lbs. I workout 5-6 days a week. My pre-op was today. Consents signed and picked up my prescriptions. After a decade, I can't believe this is really going to happen. Paid the bill and surgery scheduled for 4/21. Less than 2 weeks!

2 more days

Today is Tuesday and my surgery is in 2 more days. I feel like time has flown by. I'm so nervous and frantically trying to get everything done. I started taking stool softeners yesterday. I plan on eating light tomorrow and clear liquids at dinner. I'm starting my antibiotics tomorrow and kinda bummed I forgot to ask for a prescription for diflucan as I almost always get a yeast infection. I may call and ask if I can get it.

12 hours to go!

I can't believe in 12 hours I will be in surgery and this will be the last time I have to see this belly. I have no idea how I'm going to manage to get any sleep tonight.

I made it!

Surgery is over! Pain is not too bad, more tightness than anything. Pretty groggy from the meds so will update more later

I'm on the flat side

Recap of the day...I arrived at 6 am. IV started and preop meds given. I met with the anesthesiologist and PS. They took me back at 7:30. My surgery lasted until 10. I woke up in recovery in a lot of pain but I had an amazing nurse who was very attentive. By 12:30 I was home. It is painful but not excruciating. I can't feel my incision or drain sites at all. The pain is mostly in the muscle repair and it's more like tightness. I've been taking my pain meds on schedule to stay on top of the pain on day 1. I'm very hunched walking around and definitely have back pain. My husband helped me the first time I got up but after that I've done it myself. If this is the worst, I'm feeling pretty optimistic! My PS wanted me to leave with a catheter and although it's annoying at times, I can't imagine getting up as often as I would need based on the output. I'm definitely taking advantage of having it and drinking a lot of water

Day 2 post op

Doctor called me last night to check on me and I greatly appreciated that. Able to still move around for the most part without help. Still having a lot of tightness in my abs but more spasms now. The meds are helping and if I'm resting it's tolerable. Hubby is feeding me lots of high protein snacks. I've been lucky and had no nausea. Drain output is pretty minimal so I'm feeling optimistic about getting them out. I can't remove the binder until my follow up on Monday and I can't wait to see the results. So far so good and no regrets

Rough night

Last night was the roughest night I've had so far. I felt like my stitches were going to rip . This might be TMI but I realized that I needed to poop and when I did I felt so much better. I woke up this morning feeling pretty rested and hopefully turned a corner. My drains are having very little output and aren't bothering me. I really can't wait to see my results in 2 days

Day 3

Today is the first day I've backed down on my pain meds. Not ready to go completely narcotic free but have changed from Percocet to Vicodin. I feel pretty comfortable and notice that I'm standing a little straighter. The tightness seems to have eased up a little and I can feel my incision. So far, none of the pain is making feel regrets that other women have. Drains are still not bothering me. Husband is doing a good job taking care of them and I've noticed a more yellow color to the drainage.

Getting stir crazy

Ok so my so my surgery was Thursday and today is Sunday. I officially feel a little stir crazy. My kids have been at my moms and will be back today and part of me is excited but the other part knows it will be work. As far as pain, it's still my bad just annoying. I am glad I worked out before because I use a lot of leg strentgh to reposition. My right drain is draining about 30cc's a day and my left about 15 cc's. My first post op is tomorrow so I hope one comes out and I can't wait to see my belly. I seem to be only able to sleep in 2 hour spurts but it doesn't really bother me too much. I've added a picture of me marked before surgery (it's the skinniest pic I have lol which is weird). My husband took the pic which is why he didn't mention the strings in the way. Photography isn't one of his strong skills

I got out!

My wonderful stepdaughter took me out of the house today and it felt great. I rode one of the little scooters around the store and prayed I didn't run into anyone else I know. My binder has been rubbing under my breasts and I put gauze under it but found a better fix. I put on a sports bra and tucked it under the binder. It has helped tremendously. Plus, I don't feel so exposed without a bra on. I've only had one dose of Vicodin today so I'm going to see how long I can go. Hubby took a pic of the drain site but I can't wait to have more pics to post on here


drain pic didn't upload

Sports bra

Here is the sports bra tucked into the top of my binder. I did not have anything done to my breasts btw. This is so much more comfortable.....it's the little things :)

End of day 3

I tried not to take any more narcotics today but said screw it. I'm not a super hero lol! I did have a lot of energy and maybe over did it though. My kids came home and I have to put on a brave face for them (or at least I feel like I do). Tomorrow is my first post op and I'm excited. I work full time as well so I'm looking forward to doing breakfast and getting the kids on and off the bus as I never get to. Well I will update more tomorrow but for now I think it's a Percocet and bedtime!

First post op

Today I'm post op day 4 and had my first post op appointment. I'm happy to report I have not had any narcotics today and my PS commented on how good I was moving around. I got one of my drains removed and was scared but it did not hurt at all, just a really weird feeling. I am so pleased with my results so far. I have absolutely zero bruising. Without my binder I find it hard to stand upright at all so I snapped a couple pics and put it right back on. I'm in love with my new belly button and can't wait to see it heal more. Dr. McMahan truly is an artist. I know I have a lot more healing but I never thought I would look like this again. I also included a pic he gave me of what was taken off in surgery. It won't be missed!

No more drains!

Second post op today and had the last drain removed. I can officially shower tomorrow and that makes me happy but I will miss having my husband wash my hair. Went to lunch to celebrate being drain free and I'm definitely going to have to get used to eating smaller portions for a while. I ate too much and was really uncomfortable. I'm still not walking 100% straight but I do see it getting better. Right now the major discomfort is the back aches. Oh and the binder....it has become my best friend! I remember dreading that I would have to wear it and now I cannot stand to have it off. I'm 6 days post op and I've read reviews on the doctors who don't use them...I can't even imagine not having mine!

1 week!!!

Today makes it officially one week post op! I'm definitely feeling a lot better. I completely understand the "swell hell" everyone talks about. I wake up very flat and at the end of the day look swollen. I'll take it over the flab any day and I know it's only temporary. I took my first shower today and was nervous about my incision and going without the binder which has become my lifeline! My advice to others considering is to keep using stool softeners and fiber to stay ahead of constipation beyond the first couple days. I really never anticipated the decrease in abdominal space after the muscle tightening but it definitely is less. Still in love with my belly!

Scar update

My steri strips are starting to come off and I can see my scar. I'm so happy with it. It's so thin and barely raised, no puckering or dog ears. I'm still shocked that I had zero bruising. As a nurse I've seen countless incisions and I'm very pleased. I continue to think Dr. McMahan is an artist! Swelling was awful today. This process is so strange because I wake up feeling like I can do more than I probably should. I woke up feeling flat and skinny and by noon felt like a stuffed sausage in my binder lol! My 9 year old told me I look "normal" again. That must mean I'm walking upright I guess and I feel like I am.

9 days post

I was finally able to sleep a little flatter last night as I'm almost upright. I woke up super flat. The swelling started but at least I got a glimpse of what I'm going to look like. No more pain but I do get tired more easily. Did some shopping today and even tried on a bikini. Never thought I'd wear one again! I can't wait until the swelling stops.

Follow up

i had my 2 week follow up today with my PS. Thursday is my official 2 weeks. As usual, I didn't have to wait. His staff took me right back. My husband and I were joking because there is a Keurig in the reception area but we weren't sure why because you would never have time to make a cup. Dr. McMahan says I'm healing great and showed me my before pictures. I look like a different person. The pain is completely gone but the swelling remains. I hate the swelling! I'm allowed to switch from the binder to spanx and I'm honestly nervous. I will take some pictures later for my 2 weeks.

2 weeks

I made it 2 weeks post op today. Some days I think it's going by slow but today I can't believe it's been this long. I wore my spanx all day and I'm pretty swollen today. Still no pain but minor back ache. I commented before about not being able to eat big meals and I'm down 10 pounds. I was 128 the day before surgery and I'm 118 today. I like being around 125 so I hope to get back to my normal routine with eating and working out. My appetite also hasn't been great since the surgery too. Not sure if anyone else experienced this. Either way I'm loving my results. I attached a pic taken even with swelling

3 weeks

I'm 3 weeks post op today. Yesterday was the first day I stood up straight without my binder on after my shower. I still have swelling but it's not as bad as last week. This picture was taken after work and swollen. I have most of the steri strips still intact but I can see a little bit of my scar and I'm so happy with the results. My PS has me taping the incision as the strips fall off. I am still pain free but I get so tired. I'm usually good at work until about 2pm and then I'm exhausted. I'm really looking forward to having my energy back and working on getting a 6 pack!

4 weeks

Yesterday was my 4 week mark! Not a lot to report different from last week. Still waking up flat and going to bed swollen. I do feel like it's getting better though. Today I was swollen above my belly button and that hasn't happened before. I'm still taping my incision per my PS. My energy level is slowly coming back. For some reason the picture I uploaded makes my incision look crooked but it's not.

No more muffin top!

A little over a month and I'm back in all of my clothes. This picture was even with swelling. I love my belly button. You can't see the scar at all and that was one of the reasons I chose my PS.

10 more days until the gym

I had a follow up today and PS says I'm healing well. Still have some swelling but that's expected. I have 10 more days and then I can start working out again. That makes me happy. I got this picture from my PS at my visit today. I cannot believe I looked like this. I'm so grateful to finally look normal again!

Bikini and scar pic

I took my kids swimming and wore a bikini for the first time in public since surgery. I'm still swollen but I didn't care. My picture is with swelling and I went binder free for the first time. I added a couple pictures of my scar and I'm very pleased with how it looks at this point.

6 weeks!

Made it to the 6 week mark! My energy is almost back to normal. I still have swelling but it is getting better week by week. I haven't worn my binder all week and so far so good. I went to the gym last night for the first time and did a light workout. It wore me out so I'm really going to ease into workouts and take rest days to recover. Loving my results!

2 months

It has been two months now. I feel 95% back to my old self. I still have swelling but it's much better. I started working out and lifting again. Surprisingly, I didn't lose that much strength. I'm starting slower but it's easier than I expected. I haven't taken my preworkout supplements because they have creatine and that makes me swell worse. I have put on a couple pounds since surgery so I'm working on that and hoping to see definition in my abs in a few months.

10 weeks

10 weeks post op and starting to see definition in my stomach. I am so excited for the results when the swelling is gone. Almost back to my regular workouts and able to do light ab workout. So happy!

Getting flatter!

Just posting an ab update! I'm so in love with my stomach!

3 months!

I had my 3 month follow up and my PS said everything looks good. I'm working out at my preop level and I feel normal again. I still have numbness but I'm used to it. Trying hard to get ab definition. My belly button is my absolute favorite part of my new belly. You can't even tell its not my original belly button. Zero regrets!
Columbus Plastic Surgeon

I chose Dr. McMahan after several consults with surgeons. He is friendly, knowledgable and I don't feel like he tried to "sell" me. His office staff were also very nice. I left my first consult with the impression that he really strives for a great outcome.

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