31, single mom of one (10Ib4oz via c-sec), full TT, flank lipo, BA 400cc silicone HP

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So.. I did my consultations from 2 different...

So.. I did my consultations from 2 different plastic surgeons in town- I have decided to go with the first one. To be honest, I could go a little further and get it done from Denver (since it is a little bigger city), but I am not sure how I am going to handle coming back from the surgery and emergency follow up..etc..

Overall, I like the surgeon. It seems like he knows what I want. (I did not get the same feeling from the second one. I am sure he is a great surgeon and I know 3 girls who got breast augmentation from him. Everyone loves him. However, I was just not feeling it from him)

He recommended mini tummy tuck instead of liposuction itself (bummer!)

I recently purchased my first house too. I am just waiting the closing date so that I can put deposit in and make an appointment for the surgery.

28 Days left until my pre-op appointment

I am trying to focus on losing weight that I have gained last year.
Goal is to go back to 137 pounds (which I was at in March,2014).
I weighted 146 pounds yesterday :/
Here I am sitting in the chair, feeling my stomach... it is so uncomfortable!
I cannot imagine what it feels like to have a flat stomach.
28days! 4 weeks !! My main focus is losing weight for now-

30 something days left til the surgery

So... I have never put on my bikinis in public- I found bikinis that still had tags on it today that I bought last year :( I decided to take a picture of me. Me with no clothes on.. a little depressing yet I am so happy I made this decision- now I have something to compare.. still working on losing weight to 137

hanging belly

And this is why I am doing it !


I leaned over to see if I can show how much skin and fat I have on my lower abdomen. So so uncomfortable

I did not realize this but....

My surgery date is March 12th. I am currently taking some online classes. I did not even think about this but the spring break is right after my surgery. THANK GOODNESS!!!! That is one less thing to worry about :)

Not losing weight at all.

5 days until my pre-op appointment, 22 days until my surgery! (This is surreal).
My weight is now 148 pounds (WTF, I am usually 142 pounds ).
I wonder anyone experienced weight gain before the surgery.. I think it is the stress, and also I have noticed in the back of my head, I keep thinking... More fat, more to get rid of- I want to get rid of MORE (am I even making sense? this woman's logic is sickening me). I do tend to gain weight with some emotional stress and I found myself trying to eat what I cannot eat after the surgery .. such as wine, chocolate (hey, I don't even like chocolate)... SMH!

I seriously need to go back my old self.. This sudden weight gain has been more stressful than the surgery itself. PLEASE I just want to go back to my normal weight before the surgery :(

my wish pictures

I love these boobs. Just going a little smaller. I am debating between 375 cc or 400cc

My "before" boobs

I always loved my boobs. I still do. Just want more volume on the top that I lost after breast feeding

Too much snow

I was counting for this day and couldn't make it to the pre-op because of the snow. I really wanted this day to come. I even had a dream that I had a pre-op with Dr. Smith. I hope I get my car back soon. I left my car in front of someone's house. Ha!

full amount paid

Paid the bug chunk of money. Now I am gonna be poor for the rest of the year. Haha. I cannot wait ! Adding my before pics. Pre-op appointment on Monday :)

Amazon shopping. What am I missing?

Here is my list.. what am I missing?

-walker (borrowing from a family member)
-recliner (renting from Rent A Center)
-neck pillow
-extra pillows (My Pillow- I have heard good reviews)
-Quest protein bars (I love them)
-pre mixed protein shakes 12 packs
-hair, nail, skin gummy vitamins
- Scar Away silicone scar sheets (Is it going to be worth it? they are expensive)
-electric kettle for teas

To buy/do

-house gowns (open up in front )
-anti bacterial soap
-hair cut
-bottle water

pre-op appt done :)

I was waiting for this day for so long !!:)
My pre-op appt was short and clear. It was around lunch time so I think everyone was eating in between the appointments which I understand.

Most of my questions were answered. I was debating between HP and moderate plus. After showing some wish pictures, he said HP would look more like my wish pics. Size would be between 375 - 400cc (will determine during surgery with a sizer). Signed my life away :) already filled up my scripts which have Keflex, Percocet, Zofran- I do have high tolerance with pain, not too concerned. I am just worried about being nauseated and not able to keep meds down but he assured I will not throw up. (I hope!)

Also, I went to Rent-A-Center today for a recliner.

Things are coming along.

I am excited yet nervous! I am not happy about my current weight :( 148 this morning. That is almost 10 pounds more than my original goal weight.

Oh well, I can work on that after the surgery :)

almost a week left

Saying good bye to this body.
I loved it, I hated it, I struggled it, I took care of it.... I cannot imagine having a flat stomach and perky breasts....
This is surreal and I am getting ready for a change- amazing journey

bought two post op sports bras

:) I usually wear 36B. I found two high support sports bras. I am planning on getting 400 HP. So I bought 38D considering swells and comfort (don't want it to suffocate me while I am sleeping ). Let's see how these fit once I get my new girls :)

surgery is in 2 days

I keep reading things about mini tummy tuck how patients are not satisfied after the procedure about their upper abdomen. Last thing I want to do is regretting after going through all this. So I called up the surgeon asking if they can change the procedure last minute.

More likely I will ask surgeon to decide on the table if I need full vs mini.

So so nervous!!! Excited and worried

Waiting on a phone call as far as finance change and if the surgeon even have time to do extended procedure that day.


HERE I COME! FULL TUMMY TUCK!!!! whew I feel better now haha

less than 24 hours left

80% charged up. I am ready for the change

day 1

Post day 1. Slept all day on and off. Getting up and down by myself to the bathroom and some stairs.
I was so much in pain. They told me they almost sent me to ER whoa !
My breast feels like it is going to pop out !

day 2

Pain is manageable. I have been taking one percocet every 4 hours, oxycotin every 12 hours and muscle relax or every 8 hours :/ sleeping on and off all day all night. I cannot believe how hunched back I am - am I gonna be able to stand up straight ? :(

Can't wait

Had huge bowel movement haha. (Sorry) then I took a picture of myself on the toilet. Cant wait this to be off so that I can actually see them :)

day 4 -

Today is post op appointment :) I get to see my body for the first time and maybe get my drain pulled out. Pain is there. Burning sensation but I am going to try treat it with Tylenol from today instead of percocet or oxy ! :) I cheated and peeked before I get to see the full body.

day 4 -first shower

Whoa my body does look different !!!


I like it!!!

Day 5- morning

*things I can do*
standing up 80 degree
picking up little things from the floor with squat position
slept in bed for the first time last night after post-op with 6 pillows (3 behind neck, 3 under my knee)
getting in and out of recliner and bed by myself
getting up and down stairs
making bed
taking a shower on my own
dressing on my own slowly

*things I cannot do yet*

I am still in moderate pain time to time.
I know when it is coming by being nauseated, yesterday I had doc's appot and it made me sick to my stomach :/
Overall, recovery is quicker than I thought. First 3 nights I had my friend and her teenager daughter helping me but since yesterday I was on my own. My son who is 8 is staying at his grandparents which helps :)

I weigh 152.8 right now-
I don't notice much swell on my body other than abdomen and breast.

to be continued !

Trying to be patient.

ah.. this is tougher than I though :(
feeling like my abdomen is folded together
unable to unfold it .. arg!

I think I like my boobs

Huge ! Haha at least it feels huge :)


you know, I thought I was safe for constipation since I had good BM in 2 days PO.
Then, (I won't go graphic) All the sudden, I am just suffering with bowel movements!
oh joy! haha..... Colace twice a day, even if you don't have problems with BM!

post op day 7- first driving

After midnight, I was still suffering from constipation and finally went to walgreen to buy milk of magnesia , I already drank 2 cup of senna tea as well as cleansing pills :/ def weird to walking around isles with my hunched back. My boobs were on the way every time I turn my handle :( yep. I guess my boobs are big now. I hope tomorrow I can have smooth bowel movement !

day 8 before and after

Left breast feels swell and stomach is of course very tender ! Can't wait for the final results. Start paying attention to fluids intake and food intake.

po day 10

Yesterday the trip to Target was tougher than I thought. I felt dizzy and kinda wanted to pass out ! I bought a CG but it was impossible to put on. I bought a medium size. Maybe I need a large !
Having a hard time making a routine with all this free time especially I work nights. I think I am going to start taking a walk around the neighbor from today.
Can't wait to hit the gym again. The bra I bought just had padding, my girls look all perky!

post op day 12 I think!

I keep having this goosebumps every so often. My belly button is oozing and have clear drainage. My stomach still has burning sensation. Started Arnicare cream which helps me a lot !
Still cant drive a long distance and cannot get out of bed easy but so far, I am happy with the change :) my boobs feel so so big !!!

post op 15- my spanx is so tight !

Yesterday, I cleaned the entire house with my 8 year old ' s help :) then went to Target to get some new spanxs. Then I taped my incision site with paper tape ( the biggest mistake ever !!!!! I really don't know how to take care of my incision site. The surgeon said put antibiotic ointment but didn't say much other than that. So this morning I took off all the paper tape in the shower then just put ointment, covered with dressings. My friend told me I walk like a grandma and my posture is really bad. I need to work on opening up my shoulders more.

Arnicare gel and tab are helping me a lot.
I have no problem getting into bed but getting out of bed is hard :(
I have been wearing full body suit spanx with binder together but this new spanx is so so tight and more supportive, I don't think I need additional binder (and the nurse from the office said the spanx is ok as long as it is supportive).

In 13 days I go back to work. It is a busy hospital and I am a nurse. Not sure how I can handle that since walking more than 30 mins cramps up my stomach very badly.

I will focus on more on recovery.
Take vitamins, hydrate and focus on my posture.

post day 16- not ready to go back to work

- now I am able to walk 2 miles without having cramp feeling on my abdomen,has been taking a walk everyday

-getting in and out of bed is easier but still have a moment when I feel like "now how do i get up?"

-my stomach feels still fat, especially when I see them from side :/ but I should be patient

-no more goosebumps! I guess it was a healing process

-boobs are very foreign when I walk lol but I love the size! It is not too big not too small :)

-my friends say I am walking straight but I feel like I am hunched back and not sure I am gonna be able to go back to work in 10 days (I am a nurse), so scared !

-my portion size has been gradually increased ! I cannot wait to go back to the gym.

-tomorrow is 2 weeks post op appointment. Will ask doc if I can use scar treatment.

Post op appointment yesterday

-Everything went smooth. The surgeon did say I am swelled up which made me feel better. I kept asking, "is this fat?" LOL he assured I would love the final results.

-He was pleased with my incision site which I was a little bit worried. OKAY to use silicone sheet. Start scar massage

-Okay to do light cardio such as elliptical and jogging from next week (post op 4 weeks)
NO to abdomen workout until 6 weeks, pretty much just don't do any workout that would hurt me

-Okay to wear spanx but wear abdomen binder with while I am working for protection (I am a nurse)

-Okay to go back to work next week (I was hoping he said no LOL)

-Breast will be soft in a few weeks. He showed me how to massage the implants.

overall, short and clear appointment. I continue to walk 2-3 miles a day.

I made it! week 3 :)

Updating the pics. I am still swellen but the picture says I am getting better :) I walked like 3 miles and went for 2 hours shopping on the top of it on post op day 19. I paid it real good yesterday. Yesterday was HORRIBLE!

I have to remember I am only post op 3 weeks.

6 days until I go back to work. I am getting anxiety :(

so depressing. I feel like I am ruining everything

:( I got really sick since yesterday. I have a cold and I cannot stop sneezing. At first, it was really hurting then now I am not even hurting that much anymore. I almost feel like I made all the stitches inside loose and thats why I am not hurting. So depressing. I just wanna stop sneezing and I cannot help it I want to cry

boobs are settling in

Funny how I went in the consultation for liposuction on abdomen and ended up with doll boobs, and tiny waist ! Cant wait to wear a normal bra

week 4- first day of going to work!

Worked 13 hours of night shift on the day of week 4. Even thou I felt like I was getting a lot of swell, the look of my abdomen didnt go horribly bad at the end of shift. I wore spanx and binder together entire time! Lots of under the tongue Arnicare and help from my Co workers :)

I have noticed my left breast has been bothering when I move it. It has been that way since the surgery. It is around the armpit under the implants where I get a feeling like I have an air bubble in it :/ just sore. Hmmm I hope it is normal!

I am trying to eat really healthy now. Havent been to the gym yet. I am thinking next week. :)

week 5

Started working out Woohoo

Wearing waist trainer as CG. Super

Left side boob pain is going away

Using scar away sheet except today is paper tape

:) happy recovery !

the first girls night out !

I finally bought regular bras at Victoria secret- I am 36D (kinda between D and DD) that was the only place that I could find somewhat pretty normal looking bras with that size.

I am going to the gym but still cannot run. Not sure how, my girls bounce too bad it becomes kinda hurt. Maybe 2 bra on ???

I am still wearing CG 24/7. Literally every day and night. I feel like I need to take off for a few hours a day so that I can get used to it but I feel like my internal organs will come apart !

I went out with my girl friend last night. Fortunately no one looked at my boobs suspiciously. My boobs are really natural and I love it ! And it is high profile :)

Swell seems to be doing better. When I work 13 hours night , it gets still stiff by 4 am thou

I lost the track of days. I hope this week is week6, that seems to be the magic number.

sick. again. I am getting sick of this.

Today I am not in a good spirit. I went to the gym the other day. Great workout. Then the day after I got a cold AGAIN!!!!! Idk I am just tired of being sick. On the top of that, I started my period :/

2 months

Love my new boobs !

week 8 tummy scar

I am still not doing ab workouts but damn! Just imagine if I do :) I am slowly taking a break from the binder. In fact, I threw away the one I got from the surgery center. The other night I worked entire 12 hr shifts without any type of compression !


:) I gained 10 pounds after the surgery but my stomach is flat !

Just some new pictures


Love my stomach

More likes abs now. :)

Scar revision surgery done

Will post the post- op picture sooner than later :) I wasn't ready to stop working out for another 4-6 weeks!!!! My scar was not that bad but it bothered me enough to get the scar revision.


In the left photo, I was working out hard ! Probably harder than I workout right now. But this surgeries gave me even more motivation :) I still have steri strips on my scar revision site but I can tell the scar is lower ! (Maybe I am imagining ) anyhow, I wanted to share my tummy tuck results.

Scar removal (revision ) surgery

I started working out at day 7. Still don't run / squat /abs but I am happy to be back in the gym after 8 days of break :) incision is healing nicely. It even looks lower ! I did ask the surgeon if he lowered my scar and he said yes. I used steri-strips, paper tape, scar gel but they all made me itchy like crazy for some reasons. Maybe the wound is healing. I ordered sciliocne tape on Amazon.com this time and it looks and feels much better ! ( better than scar away for sure ! ) I am trying to scar massage a little bit as my wound is closed already and that's something I was not good at with my first scar. Can't wait to see the final results.
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