My BA is in 5 Days (5/16)!! I'm Sooooooo Nervous and Scared. Am I Making the Right Choice, for Me? Columbia, SC

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OMGOSH! You ladies are gorgeous and sooooo brave!...

OMGOSH! You ladies are gorgeous and sooooo brave! I love reading your stories! Thank you all for sharing such intimate details and helping people like me!

2 days before surgery-freaking out!

Had my pre-op today. Decided on 450cc's, under the muscle. Can't get the word PAIN out of my head! Like, I'm totally freaking out about being in pain. I've read and heard how painful BA-unders are but I was hoping I would just stay medicated to get thru the first few days. Not the case at all. Not with my PS anyway. He gave me prescriptions for Demerol, Motrin 800's and Valium, as well as Phenergan for nausea. He wants me to start, the day I come home, to start movements. He wants me to raise my arms up and down in the jumping Jack motion. I can do this sitting up in bed and every hour. I also need to start breast massages within the first 24-48 hours. All I can think about is OUCH-PAIN! I am such a freakin' baby and have a low tolerance for pain. He also said no sports bras at all!!
I really want this done and have wanted it for years, so why am I having second thoughts? Anyone else go thru this?

14 days post op

I'm so sorry it's been 2 weeks since my last post. I am completely overwhelmed and pained, physical and mentally, with so much that has been going in the last few weeks! I cannot begin to thank you wonderful, caring and supportive ladies for your posts and messages asking if I was ok. I'm sorry if I worried some of you. It amazes me that we are all strangers, yet share a common bond and show such caring concern and support. I thank you all for that!

16 days post op

Feeling better each day! Still sore but more at night. Feel so stiff in the morning, but I think it's from sleeping on my back all night. I am NOT a back sleeper! Thank goodness we have a craftmatic bed. It's been a lifesaver. Went out in public, in real clothes lol, for the first time Saturday night. Girls night for a friends birthday party. My poor husband. Went thru my whole closet and helped me try everything on and nothing fits. Finally finally settled on some white skinnies and a sexy top. Still not wearing a bra, so felt a little uncomfortable there. Still feeling puffy and bloated but dropped 7 pounds so far! Wooohoooo! I'm 5'8" and currently weighing in at 136 lbs. my goal is to be between 125-130. My husband said I looked hot and sexy so I loved that, but heck, I could roll outta bed a nasty mess and he'll call me beautiful. Saw a friend who I haven't seen in a few months and she didn't know I had BA, but immediately said I looked awesome and whispered, 'did you have the girls done'?. She said my PS did a banging job! Gotta say, I do love Dr. Sexton and his entire staff! Soooo patient and tells you straight up. Spent 2.5 hours there at my consultation. He is Amazeballs and I would highly recommend him to anyone!
Today I have been instructed by my husband to do nothing but rest and to do a little online shopping!! That's because we went to get groceries and some sports clothes yesterday and I was hurting lady night bad. I think I overdid it.
I'm still waiting for him to give me all the pics he's been taking so I can upload them. Will do as soon as I can. Hope you ladies are all doing well. I'm going to look at my girls again! LOL

3 weeks and 3 days post op and feeling very sore/pain and 'worried'

So it's been a little over 3 weeks since my BA and I'm feeling very blue and worried. I'm so sore but more on my right. Very uncomfortable and just plain miserable. They feel so heavy and swollen still. Riding high so to speak. Sometimes I feel like hot spots on my right one and a little redness. Even my shoulders feel heavy. I called my PS last Thursday and was told I need to keep taking my 800mg Motrin every 6 hours and was told I can come in if needed but I figured I would just wait til my appointment this week. I know its only been 3 weeks, but even my bones hurt. Like under my right breast and under my arm going towards my back. Im still not wearing a bra but was told I can start wearing a very light one if I want. Honestly, I'd rather not because they hurt so much. I've been instructed since day one, NO sports bras or anything compressing or tight at all. All I can do is my massages, 4 times a day.
Actually, my 4th day post-op, when my PS showed me and my husband how to do the massages, I cried in pain. When he did my right one first, it hurt so bad I screamed. He was much easier with the left one. My right one has bothered me since. My husband has been doing most of them for me.
Has anyone else had any problems like mine? Thanks so much ladies for all the support and care!
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