Having Lower Eyelid Surgery to Remove Bags - Columbia, SC

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The bags under my eyes have driven me crazy for...

The bags under my eyes have driven me crazy for years. I have bought every product known to mankind in an attempt to make them disappear. So, when I visited my doctor to schedule a scar revision I mentioned the eyes and he showed me before and after photos of others. I was sold. I had to pay for the surgical suite anyway so why not get this done.

Photos soon.

One week from today....photos before

I never posted photos of my tummy tuck and breasts prior to surgery and I regret that. So, here is a photo of me prior to surgery. This is a good day...if my bags decide to pack themselves full I will try to get additional photos at that time.

Day One

We were all dreading recovery because it was so extensive. This surgery had been very easy and the lower eyelids aren't the only thing I had done, but the other area is the top of my public bone so I will keep that to myself, for now.

I am up and down on my own, not taking as much medication. I look like heck, but this has been easier so far.

Day 4 Post Op

Progressing well if I could keep my hands off. I wake up to find myself messing with the corner of my eyes. I can't tell if there are stitches there or just clumps of dried blood. I want to wash them carefully with clean tips but we were told to keep them as dry as possible. The left eye seems to be the most traumatized..alot of discharge and gunk that impedes my vision at times. I do try to clear that carefully with a qTip. Otherwise I am trying to leave them be.

I can see my eye shape returning which is a relief. All I kept thinking is what our mom used to tell us.."your face is going to stick that way!" Lol. I have little to no pain and haven't taken any meds since last night at 6:00 pm. I just feel crusty and tight. I can feel the swelling now in the rest of my face as well.

Day 5 Post Op. - yellow doesn't become me.

Seeing more change and less swelling. Left eye weeps a lot and gets a funky film that I remove carefully with a qTip. If I don't remove it I blink excessively to clear my vision which makes things sore. I feel like the bruising is subsiding and turning yellow. I look jaundiced and my face is still swollen. It always amazes me how you can go through surgery, no test anything for days after except Melba toast and saltines, and still gain weight. Frustrating!

No pain meds since yesterday at one or so..yeah! I am also off the phenergan and my thinking is clearer..no longer fuzzy. The only issue with this is I want to be up and active.

Doctor follow up today at noon. I feel sure he will remove the drain from my lower area where we did a scar revision and I so graciously decided to snap my tube on a cabinet and extract it enough to lose suction. Argh! That are has healed over pretty quickly considering. I hope he doesn't plan to remove stitches yet...if they are removable...the corners of my eyes are very tender still.

Day 5 - Post Op - doctor visit

He removed the one stitch on each eye and I was wrong - someone asked me if there were stitches or if the repairs were done inside the lid - they were inside the lid with only one stitch at the corner of each eyelid. He removed the stitch on each side today and put on a steristrip that will stay on 24 hours to 5 days. I was strictly advised to not remove them or I could open the area up. Interesting.

He also advised that as the weeks went on my lower lid will drop as the scar draws the lid downward. I will start massaging the area in another week or so to loosen it up so it pops back up. We shall see...

Three weeks....almost four

Not sure if I updated but I had to have the right eye lanced. I had a small pustule and we weren't sure what it was. He lanced it and it drained - more like a pimple. He put me on antibiotics just to be safe. This is me today. Surgery was 3/21, so almost four weeks. I still have some redness and tightness off and on. I have to rub the eyes gently to help loosen them. I am extremely happy.
Columbia Plastic Surgeon

Love this practice. The doctor, the staff...all professional but helpful and friendly.

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