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Hi everyone. I am super excited about my upcoming...

Hi everyone. I am super excited about my upcoming tummy tuck with muscle repair and breast lift. I have lost over 100 pounds by eating better and moving more, but I still have about 35 pounds to go. I'm terrified of needing a revision due to not being at my goal weight... But still excited after waiting for years and having 3 children.

Motivated by pictures

So...after the amazing encouragement on this site, I decided to take some before pictures to remember the past. Wow... I am sooo ready to move forward with surgery. I'm still slowly losing weight, but my shape is continually getting worse.

All set. Two week countdown

I'm so excited. Preop appt went well. All booked and paid in full. Scheduled for June 2nd. My surgeon told me not to overdo it with supplies so my list has dwindled to the basics. I am super concerned about recovery but looking forward to everything.


I am counting down for surgery. All set for Jun 2nd. I'm not quite nervous about the procedure but I am a little worried about supplies. I have purchased the items that come up often in the chats... My surgeon however feels that all I need are the items he will provide (garments/binder) and meds for the first week. He says we will discuss swelling later and to consider getting a compression garment with the panties attached and latches. I don't want to waste money, but I would hate to not have items and not be able to get them either.

Saying goodbye to my belly

Bye bye...

Time has come

Today is the day. I'm waiting for a set of emotions to kick in but I am mostly concerned about running out of time to get things done for work, kids, home, etc. All checked in at the surgery center and ready to rock!

I made it-Post Op day 1

I still can't subscribe at an emotion yet but I'm am officially post op day 1. So far, I've only eaten crackers and pushed water and Gatorade. The pain is tolerable and my husband is waking me seemingly every five minutes to give me meds. I pass out seemingly in a few minutes afterward. He's taking great care of me. In fact I don't think he got any sleep :(. I'm not as whiny as I thought I'd be. He removed my catheter this morning and I'm not sure if we botched that up or not. All paperwork said that a ballon would slide right out. Well it didn't and I haven't been able to pee on my own yet. Not gonna panic yet.

Day 2 post op

Today is going well so far. I never really thought about the use of my abdominal muscles until now. Breathing is a task... Coughing is the absolute worst. The pillow crammed into my stomach when coughing is not quite enough. My walks are going well and my appetite has not skipped a beat. These meds are no joke but I'm afraid to start pulling away from them so soon. This back pain is something awful also. Here are some pics from my viewpoint.

Day 3 Post Op

Today was a pretty good day. I am super swollen, especially my thighs and who-ha. I'm starting to get itchy on my back and the back pain is so serious. Still can't touch the binder so I get to wonder a little longer. Something is oozing out of my breast and they are very hard and tingling.

Day 4 Post Op

Today was a tough day. Not too much pain... Just very uncomfortable. I learned the hard way that I can no longer eat the same size portion for now and forcing it is a bad idea. I also had no idea that the swelling would occupy every part of my body. I literally feel like I'm going to explode. My vagina is literally looking like a pair of testicles. Holy crap this sucks. I don't know if I should take gas-x, tums, or just pray about it. I was barely walking before. Now I have to gap my legs out to avoid pinching my
Cooch. First appointment is tomorrow. I have yet to see the results but I have no regrets currently. Looking forward to better days

Post Op days 5 and 6

I went to see my PS yesterday and things went very well. I got my first peek at the new me. I can't fully subscribe to an emotion right now. I kinda look like someone was playing with plays doh and took a break. Lol. No regrets... I can see my Cooch without effort which is really cool. My pain level is very manageable... I feel stiff, heavy, and tired. Swelling is ridiculous and has my Cooch looking like a baseball. It makes walking a huge challenge. I was able to take a shower. Can't say that it was pleasurable. I felt like I was going to faint after the binder came off. It got progressively worse the longer I tried to appreciate the water. I felt a little fresher after but the effort was overwhelming. I went out today with the family for about an hour and all went well with the exception of having a baseball in between my thighs. My breasts are interesting. No pain and I now have sensitive nipples. I haven't had that maybe ever. My chest looks like I've been working out non stop for years. After having saggy boobs for 18 years it's amazing to have boobs that don't hit my knee when I take off my bra. The left one has some leakage going on but they seem to be healing nicely.
Columbia Plastic Surgeon

The office staff along with Dr. Sexton have been very informative and supportive. They are prompt with reaponse and very straightforward. I have my pre-op appt on 5/17 and I am scheduled for surgery on 6/2

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