32 Years Old, 500cc High profile Silicone Under the Muscle

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I have always had small breasts. I have 3 sisters...

I have always had small breasts. I have 3 sisters all with bigger breasts. Since I am the youngest I waited patiently for my big girl boobies too, but they never came. The only time I have ever had any amount of boobs was when I was breastfeeding. I have talked about getting my breasts done for years, but then finally this year everything came together all at once so that I was able to have it done. I am 2 weeks and 2 days post op now. I have been very timid to do a review and post pictures, but I decided to do it today. My stats, 5'7", 165lbs (and still losing), bra size pre 36 A/small 36B, breast width 13.5, 500cc hp allergen smooth round under the muscle. I have bought 2 bras for now to wear when I go out and they are a 36 D. I am curious to see how they fit when the girls are done dropping and fluffing. My recovery has been the same as a lot of women I've read on here. Woke up from surgery with intense pressure, but I never had a lot of pain. I was extremely nauseous when I woke up from surgery and was in the recovery area for several hours because of it. They were finally able to make it go away and I got to go home. I never took any of my pain meds because they all make me feel so sick, but I was never in a ton of pain mostly just uncomfortable from all the tightness and pressure. I took 800 mg ibuprofen every 7 hours around the clock to manage the swelling and discomfort and that was enough for me, except I did take my muscle relaxer every night. I did ice my boobs frequently. Days 2-4 are the worst but the swelling seems to start calming down more and more each day after that. On day 2 and 3 I felt really down about all of it and wondered why did I do this?? But getting past day 4 I felt a lot better. My swelling is all gone now and sometimes I feel like they are too small without all the swelling lol But then I look in the mirror and take some pictures or try on a top I never filled out before and I feel a lot better. This week I have been frustrated by how high they still are. They have dropped some and have softened up quite a bit, but I am anxious for them to drop more. I know the process takes time, but since I am feeling so much like my normal self I want normal looking boobs instead of the boxiness I still have. But I'll get there eventually. So far, except for the few days I have felt frustrated with them, I love my boobs and am just so eager to see their final result in 6 months!


3 weeks today

Last week was rough, I was having a hard time liking my boobs. They're still weirdly shaped, and I feel so limited in what I can do, but I feel like myself again and it was all so frustrating! But I get to see my plastic surgeon next week and hopefully get the go ahead to start doing somethings again, and I feel like the girls have dropped just a little, the bottoms seem more round now. I do still wake up with a little bit of morning boob, but once I get going and do my massages they seem to settle down. The sharp shooting pains don't come as often anymore either. But, my nipples are so sensitive that just my bra or a shirt makes them feel like they are raw, and I still have a numb spot on each boob. But, I am really loving them today, and a couple friends and my sister keep commenting on how good they look, and of course my husband loves them, so all of that has helped me feel better about them.

Some pictures with clothes.

Emotional week

Tomorrow is 4 weeks post-op. On Monday I cried a lot. It was the first time I have cried since surgery. I have had times where I have felt frustrated, but this took me by surprise. I am not even sure what had me so upset, I just felt like my boobs were always so small and never looked like everyone else's. Now I went and paid to get boobs, and they still don't look right. I know they still have a lot of changing to do, but it sometimes feels like such a long process that it is never going to end, they will never drop and fluff. Logically I know it will happen, but the changes so far are so small and subtle it drives me crazy! On top of this I saw my plastic surgeon yesterday, and he has me all paranoid, he's concerned they are getting too close together. I have been comparing the appearance of my breasts now to their appearance when I was nursing. They are larger than when I was nursing, but they seem to be spaced the same as when I was nursing, my husband agreed that they looked like this when nursing. I also told my PS that this is how they were when I was nursing, and he said then it's likely just how my breasts sit but to be safe we don't want to encourage them to go any closer. So now I am not supposed to wear anything that will bring them together, no sleeping in a bra, no sleeping on my side, going braless as much as possible, and continue sleeping on my back and propped up until I see him again in 6 weeks. I was so frustrated after my visit. I have only been sleeping on my sides the last week, which originally I was allowed to do whenever it was comfortable. I have been a side sleeper my whole life, and sleeping on my back was killing my back and I never slept well. Now for the next 6 weeks I have to go back to doing it. I am already so sore after starting again last night. I am trying to stay positive, and be patient, but this week has been hard.

4 weeks today

Not much has changed since my update yesterday. As far as how my breasts feel, I sometimes still get a tight feeling in my muscles, but it generally passes really quickly. My nipples are still more sensitive than before the surgery, but they no longer feel like they are on fire. I still have numb spots on each breast. But they are getting super squishy and both me and my husband love that lol. My nipple on the left has been bothering me lately. I know my doctor said he can fix it if at 6 months it still bothers me, but I'm hoping once they drop and fluff it won't look as low. Also this is the breast all 3 of my kids preferred so it makes me wonder if that had anything to do with it being lower.


I had the normal post op gurgling and squishing noises in my breasts whenever I moved around for about a week to 10 days post-op, but then they went away. Today I have noticed I'm feeling a gurgling or squishing in my right breast again after this had all previously gone away. Is this ok?? I have no swelling in that breast, no pain, it looks just like it always has. I know those noises right after surgery were normal and would go away. But is it normal for them to come back when I'm over 4 weeks post-op?

5 weeks

I can hardly believe it has been over a month! Sometimes it feels like this time has dragged on and other times it feels like it has gone by so fast. My nipples are still super sensitive, and sometimes hurt if they are touched, I can't wait for them to calm down! The numb areas I am noticing are getting gradually smaller. Sleeping on my back still, and I hate it. I don't sleep comfotably and I avoid going to bed sometimes because of it. I am seeing more rounding out in the bottoms, but there is a slant, more obvious on the left, at the bottoms of my breasts and I am praying those round out with time. I am massaging a lot throughout the day, and I think it is helping. They soften more and more each week and I love the way they feel, it makes me excited for how they will feel a few months from now. I am getting so anxious to see what they will look like then too!

6 weeks

Wow, 6 weeks have gone by! It seems like just yesterday I was just a few days post op and wishing I could fast forward to 6 weeks. Boobs are doing good. They are still riding a little high, so they need to drop and fluff more. But I am definitely seeing more roundness and it makes me excited! My right boob is still a little tighter, I think because I am right handed and it is taking the muscle a little longer to completely relax. I still have my numb spots on each one. One thing that's been a little weird, I have had sensation in my nipples since the surgery, I can feel pain and pleasure. But the other day my husband playing around put something cold on my right nipple and I could not tell it was cold. I could feel it there, but couldn't feel that it was cold. My left nipple is totally normal, just the right one is like this. I feel like since all the swelling is gone I should have gone bigger. I have 500cc and the biggest I could have gone was 550, and so I keep telling myself 50 cc wouldn't have made much of a difference. Other than that everything's going good and I love them :D

8 weeks

We were super busy last week so I didn't get a chance to do a 7 week update. Not much has changed from week 6 except a little more dropping and fluffing. I was starting to get muffin boob out of the tops of all my 36D bras so I went into VS and got sized at a 36DD. I tried on some 36Ds there because I just couldn't believe it and I was overflowing out of those too. 36DD was a perfect fit. I'm gonna try on some 36DDs at a couple other stores just to be sure. Other than that I still have the numb spots on my breasts that itch occasionally, but I get no relief from scratching them because they are numb. It gets super annoying.

3 months on Friday

Things have been going great. The week between 11 and 12 weeks I really started to finally fall in love with my boobs. Up until then I liked them most of the time. Now they have settled so much and have gotten so much softer and I just love them. That drop and fluff phenomenon is crazy. I was wearing a 36 D and right around 11 weeks I was very much spilling out of them. I am wearing a 36DD now, but I really do need to get sized because I think they may not be wide enough. I still have numb places on both of my boobs, but I hardly notice them anymore. I am really, really happy with them!!

3 months boobie anniverssary!!

I put up pictures earlier this week, but I am just loving them more and more each day!! So I'm gonna put up a few more pictures :D I still look at the pictures from the beginning to now and just cannot believe how much they have changed, and I was worried for a while they never would.

3 months continued

Sorry I hit update too soon!

Nipple sensitivity 3 months post

Back earlier in my recovery my nipples got crazy sensitive, and they hurt when anything touched them. They eventually calmed down, but in the last week they have been feeling more sensitive again. It's not as bad as it was before, but they are definitely more sensitive lately than they have been. I am 3 months post. Also, my right nipple itches a lot. Did anybody else have this happen where they were really sensitive then calmed down and got sensitive again?

Trying on clothes

I went shopping today and trying on clothes is sooo much more fun with boobs!! And if something didn't fit right it was because my boobs were too big instead of disappearing in certain things. I also just could not get over my cleavage and I was only wearing a bralette instead of a regular bra. So I'm gonna share some pictures of my cleavage haha!

Finally got sized

I finally got sized. I'm 34 band, and I about fell to the floor when I was told DDDD/F/G depending on what country the manufacturer is in. They didn't have any in the store since it was a Nordstrom rack and not a Nordstrom, so I went online and bought some. All but one bra fit great!! And the underwire in between my boobs sits flat against my chest like it's supposed to finally, and the underwire is wide enough it cups completely under my boob like it is supposed to.

4 months post op

I cannot believe it has been 4 months! I love my boobs and am so glad I did this. I just wish sometimes I hadn't waited so long to do it! I still have numb spots on each boob, and I'm wondering if I'll ever regain feeling in those spots. I have no pain at all, and they really feel like a part of me. They have gotten so soft and squishy and bouncy. They even jiggle when I walk. I'm so happy with them and how they have settled :)

5 months + 1 week

I'm a bit late on my review, but I've been in kind of a funk for a bit and didn't feel like doing it. Plus I just started classes again beginning of October and it's a heavy workload. Anyway... My boobs are doing great, everything has healed nicely and my surgeon has been very pleased with my recovery. They are nice and soft now and move and feel a lot like boobs without implants which I'm so happy about! My scars have flattened and have turned soft also and if I am trying to feel for them I have a hard time locating them. They are still pink though, I hope by a year they have faded a lot. I still have numb spots on the outer side of each boob, but they seem to be shrinking every month. I haven't noticed them dropping anymore, just maybe rounding out a bit more on the bottoms. My assymetry is still noticeable to me, and I knew I would still have it after the procedure my surgeon told me surgery wouldn't change this it would just take what I already have and make it bigger. So I don't know why it bothers me so much since I've always had it. Maybe it's just I didn't notice it as much before surgery when they were smaller. I'm still working on getting over that, I think I mention it every update haha :) Sometimes it bugs me, but most of the time I'm ok with it. Oh and I was noticing that my chest was breaking out so much since surgery and I just realized the other day it's probably from the bralettes I wear a lot, especially to sleep. None of my bralettes breath very well, they are all a nylon/spandex mix. So I'm on the hunt for some cotton bralettes that I can sleep in and hopefully not break out anymore. If any of you have some good cotton bras you use let me know!!

Almost 7 months

On Monday I will be 7 months post op. I am feeling really good and have been back to my regular routine for a while. My boobs haven't changed much in looks, they just get softer and squishier every month. I really love the and am so glad I did this!

8 months

I can't believe 8 months have gone by. I am feeling great and so much more confident. On New Year's Eve we went to a party and I was wearing a top that you couldn't wear a bra with and my boobs looked amazing! My sister was there and she was commenting how she was a little jealous of my new boobs, and now she's talking to me about getting hers done too lol. I don't remember the name,of the realselfer's profile I read this on, but she said at around 8 months post op they start softening so much more. When I first read that at 6 months post op I thought they couldn't get any softer than they had already, but she was absolutely right. They have gotten so much softer in the last month especially my right side which was the smaller side to begin with. It has felt tighter than the left the whole time, but it is finally feeling just as soft. They also seem to have settled just a little bit more. I really love them. It has been an adjustment since getting them, they bump into more things like when I'm leaning or reaching for something, or trying to squeeze through a crowd lol, but I love having them. Another adjustment is I always wear a bra now. I wear one all day and then sleep in a soft one at night, just trying to keep them looking good. Oh, and I was in school one day and we were working on a group project in class and the women in my group were talking about boobs and some of them were commenting how they didn't have any and had always been small chested their whole life. Without even thinking I said "oh me too! I've always hated it!" they all turned and looked at me then my boobs, I laughed at myself then and just said "oh these are new." I forget sometimes that I have them, lol.

10 months & 1 week

Not too much has changed. Still loving my boobs and so happy I did this!!

Happy (belated) 1 year to my girls!

I can't believe it has been a whole year! It felt like during all the waiting in the beginning that a year would never go by. I have been doing more normal routine for quite a while. I do all activities and exercises. They look great and they feel amazing! I seriously was not thinking they would get this soft, but really after that 8 month point they rapidly softened up a lot! They feel and move a lot like boobs without implants, they bounce and jiggle and are a whole lot of fun to have, haha :D My left nipple is still a bit weird though. I can feel pain and pleasure, but I can't feel warm or cold in that nipple, my left is perfectly fine. I still have numb places on both boobs, but the numbness is really weird. It's hard to explain what it feels like, like I can feel stuff there but not necessarily like it was before. I am hoping that means that regular sensation is coming, just slowly. That's all I can think of right now. If you want to ask any questions I'll answer them the best I can.
Columbia Plastic Surgeon

My doctor was Dr. Gregory Sexton in SC. I loved him and his staff! They were all so very nice and patient and answered all my questions, and even let me try on sizers again and change my implant size 3 days before surgery. I thought I would be crazy nervous on the day of surgery, and that I wouldn't be able to sleep the night before. But I slept fine and never once felt any nervousness, just excited, which is huge for me because going into my regular doctor when I'm sick I get nervous. But I had complete faith and trust in him, and the staff at the surgical center were also great.

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