37, Mom of Two 36b, getting 425cc Mentor Saline under the muscle- Columbia, SC

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For a while I have been wanting to get a breast...

For a while I have been wanting to get a breast makeover! Being small busted has been such a discouragement when it comes to shopping and wearing form fitting clothes. I am concerned overweight (185 lbs) for my age (37) and height (5'5") but you can't see it until I stand on a scale. My youngest child is 4 and I do still have my mommy pooch but I love my thick thighs just not my flat chest.
I had my consultation February 23rd with Dr. Sexton in Columbia sc. He was very informative and his work is great. My small town does have a plastic surgeon practice but his work looks really obvious that you had a boob job. I told him I was thinking about going from a 36a/b to a full C small D he then wrote 375cc on my chart. He explained that I have enough breast tissue so I would not have to spend extra money on silicone, saline would give me great results without rippling. He went out the room and allowed me all the time I need to try one sizers under a sports bra. He said I could only pick one size but the size I was looking to achieve wasn't there. I choose 495cc and asked if he had a size between the 400's and 495's and he said 425cc would give me a perfect fit with side boob that I was wanting since I also showed him a picture from his own portfolio.

Went to my Pre Op appointment today

So I went to my pre-op appointment this afternoon and finished paying for my surgery and received my packet on my surgery. Dr. Sexton went over the augmentation mammoplasty, the surgical techniques were addressed, as well as the risk/ complications, my prescriptions (Demerol 50mg, Motrin 800mg, Keflex 500mg, Phenergan 25mg, and Flexeril 10mg) and how to take them. He explained that I am to take 1 flexeril and 1000mg of Tylenol with a small sip of water right before I head out the door to come to my surgery. Can't eat or drink after midnight. No jewelry, fingernail polish, contact lens. I also need to bring the information packet he gave me with me to the hospital along with a picture ID and someone from the Parkridge Surgery Center will contact me before my surgery.
He demonstrated how I am to do my arm exercises- immediately after surgery, hourly for the first 3 to 5 days for pain. We also practiced together on me, how to massage my implants up and down in the pocket, to keep pocket open while it heals; which didn't feel too comfortable before the implants so I can imagine how it will feel afterwards (This should be done 48 hours after surgery four times a day for the first 12weeks (Morning, lunch, dinner, and at bedtime)).
Dr. Sexton doesn't advise his patients to wear a sports bra unless it has a cup built into it, cause you don't want to push your implants to the side or stretch your pocket.
I am allowed to take a shower 8 hours after my surgery! : )
Originally my appointment was set for April 24 at 12:30pm and they asked if I mind if they changed it for the following day on April 25 8am and I said NOOO you are doing me a favor because it was going to be hard going 12+ hours on an empty stomach so that really worked out well.
My stats:
37 years old
36 a/b
Mentor saline round
smooth texture
375cc shell filled to 425cc
Dr. Gregory Sexton
Surgery date: April 25, 2016 (Good Friday)
At: 8:30am
Palmetto Health Parkridge Surgery Center, Columbia SC

Save $ on aftercare products

Hello ladies. ..i just recently look at different reviews to see what I should get for after my BA and then went to coupons.com and printed up on the supplies I may need. Stool softerns, Tylenol, mederma, tv dinners, juices and ect.


I have been giving myself headaches just thinking about what's to come in a couple of days! Anxiety in my chest from all the excitement. I am ready for Friday to get here already. I hope my pain experience will be mild.

No pain

On a scale of 1to5 my pain level is a 1. I will start weaning myself off meds tonight!

Finally stomach relief

I took 3 stool softerns the day after surgery, exlax and magnesium drink today in panic. My stomach felt like I swallowed a watermelon whole then finally I went! Yes I read that it is most national to have a movement in a squating position so I made sure I elevated my legs and yesit helped a lot. Wweee glad to get that over.

On pic the girls look big... Day 4 down!

On pics they look big but in a tank or shirt they look small. They also make my hands seem tiny. Day 4 down....yayy!

Very sensitive to touch

Man when I say these girl don't like anything touching them I mean nothing. Everything that touches them irritates them a bra, a shirt, the bed sheet. I find it more comfortable for me to just walk around the house with no shirt on at all. I have even considered shaving off that little fuzz that naturally is on the body in hope to relieve some of those annoying sensors. I say this because the little fine hairs along with the normal body hairs on the my breast all stand up as if I was cold or something. Does or has anyone else experience this problem? If so what did you do to relieve some of the issue? I would consider this a term of pain even though it is not really painfully if you know what I mean. I guess to say it strikes a nerve that sensors my brain to make me notice it. I can be watching a really interesting movie and go to laugh which makes my clothes move which triggers this nerve....ooohhhhh I really bugs the $h!t out of me! But any who I have also uploaded updates on my progress. Are they dropping any? I can't tell.


Not much has changed my way since I'm also at my 1 month mark. Still a lot of dropping and fluffing to do.

I will ask this question though are any of you experiencing milk extract when doing massages? My baby is 5 and I haven't breastfeed her in at least 4 years so why after my milk dried am I able to squeeze milk out?
Columbia Plastic Surgeon

Great! Very informative about breast augmentation

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