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I had my surgery today and things couldn't have...

I had my surgery today and things couldn't have gone smoother. I got a TT a lift and implants. I was scared to death about all the things I've read and seen. I didn't wake up in pain, I didnt feel like I did 1000 crunches, I just felt like I ate way too much turkey dinner. I hope that staying on top of my pain meds that I'll be okay,

4 days post op

I'm feeling really good. I feel the worst right when I wake up, very stiff. I'm staying on top if my meds and the only pain or discomfort I have is from sleeping upright. I would never do this if I didn't have someone to help me for atleast 7 days. I got my gauze and strips taken off.... No pain. I got to see myself and was surprised at how bad I did NOT look. I can already tell my boobs and tummy are going to be excellent. Much swelling though, I recommend milk of magnesia, forget those stool softeners. I was only constipated for three days and when I had to go there was no pain cramps or pushing involved. I will post after pictures in a week or so when I look a little better and less swollen.

Swollen Vagina?!

So I did all my research, read tons of reviews, watched tons of recovery videos on youtube and no one mentioned the swollen vagina!! The outter and inner labia swells much worse than they do when you go into labor. The reason is because blood from the incision site travels downwards and stays put in your pubic area. It does go away but boy was I freaked out!

Booby pain

Today is the worst day for my boobs. I will add pics, keep in mind I'm only 5 days out, the implant and muscle haven't settled so it looks like I have droopy nipples which I don't, they just haven't dropped yet. I got a lift too. I'm 5'3 WAS 125 lbs a deflated 32c. I wemt with 375cc under the muscle. I gained 10 lbs immediately after surgery. Not from my boobs vit my bloated abdomin. My tummy feels great though! I'll post more pics next time I shower,

Feeling better everyday

I feel like I can do anything but I know I can't. Simple things like putting a dish in an upper cabinet or switching clothes from the washer to the dryer are impossible for me. Everything has been itching, be trying so hard to keep from scratching. No massages yet since I had a lift, I'll find out what's up at my post op tomorrow. I can already tell the girls are dropping. All and all the experience wasn't too bad and despite the beat up state that I look, I still feel like a million bucks... Oh and no more saggy skin when I bend over YAY!!!

Two weeks post op

Tomorrow will be two weeks. I still have my drain in and am still losing dark red blood. I can get up and get around no problems. I was on demerol for a little under a week, and then I got prescribed norco (oxycodone + Tylenol) for under a week so all in all on pain meds for almost a week and a half. I no longer need even the ibuprofen. I'm unhappy with my belly button. It is round but then there is a crease coming down from it, I hope it goes away.

Breast shot with better lighting

Pre op deflated 32c. 375cc saline implants. Moderate profile, under muscle.

Starting to get the post op blues

So I've heard it's normal for women to have feelings of guilt, regret, or sadness after their procedures/surgery. I thought I was steering clear of that. Here I am at week 2 and I'm just so unhappy with my body. I know it's normal. I guess I was so distracted with the post op pain before I got my surgery that I didn't take the time to realize what to expect post op besides the pain. The size, the shape, the swelling, etc. I'm sad the way my belly looks. It is swollen more on one side than the other so it looks a little weird, it feels funny too. It's not anything to do with the surgery or surgeon, but the actual procedure itself. I'm still draining dark blood. My tummy is flat but due to swelling it sticks out a good couple inches further than it did pre op. My stretch marks and belly wrinkles are gone so that is good. I'm in love with my boobs, nothing but love there lol. I also wasn't aware of the exact recovery times of a tummy tuck. I didn't know that I would look someone deformed for up to 6 weeks, and that my tummy wouldn't return to normal until 6-12 months. I guess reality is sinking in and for now it has me kinda down, but I'm still glad I did it. Now it's just the waiting game.

Mostly just a pic update

I got my drain removed today, 2 weeks 2 days post op. My swelling has gone down a lot I feel. The tape and gauze is just where the drain was.

3 weeks post op + "marble trick"

So I'm 3 weeks post op. I'm feeling much better. Up it my full load of house work. It does get hard picking things off ground all day I feel it in my abs. My stomach is still hard and swollen. I'm not swollen anymore at the end of the day than the beginning, these pics are taken at 3 pm so you can see the extent of my swelling. My breasts are tight always. The marble trick is taping a marble in your belly button for a more natural shape. I've seen many use the foam ear plugs and that's what I use. I put it in 2 days and out 1 day. When you first take it out your belly button is a perfect circle. After a little bit it shrinks and goes to a normal shape. I plan on doing this for a couple weeks. I have a tiny indent below my belly button, I doubt the surgeon will be able to fix, but I guess it's better than before. In my pics I'm not sucking in, I cannot do that. I also have a bruise upper belly. I am super tight around my ribs and sleep on my side. I think it is from the tension of sleeping + tummy tuck. My left breast is lower than my right but that's just how it goes when dropping occurs.

5 weeks post op pics

Just a few pics. I had swelling in the side my drain was not, so my belly had kind of a wave thing going on. My swelling is starting to very slowly go down, the sides of my belly are starting to match up. I do have a spot on my left breats/nipple. It isn't bad scar formation, there was a big scab there and the doc ripped it off a couple of days ago. Getting anxious to start working out again!

Jeans fit!!!

I forgot to say that I am 2 days shy of 5 weeks and my jeans finalily fit!! Even with the binder on!! I was a good 2 inches off from closing them a week or so out.

Too embarrassed to wear this before

I bought this before my first child and haven't worn it since

6 weeks post op

I keep silicone tape in my incision at all times. I am done with using the ear plug in my belly button. I will start exercising next week, I'm scared of the swelling that will entail. I will post pictures of my first post exercise swelling.

6 weeks post op exercise, NO SWELL HELL!!!

So I was so scared to start working out again. Everything I read said that I was going to swell up like a balloon and even possibly for several days. I have a davids waist trimmer I wear while I work out. It is neoprine against my skin and it makes my belly sweat more, hopefully that sweat is slimming for me. But I do not swell at all, not even a little bit. I don't wear my binder much anymore, it's kind of pointless my belly isn't going to get any smaller and it's uncomfortable, but I definitely wear it while working out or being active!

2 months post op

I'm experiencing new pain as I have torn some scar tissue, other than that all is fine. I'm using silicone tape around the clock. I have started to sunbathe but am doing my best to protect my incisions. I put in a few pounds while recovering, I was trying to get them off but think I may keep them as my hips, thighs, and butt are fuller, it evens me out with my large breasts. I don't like having to wear high cut bikinis but atleast I can wear them and bend over without constantly looking down to see how wrinkly my belly is.

IN LOVE with my new body

I love my new body I am absolutely thrilled. I even enjoyed the post op recovery. First break from motherhood in 6 years... I miss the sleep lol!
2.5 months post op.

8 months post op

So I am fully 100% recovered, very fast recovery. I would say I was 100% by month 5. No more swelling ever, in fact my swelling was only really noticeable for the first 10 weeks. My scar has healed beautifully IMO. I have been using silicone tape or gel on it at this point about 50% of the time. I usually put the gel on after I shower. The doc wants to removed a tiny dog ear but I don't know if I want a longer scar. My breasts have received no scar treatment care. (Don't forget to use the marble trick with your belly button!!)

9 months post op

Loving every dime, day, and inch of my scars since surgery :)

1 year 3 months post op

I love my doctor, love my results, will try to post scar pictures later

16 month scar pics

I am 16 months post op. Fantastic results. Sorry for the lighting, if you want better pictures, feel free to ask.
Columbia Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Sexton is really great at what he does. I had very saggy breasts, he did extensive markings and they came out beautifully. My stomach and belly button look very good as well. He has been great with all of my post op concerns. As a plus, the facility he uses for surgeries is top notch too. The nurses are so nice, the anesthesiologist made sure I was very comfortable and made sure I didn't get sick. I was given a medication to relax me and "make me forget". I don't really remember waking up, riding home, getting into bed etc, which I like because the pain immediately following was what scared me the most.

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