23 Yrs Old, Labiaplasty

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I have kept the idea of labiaplasty in the back of...

I have kept the idea of labiaplasty in the back of my mind for several years. Comfort was a big issue. I always felt like I had to "adjust" myself in my skinny jeans. I was hoping to improve my appearance as well. I filled out a request for info on my surgeons website, and was scheduled for a consultation within a week. I decided to set the date for surgery a month later. I began the antibiotic a day before. The day of surgery I arrived a little early. The office was about an hr away from me. I was directed to take pain medication and Xanax during this h. I was also given numbing cream upon arrival, but I don't really think it was enough. The numbing shots were the worst even with the cream. I don't think the procedure itself was even 20 minutes and I had a lot of pain. I was still being numbed as the surgeon went. Even the stitching hurt. I did get dressed and walk out just fine. The first 24 were the worst as expected. I held of looking for as long as possible as I knew it wouldn't be pretty. When I did look I felt mutilated and couldn't tell what was what. 4 days post op and I amstill a very dark purple and in a lot of pain and stinging. Nothing looks even right now and I'm extremely horrified!

5 Days-No improvement

I am still in a lot of pain, with plenty of swelling and bruising. Also bleeding here and there. I was very nervous of my recovery, and not to my surprise it's been horrid. The sight of my area makes me want to curl up in a ball and cry. I would not wish the way I look on anyone and I have no idea how this will ever turn into anything decently appealing. I do have the "dog ears" but I can't stand to even touch the outer portion. At this time I continue to second guess the procedure

Day 6

I do not believe I have had any changes what so ever appearance wise. And my lady bits still hurt so bad!! What have I done??? I emailed the surgeons office, still waiting to hear back. I return to school tomorrow. I terrified of the thought. I expected to be in a much more comfortable state than I am! However, I want to be able to get up and move around.

Feeling great

Ok ladies, all of my concerns have been laid to rest! Not only did I receive a reassuring email in return, my surgeon booked me in for a last minute last minute check up. How amazing! My insecurities got the best of me once again. I'm done looking at myself for a while! I'm gonna let myself heal as I should. I was given a little more pain medication which I find ironic bc I didn't even think I needed a whole script in the first place. All in all, I am on the right track and if I hadn't been seen today I'd have a whole other week to worry. I'll post more pictures around that time.

Slight progress

I've made it to 8 days post op. I returned to campus yesterday. It wasn't as terrible as expected. I got around a little slower and had to sit ackwardly in my classes. I woke up to day with minimal pain. Still a little bleeding and quite bruised. No differences appearance wise. I've tried not to think about what's going on down there, but that's almost impossible. I didn't feel pretty before. You can only imagine how I'm feeling now that I look as if I went through a meat grinder. This is going to be a long hall for me. I pray all of this becomes a faded memory very soon. Also that when it's said and done I will have the confidence that I have never possessed.

13th day of recovery

I had my "2 week" check up today. I enjoy these visits very much. My surgeon and his staff always make me feel at ease. Now only if I could lighten up! Everything is looking well. Bruising is gone for the most part. I am still swollen and slightly uncomfortable. After speaking with him I did give myself a trim. Until consulting with him I was afraid to do anything like that to the area. I do still have a bit of a discharge around the wound, which is okay. Also I asked about the "jagged" look. Nothing to worry about there. This week was completely back to normal living for me. Although still a little tender, im really enjoying life without the hanging bits. Im starting to look forward for whats to come!

19 days -still appears amputated

24 days

I'm am feeling a lot of tightness after being on my feet, climbing stairs, driving ECT.. My majors still appear "stitched" to my major and looking chopped. I am still fairly sensitive. Actually slept on my belly for the first time but it didn't last long. I still feel most comfortable with a pillow between my legs. I take this as an indication I still have swelling to go down. I'm also still wearing leggings and sweatpants while waddling around. At this point I'm not pleased with the appearance what so ever but enjoying daily tasks without the discomfort of excess skin. As I am coming up on my one month anniversary I'm not thinking I will feel to normal at 6 weeks to begin excersicing or straneous activity

6 weeks

I had another check up yesterday. I am still in horrible discomfort.. I have read horror stories about how the pain/stinging never goes away. I am horrible scared for what is to come. Initially my vagina was separated very roughly to where I was almost in tears, and this isn't the first time. Questions answered to where my labia went. Apparently there was a miscommunication as to what my expectations were. I must mention I was told anything I had a problem with would be taken care of. I should be grateful for that but of course no one should have to go through it. All of the labia that was removed makes my clitoris look enlarged and "swelling" is making it look deformed. This has been an ongoing issue? As it wasn't like that up until recently. I did not have work done to this area. I won't be posting picture, as I can't even stand to look anymore. My surgeon is aware of my concerns. Which has gotten me nowhere, it obviously doesn't fix anything. This procedure is NOT something I would recommend before doing plenty of research about Labiaplasty and surgeon. Never go with someone that does not take the time to explain every single detail, before and after. Complications.. Anything. My experience has been horrid up until this point. From the beginning, when I felt like during the surgery my labia was being cut/ripped apart at the same time. I was in PAIN from the beginning and wonder why I'm still in pain now. I assume this was done with a laser.. I don't even know that much. Ladies, don't go through it unless you feel there is no other option. In my case, it has made me feel completely worse. It is obvious there are a ton of nerves in the area. This procedure isn't all about appearance. For some the labia play a great role in sexual experience as well. To speak for myself. I can say I would rather more labia than none at all. That was the expectation for my surgery! I didn't want anything hanging, I just wanted enough removed to not protrude passed my majora.

Labia update

I am around the two month mark. At this time I am finally able to walk normal. I don't believe I have any swelling left. I still do not have ANY Labia present. It's safe to say I received a hack job. The constant sting has went away however touching the area is still brutal. I become very uncomfortable when driving, walking for long periods. I can not sit Indian style without pulling. It also still hurts to wipe after going to the bathroom. As I had mentioned, I'm not sure what the issue is with my clitoris but it still appears on its side and some tissue near it that was left behind is rock hard. I have since attempted to be intimate with my other half. This was absolutely devastating!! My decision to have this procedure has destroyed me physically and mentally. It's the worst decision that I've ever made. Ladies! Even if your surgeon has told you he/she performs hundreds of these, ask to see the proof!! When going for your consultation, bring photos of your expectations, along with written questions. Anything to make sure all parties are on the same page. Jumping into something like this has proven to be a complete sacrifice as I was much happier before the surgery. At this point, I am still suffering the repercussions and I don't believe it will ever get better.. I am going to start researching how and who to report my case to as I would never want to see this happen to another. Does anyone have experience contacting a lawyer or even state board?
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