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Hi everyone, I've been a member of this site for a...

Hi everyone, I've been a member of this site for a couple of years and have been stalking it every since. My want for a breast augmentation happened, like most others when I got pregnant in 2007 and breastfed my baby. I had another baby in 2012 and breastfed for 14 months. NOW, it's time and I want my boobies back! I'm in the military and currently going through approval process to even have the elective surgery...I don't want to get in trouble with the military :-) I was able to schedule my consultation for 29 Apr. Super excited, after researching for 6 years, that the time is finally here!!!! If all goes well, I will be having my surgery at the end of May. My stats are 5'7, 170lbs (hope to lose 10 lbs before my surgery), married w/2 kids, breastfed both for 12-15 months. I contacted Dr. Gregory Sexton's office for my consultation, because I absolutely LOVE his before and after pics, so I hope I get the same feeling when I go into his office! :-)

Before pic...34/36 deflated B cup


I have been researching BA for years and have a list of questions compiled, but I wanted to ask, are there any questions that you didn't ask that you wish you would've?

Need to get this stomach down

So I just had surgery last week (abdominal hernia repair) and my stomach is still so bloated!!! I hope it is back to it's normal size by the time my consultation comes around. I HATE that I can't do sit-ups and push-ups right now!

Consultation on Tuesday

So I have my consultation with Dr. Sexton on Tuesday and I'm so excited!!!! I love the results of those realself members that have gone to him. I'm just looking for extremely natural looking, bigger breasts!!!! I don't have many questions, since I've been researching for so long. Looking forward to trying out sizers and scheduling my appt. Lord, please let this be the doctor for me!

Awesome consultation!!

So my consultation with Dr. Sexton was perfect!!!! He's so knowledgeable and spot on with a woman's breast!!!! He answered all my questions (which weren't many) and truly took his time with me. I didn't feel rushed at all when trying on sizers. We decided on 475cc's, saline, under the muscle with the incision in the breast fold. I paid my deposit to block my appt!!! Pre-op next week!!!! Soooooo excited!!!!

Unexpected trip

Well, I got to work this morning and was told I have to go on a TDY 1-13 Jun. overseas! So bummed, but I called Dr Sextons office and the ladies rescheduled me for 26 Jun with no problems. I absolutely love this office!!!!! Guess this gives me a little time to purchase any needed supplies! Do you ladies suggest any must haves after surgery??? Or things you wish you would've had?


Are there any recommended must haves for after surgery? Or anything that you wish you would've had? Just want to make sure I have the necessities.

Weight loss

Yay!!!! I've lost those 10 lbs and my waist is just getting smaller and smaller everyday! I love my nutritional cleansing program!!!! At this rate, I'll be smaller than my goal weight by the time my surgery date gets here!!!!

Still losing

So I'm still losing weight and my waist is getting smaller and smaller. Yay!!! However with the weight loss my boobs just get smaller and smaller. So excited I made this decision to finally get my BA and that I have a supportive husband and family! So excited!!! Going to be a busy month at work, so my days should fly by!!! ????

Countdown begins

Well my less than 30 day countdown has begun!!! I am on part one of a 3 part work trip! The only good thing about it is that by the time I get home, I will only have 5 days until my surgery!!!! Super excited!

So I haven't purchased any supplies because I hate to waste money and my doctor says he will give me everything I need. Don't think I want to go purchase any bras since I don't know what my final size will be. I may get a few front closing bras!!! Are there any must haves items that you ladies found helpful??

Military women

Are they any military women out there??? Was your placement over or under the muscle?? I'm curious to know what affect did having a BA have on your ability to perform push-ups.

Nerves kicking in

Well I'm 16 days pre op and my nerves are kicking in. Not necessarily doubting the decision to get breasts because I've wanted them so long. So that is a definite. :-) The main thing I'm nervous about is the recovery. My husband deploys about 3-4 weeks after my surgery and I'm nervous to be with the kids by myself once he leaves. Luckily, he's taking off of work the first week to help me out, so I'm extremely grateful for that. I just wonder if I should wait until he returns so he's there to help me with the kids the entire 6 weeks or will I be well enough to be single mom of 3 (ages 10, 6 and 2)?!?!

Our thought on getting them done prior to him leaving, is because he will be gone for six months, so we figured they will be nice and settled by the time he returns. Meaning he can have all the fun with them he'd like ;-)

Wish pics

Some wish pics. My goal is to have extremely natural looking breasts! One of the reasons I choose my PS, most of his before and afters looked very natural.

Pics didn't upload

It's getting real!

Officially less than 10 days until I'm in "Boobieland!" Sure nerves will set in as I get closer, but for now I'm extremely excited!!! I've been so busy with work, I still haven't purchased anything for post surgery. I need to get on that. :-)

So ready!!

Pre-op on Tuesday, surgery on Thursday!!!! Last weekend in the itty bitty titty committee!!! Super excited!!!


Had my pre-op today!!! Went great! Confirmed everything, 475ccs, saline, under the muscle, incision in breast fold. Paid my balance in full! Actually thought I'd be sad to hand over the money, but I handed it to her with a huge smile! I have to be at the surgery center at 6, surgery at 7...so happy I'm the first one!!!! Thursday this happens....it's real and I'm soooo excited!!!!

Counting down...

Well ladies, is 12:19 am EST, and I'm WIDE awake! :-) Did some last minute things around the house, braided my daughters hair and completed my homework assignments for the week. I meant to eat a bowl of cereal prior to midnight, but got caught up in my homework :-( I will leave for the surgery center in just 4 hrs and 40 min :-)

Starting to get a little nervous but overall still ridiculously excited!!!!

All done!!!

Well ladies,
It's official, I've crossed over to Boobieland. Morning went very. I will provide details and pics later. I've be sleeping off and on and feel myself dosing back off. Just wanted to provide a quick update to let you know all is well!

Great experience!!!

Hey y'all!!! Now that I'm up for a few minutes, I thought I would share my experience with you all. We got to the surgery center at 6, signed all appropriate paperwork, and was called right back. Took a pregnancy (which was negative...better be since my husband has had a vasectomy!). Took a nasty cocktail to assist with nausea, had the best experience getting an IV ever! The nurse Alysson was absolutely amazing!! Dr. Sexton came in and marked me up! Headed to the OR room and I remember laughing really hard (about what who knows). Lol! Next thing I know I was waking up in the recovery room freezing!! That was about 0830. Alysson gave me lots of warm blankets, gave all of my post op instructions and mentor card to my husband. We left at 0915 and was home by 1000.

My husband has been amazing keeping track of my medicine schedule and feeding me crackers and water. Haven't had much of an appetite, I did have an Isagenix shake for lunch. My hubby just cooked spaghetti for dinner! I may try some of that too!

So far not too much pain just extreme tightness and my back hurts! I've been laying in a recliner in the living room and surprisingly I'm pretty comfortable, so I'll be sleeping out here for a couple of nights.

My boobs are extremely high, so I'm excited for them to start dropping but I do realize that takes time. Dr. Sexton wants to do lift my arms above my head every hour that I'm awake, so with the assistance of my husband, I've been doing so.

My card says he put in a 400cc saline bag, filled to 475cc. I think that's what it means. Once I get it from my husband, I'll take a picture to upload. Anyway, here are a few pictures.

I know I'll be in love with them, because I trust my doctor just that much. Have follow up Monday afternoon!!

Thanks ladies for all of the support! I love this site :-) I'll type more later, my eyes are getting heavy!!

My first 24 hrs

So far so good! Had a great night! Slept in my recliner and that worked out perfectly. My hubby has been the best...making sure I take my meds on time. He's been taking care of the kids. Cooked dinner last night, got the kids off to summer camp this morning, came back and cooked me some breakfast. Such a good man!!!

As far as pain, I haven't experienced too much pain(1 or 2/10) just tightness! I am able to raise my arms over my head like my doctor said to do, 10 times every hour. I can already tell I'm going to love them!!!! So for today I'll just be resting and enjoying being pampered by my man! Lol! Here's some photos today and my card.

Still going well

Not much has changed today! The tightness feels worse today, but I'm still in love! Excited for my first post-op on Monday, so I can start the massages. I hope that will provide some relief to the tightness! Were you ladies scared or nervous the first time you did your massages? What should I expect?

Day 3

Hey ladies!!! Woke up this morning feeling great so my at home doc (my husband) and I decided to leave the Demerol alone. So today I've just had Motrin and the antibiotic. They are still pretty high tight but not as bad as yesterday. Decided to leave the house today, just to ride. Went grocery shopping with my family and didn't have to lift a thing. I may try cooking some chicken Alfredo for dinner tonight!!! Oh AND I had my first BM!!!! It's the little milestones that let's me know I'm healing well! Lol!

I really have to show my appreciation for my husband! He has been on top of everything while I'm down and out. I've been sleeping in a recliner in our living room and he grabs his pillow and blanket and lays on the couch right next to me!!!! I thank God for him daily because I realize how blessed I am to have such a caring and supportive husband!!!! I know it's only day 3 but I'm sure these days wouldn't have been so easy if it weren't for him. :-)

I will update again tomorrow after my first post op appt. Here's some pics.

Post op appt

Hey ladies!!! Had my first post op appt with Dr Sexton. It was extremely quick. He is pleased with how they are looking and showed me how to do the massage. Goodness he was not gentle doing the massages, which is good because I've been nervous to sneeze. Lol!!! His roughness let me know it's okay to move them, it's actually needed. When he massages the right one I felt a sharp pain and blast of heat almost...he said it's completely normal but it sure freaked me out. Something about the nerves. I may have to call back to see exactly what he said cause I was just focused on the feeling. It quickly subsided but it definitely has me scared to do the massages on the right breast. BUT I have to put on my big girl panties and do it...will have my husband help!!! Besides that the appt went great!!

Here's a pic of these lovelies in a bra for the first time since my BA. Lol!

It's been a week

So I'm officially one week post op and I still love the decision I made!!! Stopped all pain meds on Sunday, took my last round of antibiotics last night, my steri strips still have not fallen off. PS says if they don't come off on their own by this weekend for me to remove them. From what I can tell, my incisions are going to be beautiful and barely there! Massages have been going great, they have dropped just a little but they are definitely getting much softer. I'm still not wearing any sort of bra and I love it!! It's so freeing! Lol!

Yesterday I did a little shopping and found myself to be a little self conscience. I felt as if everyone that looked at me could tell I had my boobs done. Lol! Anyone else feel this way when they first went out?

I'm anxious to start working out again so I'm going to start walking at least 5 miles per day! I live in a pretty neighborhood so I think I'll just take the time to really see it!!! I

Well just wanted to check in with you ladies! Here's some pics I took this morning.

2 wks already!!

So I can't believe it's been two weeks already since my BA. Everything is still going well!! They are still pretty high and tight, but they are softening. I feel like I massage them ALL day!! Lol!!! I still haven't gone back to work and I'm definitely enjoying this time off relaxing! I go back on Monday :-( I still am not wearing bras, I just love the feeling of being free!! I really do love them already!!! Just waiting for the day that I wake up and forget they are there! I'm really looking forward to them feeling like they are a part of my body and not just implants! I know that comes with time. But anyway, here are some pics I took this morning!


Hi ladies!! Happy Friday!! So I know I said I love being braless but I figured since I'm going back to work on Monday, I better find something to fit. Found these at Target. They feel amazing on my skin, extremely soft and light!! Can't believe I bought a 38DD but it just felt so good!!!!

It's been a busy week

Hello ladies!!! It's been a little over a week since I posted and I'm still feeling wonderful. I went back to work on Monday and no one noticed. I'm sure it has a lot to do with the fact that I wear a military uniform so it doesn't do a thing for our curves!!! So we do push ups in the office everyday and my boss was like "can you do push-ups?" Uhm noooo!! Lol! No one in my office knew what "elective surgery" I was getting just that I was having an "elective surgery." That's all the military requires us to disclose on our approval paperwork. Anyway, I did notice tightness in the afternoons but I assume it's probably because I was unable to massage all day like I had been while I was at home. I have noticed that my boobs and the implants are getting much softer. So much so sometimes when I massage I can't even feel them...kind of makes me nervous! On Friday morning my husband left for his deployment and I was super emotional all day :'-( Thank God for my babies! They make sure I stay smiling. It's like they just know momma is sad!

Back to boobs..they are still high. Can't wait for them to drop and fluff but I knew going into this, that it is a process and I'm being patient! Here's a few photos from today.

Comparison pic

Top is day 3, bottom is day 23. I can't tell too much of a difference. Can you??


I've pretty much gained all the weight back that I lost prior to my surgery. I'm not upset about it because I know I can lose it again. I have been eating kind of crappy since my surgery because my husband wanted to eat at all the places he won't be getting for six months. Lol! Soooo I had to be supportive! :-D

I will start my nutritional cleaning program again on Monday so I'll get back down again and once I'm cleared to work out again, the weight will come off quickly!! Normally lose about 15-20 lbs when my man is gone.

Hey y'alllll

Hey ladies! So I know it's been awhile but I stopped taking pictures and updating because it was discouraging to see no change. BUT I woke up one morning a couple of weeks ago and finally saw change!!! I was too excited!! I'm officially 8 wks post-op and so in love and just to think they are not done healing yet!! This journey has been absolutely amazing and I don't regret my decision one bit. I feel like the size is perfect for my body!!

I've resumed all normal activities, starting back running last week. Wore two sports bras and they felt fine! They still don't 100% feel a part of my body, but about 75%. I sleep on my stomach and sides. Had another recheck yesterday and my PS is satisfied with the results. Said they still don't look as natural as they will (I completely agree) but he was extremely happy with the progress! My incisions are small and look great!!

This journey and healing process has been nothing short of phenomenal!!!


Pics of my incisions

Dr. Sexton is absolutely amazing!!!! From the first moment I called his office, I knew him and his staff were the ones for me. He is a true professional and a boobie genius!!! Doesn't offer false hopes or unrealistic expectations! He's very knowledgable and will let you know what will fit your body!! I would definitely recommend him to anyone!!

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