Radiesse in my Cheeks and Nasolabial Folds -- Love It!

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I was at my doctor for a checkup for a recent...

I was at my doctor for a checkup for a recent blepharoplasty and the Radiesse representative was there offering some free goods to a couple of my doctor's patients. I realize this is probably going to be a viscous cycle and I'm going to want it again and have to pay for it because I loved the results. ha,ha

I'm 48 and have nice high cheekbones but the center of my cheeks had flattened some with age. Now they look like apple cheeks again. :-) I didn't have much by way of nasolabial lines, but they put a small amount there to completely get rid of the lines which had started forming. The procedure did not hurt me any although they said it would be more uncomfortable than Juvederm to my lips. I did not think so. It hurt even less than Botox to me, which I only find to be a mild pricking sensation. They had me hold ice to my cheeks before they injected, which I think probably helped. My pinks were slightly pink for about a day and a half and felt swollen for one day. All is better now and it looks great!!

I have no idea whether it will last a year to a year and a half as they said -- but I sure hope so.

Columbia Facial Plastic Surgeon

He has done my rhinoplasty in my 20s -- I LOVE IT. He has also performed a blepharoplasty this past week and it looks great so far. I've had Botox for my crow's feet and Juvederm for my lips. All have turned out great. Dr. B is conservative and he will tell you if he doesn't think you need a procedure. I love this about him.

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