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I was going to go low key on this - but I thought...

I was going to go low key on this - but I thought nope " I gotta let my sisters know out there how it goes down" I also wanted to share my protocol.
As you can see from the before pics I had quite a bit of hooding- which has always been my natural look.
As you know it can begin to look like one is always tired and 'actually' when I am tired it sort of began to feel like it was effecting my vision. Any inflammation from flying or too much salty food and it began to annoy me. So Knowing Im not the kind of gal that has any intention of aging gracefully in any way started searching. Ive had multiple consultations with many different styles of plastic surgeons and finally went with Doctor Burroughs in my local town of Colorado Springs. He seemed very technical adept and while not as flashy as some of the California Doc's I saw I like his low key no messing sort of style- I should note that he is an Oculoplastic surgeon which was a blessing during the procedure. Im the sort of person who needs taking down with a Rhino dart and so Doctor had to act fast and throw another Valium down just to calm me. The Procedure was done while I was awake but sedated and while I was nervous about that It really helped because the doctor was able to ask me to look up ect...
I was really happy that I only live 10 mins away and my Husband was able to get me home to bed quickly. The advice is to keep the eye bandages on as long as possible - My appointment was at 7am and I removed them at 4pm that day and began 'gently' Icing. Im now on day 3 and onto the warm packs. Heres my personal protocol. Doctor suggested I take antibiotics because I coughed during the procedure.(nerves) Im a bit of a Health nut' and know that a high percentage of the bodies immune system is in the gut. I take regular Pro- biotics - Juice daily- eat clean- and Yoga & Exercise. Ive never been sick in my life other than flu twice and the odd cold (which Ive not had for at least 5 years) so Im taking Tumeric every hour for inflammation, High dose Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C and I started taking Arnica a week ago and will continue to do so. Im feeling pretty good and while Im aware of the crispy tight feeling Im slathering on 'Lacri-lube' and really not in any pain! I do have pain killers but just take one before bed to help me sleep sitting up. I should note this is my choice you should follow your doctors advice but I will Keep you posted - but so far so good :)

day 5 and feeling a bit nervous

here I am on day 5. Im pretty nervous about how things are looking- I asked Doctor Burroughs to be very very conservative as Ive never had an very open eyed look- but I'm not sure thats going to be the case. Also it dawned on me that the initial consult had not been an intention to remove any fat bags as I did not have any visible fat bags instead I had hollows - infact two prior sessions had been to dissolve fillers! - I have very low body fat and a clean liver Ive never suffered with fat bags it was only wrinkles that were my issue. Last minute on the day he decided to remove fat bags?? Under my right eye has a hollow at the moment so Im trying to just Trust the process. The last thing I want to be doing is adding fillers! I thought a bit of fat was good to maintain a youthful look? The doctor is away on vacation at the moment so here I sit hoping I'm just over- reacting. Ive posted a bunch of pictures looking up and down and also of single eyes. In terms of how I feel- I feel fine and Im not in any pain- Ive been following protocol and using the warm compress. I usually just lay down with a meditation music chant and chill out while it does its stuff. Im also still sleeping upright as I think that helps with the swelling and Im careful not to damage the stitches . Im avoiding any sugar and minimal salt.... thats all for now....

day 7

took some pics outside today in better light. Feeling a bit more positive as yesterday was a bit of an emotional low... you know how it can go ladies! No pain. Lovely to use a warm and wet compress over the eyes it felt really good. Still sleeping sat up. Eating clean. Staying positive!!!

Ta Da....!

Hello Fellow beauty seekers (Inner and outer ;)
Heres me today just a bit of mascara on and a little blurry after a very nice saturday night!
Eyes are spectacular even though still healing - tons of comments from people when Im out wearing makeup about how good and rested I look. Utterly delighted with the outcome Doctor B is a star - cool as a cucumber with my Neurosis - and here I am feeling like a new person, not only physically but the more open-eyedness' has been so good on other levels- my eyes don't only look better they feel better and brighter.. one hundred percent happy!!
Colorado Springs Oculoplastic Surgeon

Doctor B' is a low key mega star. Non of the flash Ive experienced with some Doctors in his field- but a very skilled proficient surgeon. My procedure though very 'roller coastery" at the beginning has fully blossomed and exceeded my expectations.... What more can I say Im so happy with the result.

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