600cc Ultra High Profile Gel Silicone

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Hello, My name is Taylor. I Just had butt implants...

Hello, My name is Taylor. I Just had butt implants in March. So I'm 8 months post op from them. I love them but wish I could have gone bigger. Anyways after I lost some weight last summer I lost my boobs. They deflated. I'm currently a full 34C. And am looking to have a DDD. I just want them really high sexy fake looking titts. Lol. I have already paid for my surgery with Dr. Sexton in Columbia SC. My surgery date is set for November 18th which is this Friday 5 days away. I'm excited. My husband doesn't think I need them. He didn't think I needed my ass but he loves it now. So I'm sure he will love my titts n a few months when they heal. I'm currently 5'7 148lb. But at least 5lb of that is my silicone ass implants. I decided on 550cc ultra high profile gel silicone implants. But am considering 600cc. Anyways the woman over the phone told me they would order both just in case. I would love some info on post op after care. And products.

4 days till surgery. Before pics

So I'm so excited I'm havein surgery in 4 days. My boobs are okay now but I really want more projection and I'm definitely going with the extra high profile. My chest area Is so flat and my titts are deflated.

550cc or 600cc

They have both sizes ordered for me. But I am so undecided. I've seen so many girls smaller than me with 550cc. And they look good on them. But I don't want to regret anything. So I called and asked to go with 600. They told me they will have both sizes just in case I change my mind. I'm most likely going with the 600. It's better to go bigger and not regret anything than to go small and wish I'd went bigger. Even though it's only a 50cc difference. I already have a good amount of boob. So the 600 should fit me well.

Otw to the surgery center now

On the way to Capital Plastic surgery center now. Omg. I'm so excited. This is going to be my second plastic surgery. So I'm familiar with the healing process. But in the end it's all worth it. I'm definitely going with the 600cc ultra high profile. Go big or go home. Plus I'm already a full 34 C Wish me luck dolls. I will update pics later on today or tomorrow when I feel better. ;)

Had my BA

I had my BA today with 600cc ultra high profile. I can feel the pressure but the meds help. When I just took my bra off to look at my new boobs I can tell they are going to be huge and I'm going to love them. Pain level is a 2 right now. I just wish I could lay on my tummy. I took sum pics but I swear they don't do justice. They look huge n person. Anyways I'm happy. Dolls plz say a prayer for me. Happy healing.


Ok. So it's Monday. I had my BA on Friday. Recovery has been a lil rough. But tone honest it's nothing compared to haveing butt implants. At least I can get up and move and sit down on my butt. My chest is heavy. Feels like I 20lb bricks sitting on them. My implants are so high right now. It's like they are at the top of my chest. I'm so ready for them to drop and take there shape. I asked my dr about a bra. And should I wear one after surgery. And he told me no. And if I wanted to wear one it was fine. But I didn't need 2. When I came out of surgery I had a surgical bra on It shocked me because he told me I didn't need one. But every girl I see on here who has had a BA wears a bra. And a strap. It feels so much better with the bra on. I only have that one they gave me so right now I'm sitting bra less because it's in the washer right now. I really needed a lot of post op instructions. But it seems no one would even take the time out to real my profile and give me some advice. So I have just been reading everyone else's. anyways. Boobs are still ugly and deformed looking. My dr did mention it would take awhile to drop because they are 600 ultra high profiles. So for now I'm just sitting at home. Any post op care advice would be very appreciated.

Bloated and swollen

As of right now my chest is so swollen. The implants are literally sitting up on my chest and not my boobs. I know this is all normal. Let's just pray these babies will hurry n drop. A lot of pressure on my chest also.

Thinking 600cc was to much

They are so heavy. And big. The pictures just don't do justice. Many I should have got 550cc since I was already a 34c

1 week update

I am now 1 week post op BA 600cc UHP. They are still very high up. I have been massaging the implant 4 times a day. They do not hurt. Just sometimes feel a little pressure at the top of my chest were they are high up.

New pics

Ok. So I'm comeing into my second week post op. From 600cc UHP. They are still very high up. But they don't look too bad. I gotten a lot of compliments on them. I have not sized them yet because the implant is at the top of my boob/chest. I'm just wearing sports Bras for now and a tight surgical bra for when I sleep at night to keep them in place. Other than that. No pain. Sometimes they are just a little tender when I do my massages because I literally have to grab the implant and push it up and down into the pocket. I'm so ready to hit the gym and get this body looking right.

Left nipple sore to touch

My left nipple is very sore to the touch and i have a little stinging pain in the incision every now and then wondering if this is all normal my right breast is fine no nipple pain or soreness no incision sting

Almost 3 weeks post op

Almost 3 weeks post op. Not much has changed. Scars are looking way better. They are not so heavy anymore. No more pain or pressure. Just waiting for them to drop. Still very high up.

Quick update

Not much has changed. I just want to post pics so I can keep track of the dropping stages and times. Hopefully It may help someone in the future that's looking into getting this size implant. They are still high up. Nipple is still very low. They look funny. I have not been sized yet. There is no need because the implants are still in my higher chest area. Buying a bra right now would be a waste of money. I'm almost 1 month post op. Yay. At least I'm getting somewhere. I am happy with the size so far. They are proportionate with my body.

1 month post

Just left my 1 month post op app. Boobs are looking great Here is a pic of the 600cc implant

6 weeks post op

Ok. So tomorrow I will be 6 weeks post op. My boobs still are in the funny looking stages but everything is getting better as the weeks go on. I am happy to say now I can finally sleep lightly on both sides and it's the best feeling in the world. I have not been sized yet but I tried a friends VS bra on yesterday and it was a 36dd and it fit fine. In the VS XL sport bras I fill out the entire XL. I'm looking forward to being at least a 38dd. So as time passes they should drop and fluff out more. Other than that everything is great.

2 months post op

I am currently 1 day shy of 2 months post op BA. The left seems slightly bigger than the right. They still have a good amount of dropping to do. They still have that funny shape from the side were the nipple is pointing downward and oval looking boob at the top. But they are healing up very nice. They are so squishy it feels like nothing is there. Reminder I have the (Gummy bears) Silcone gel. I was not sized because I was in a big hurry so I grabbed a few bras and tryed them on. But I plan on getting sized by VS when I get the time. The 36DD VS push up bra I bought is too small for me. It only covers about half of the boob. So I would need a 38DD in VS push ups. I bought a 36DD lightly lined VS bra and it fits good. Very comfy. But I can tell when they drop more and more I'm most likely going to go up to a 38DD. I love the size. The best part is getting to wear low cut shirts and show off that high profile..!!! :)

Fully dropped

I love my boobs. I'm a 36dd. But could eaily fit a 38DDn vs. sometimes left boob feels a little differently. Don't no y. Other than that. Every thing is A+. Oh and they are so soft. Ppl actually think they are real. Silicon gel rocks...!!!!!!!
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