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So I been wanting a reduction for some time but...

So I been wanting a reduction for some time but for whatever reason thought it would be too much of a headache going through the process of getting it approved. I'm insured through tricare and other women I knew who got one said it took almost a year of appointments and complaining to get it approved so I was not trying to do all that. I went in for my usual pap and expressed to my doctor that I wanted a breast reduction she could look at my breast and understand why. They are very heavy lol. So she put in a request to tricare and not even a week later the army hospital called me to set up a consultation I was shocked how fast that happened. I had my consultation and idk how I feel about the surgeon I'm assuming he's contracted by the military to do tricare covered procedures which is fine but he's pretty old....I think at least 75 so I'm concerned he might not be up to date with modern practices. He told me I would probably need a free nipple graft which really scares me but he insist it might be the only option with as big as they are and as small as I want to go (I'd like to be a b or small c).

My pre open is scheduled for November and my surgery is Dec 2. I went to see another surgeon for a consultation today and he made me feel a lot more comfortable and said he could do the job w out doing a nipple graft he's much younger and his office was very professional he covered way more during our consultation than the military surgeon did so if tricare approves him to do it I'm definitely going w him instead. He said it takes 4 to 6 weeks to find out so that's fine bc I still won't even have had my pre open by then. He did reassure me that he is familiar with the original Dr I've been seeing and that I would be in good hands so I will only go to him if for whatever reason I can't get it done by the younger dr. I am on a time crunch bc as of now I'm on tricare through my husband but I plan on divorcing him at the end of the year so I need to take advantage of tricare now lol

approved for surgery w the dr that i prefer!

Im so excited i thought it would take 4-6 weeks to hear back if tricare had approved the surgery from dr aaron smith but they called me back today and told me i was approved it hadnt even been 2 weeks since my consultation! I feel so much better using him over the original surgeon tricare placed me w bc that surgeon was talking about a free nipple graft which truly scares the shit out of me lol dr smith already said he wouldn't have to do that and sounds way more up to date w techniques. My pre op is set for nov 18th my surgery is dec 3 which is one day after my original date was set. I couldnt be happier. Now im motivated to lose this 20lbs before my surgery so i can truly love my body again. I will post before pictures soon!

sports bra and regular bra to work out

Just counting down the days I'm so excited I called the office yesterday to see if anyone cancelled and I could get in early lol she said she'd lmk. The fact that I know I'm getting the surgery makes me feel even more self conscious about my breast size and want to keep them covered. It's crazy but they seem more massive to me now lol

my breast

Here's a good picture of them in a bra idk that I'll do a top less picture just yet bc I'm still a bit shy for that but this is them yes they are heavy and yes they sag. Weight fluctuations throughout the years has not helped in the breast department. This is one of my better fitting bras I can't wait to burn it lol

billing concerns

Hey ladies! Im a little concerned about a bill i recieved from my office for over 100$ after only having what was supposed to be a "free consultation", i am concerned that ill keep getting hit w bills to the point where i cant afford the surgery by my date. I called the office and she said its only a free consultation if its a cosmetic surgery so basically they are just milking the insurance companies. She said someone from billing will call and explain the rest tomorrow. Im going to be really bummed if i cant afford surgery w him because i already had a completely free surgery scheduled at the military hospital that i cancelled. I have tricare so i imagine it should be mostly covered but im not sure after getting billed that much just for a consultation. Any ladies w tricare experienced this?

weight loss

I haven't been taking my weight loss seriously lol I said I want to lose 15 lbs before my br and since then I've gained 5lbs smh. Today is a new day and I plan to go the gym EVERY DAMN DAY leading up to surgery so when I wake up my body will be where I want and I can just focus on healing. I called tricare today to ask about the 114$ bill I received after my consultation they said bc I picked my own dr to see before getting permission from tricare that I got billed a portion of the consultation but since then tricare has approved everything so no more bills. Wish I would've known that beforehand but oh well better than paying the whole 6500$ lol. 50 more days I can't wait!

1 month pre op

Tomorrow I will be officially 1 month pre op. I cannot believe it's finally right around the corner. I have literally been counting down the days since like July when I put in my request. I keep debating if I want to be a b or a c cup. Alot of ladies on here have said they wish they went smaller. I'm not a big girl but I'm not skinny either so I don't want to look out of proportion and I do like the way small breast look on women usually more than big. My pre op is on the 18th so I'm sure dr.smith will lmk what is best for me. I'm so anxious. I keep thinking about how this will change me. I know I'm still the same Lauren but I have always been so insecure about my breast but have kept it to myself. I don't feel like they have ever been acceptable and weight fluctuations have definitely played a major role in my insecurities bc my breast took the worse beating lol. This is something I need to do I'm not getting any younger and want to be able to enjoy my body while I still can. I have done so much research on my surgeon and I am convinced he is one of the best not just in the springs but in colorado. Fortunately November is a busy month for me so I can keep my mind occupied while it flies by. I do have to pay 114$ I plan on paying that the day of my pre op but I'm so fortunate for tricare. I can't believe I didn't do this year's ago.


2 more weeks!

I had my pre op appointment yesterday. It was much more simple than I expected. He just asked me if I had any questions and then gave me all the information on what to do pre and post op. He also gave me my prescriptions. The whole thing maybe took 10 minutes. We went over what cup size I want to be I'm set on a big b and he said he can get me there I was also worried about having a box shape and he seemed confident that it's not something I have to worry about. He makes everything sound very simple and I can tell he is very confident about his work. I trust him completely he is one of the best surgeon's in colorado and I know this is nothing new for him. Also he doesn't use drains and he uses the stitches that dissolve so that's even better. I feel very good about the whole thing my only worry is going under bc I have never had surgery before but I guess that's a normal concern. I am very fortunate this has been a very easy experience I put in my request to my Dr in July and before the new year I will have brand new titties done by one of the best in the game I am so blessed. Seems to good to be true. This 2 weeks will go by fast I'm just gonna be working on losing belly fat although I'm sure that will be easy considering I can't smoke Marijuana the week before and after surgery so my appetite will decrease by alot. The countdown begins!

4 more days

Its hard to believe i will have small perky breast before the week is out. Im so excited i try and think about other things but its hard! I am off today and Monday then i will be busting my ass in the shop on tue and wed. Im a self employed barber so fortunately i was able to let all my clients know about a month in advance and last week i sent out reminder text to all of them reminding them i will be out of my shop from the 3-15 so thats why im cramming them all in before Thursday so it will basically be no money lost. Also the place that finances my car is letting me skip decembers payment and my man will pick up anything i cant cover but i think i will be fine. When you work for yourself you really have to be prepared financially when you want to take any time off. Hopefully i can go back after only one week but i took 12 days off just in case but doc thinks ill bounce back quick. Monday i plan to fill my perscription and pick up a couple front closing sport bras and anything else i should need. My only concern is not waking up or dying during surgery. I know its not likely but as the time gets closer you start thinking all types of crazy shit plus i just went to a funeral for someone i went to highschool w who dropped dead of a heart attack at 31 so my nerves are jumpy. I know im healthy i eat a very good plant based only (vegan) diet for the past 2 yrs and drink a lot of water but i still get nervous. My dr said to stop smoking marijuana the week before and after and thats what im doing ive cut back on alcohol as well. I just want everything to go smooth. Im going to stock up on fruits and vegetables and make a hearty bean and veggie soup in the crockpot the night before so i have easy access to food. This will probably be my last post until im on the other side wish me luck :)

it's a damn shame

That several women on here including me won't post pics due to the insanely large amount of sick fucks on here trolling for their own sick fetishes.

hours away

It was a wonderful feeling getting off of work today knowing its the last time i have to carry these jugs with me. I was so busy the last two days my neck back and shoulders are killing me. I go in tomorrow at 645 am. I know i will be up before the crack of dawn im so ready to get this done. I bought a nice pillow and some comfy house shoes this morning before work. I can already tell my man is going to get on my god damn nerves so i hope these drugs just knock me out for days so i dont have to deal w him. We'll see though.

finally on the other side

Today was the day I checked in at 645 am they had me feel out paperwork then they took me to a room in the back where I changed they asked me if I needed a pregnancy test but I literally started my period when I arrived lol but I knew that would happen if have a period tracker app. The nurse put my iv in and she had a hard time finding my vein but after a few minutes she got it. Then the anesthesiologist came in and explained how all that would go down. The entire staff was sooooo friendly and comforting. I was so nervous and they made me feel a lot better. Finally dr.smith came back to do his markings. He was still on board with the size I wanted to be and idk what it is but I just knew I was in good hands he showed me exactly where my titty and nipple would sit. It took about 10 minutes then they walked me back to the surgery room. My mother was w me up until that point. I got to the surgery room and it was cold but the nurses were great they laid me back got me comfortable and that's the last thing I remember. Everyone was so right I worried myself for nothing! When I woke up the pain was at about a 7 on a 1 to 10 scale so my recovery nurse immediately gave me something for that and it helped alot. I was in and out of sleep but she fed me some crackers and water. I think I was in there for about a hour before I became alert and they had my mom come back. At that point my pain was at about a 3. The recovery nurse Becky was great she explained all my post op instructions to me and my mom and told me she had a br as well so I know she knew what she was talking about. She helped me put my clothes back on she did such a good job I gave her a hug when she walked me out. I could immediately feel the relief in my neck back and shoulders it was crazy. All the nurses told me this is one of the best transformations they have seen and how much better my quality of life will be and I believe them. I can't see them yet bc of the bra and padding around me but I can already tell the size is perfect and they are nice and perky when I peek through. We got to my mom's at about 12 and my mom just woke me up to take my meds and eat a few crackers she was going to get me Chipotle but my appetite is not quite there yet. My pain is so minimal ladies. Obviously I'm tender but nothing worth crying about I'm pleasantly surprised. Im at about a 2 to 3 on the scale. He removed 2 lbs from each breast. I just know they look good i can't shower until Saturday so that will be my big reveal. I encourage anyone who is unhappy about their breast to do this sooner than later. Idk why I waited so long I could have used this year's ago. Dr. Aaron smith is so good at what he does it am so blessed to have been able to go through him. I told you all the first doctor I said told me a free nipple graft was my only choice and I'd be left with boxy boobs. I'm positive I would have regretted going w him. Dr. Smith was perfect I never doubted him and he made me feel so comfortable I really like him and will refer him to anyone. Surgery only took 2 hours. I can't see anything but I just know the work is clean by the way it feels. This is been the best decision I ever made in my life right now I look like about a c they may go down either way I'm cool I said a big b or small c he did exactly like I wanted I hear so many women on here saying their dr left them too big I am so fortunate. My bf will pick me up at 4 when he gets off I knew he's gonna be surprised. I think he's pretending like he loves me either way but when he sees the nice perky titties I know he will prefer them. My old breast were big saggy and always in the damn way so now the sex which is already good will be a million times better bc I won't be self concious at all and he can really toss me around like he likes lol tmi but just keeping it real! Even my mom was surprised how massive my breast were I do a good job compressing them. To know that I will never have to hide them or strap them down and no longer have these horrible intentions in my shoulders from having to hold up all this weight is priceless. I will post pics tomorrow but the good ones won't be until Saturday. Thank you ladies for all the information and motivation I received from this site. W out it i would have been so lost. My mom is amazing I love her so much she is taking such good care of me. Make sure whoever you bring w you on the day is truly down for you bc you will be needy. That's it for today ladies I will post another update tomorrow maybe even tonight if anything changes. Good luck to all the ladies still in the waiting process:)

boyfriend on my nerves

Even though we have knows more months when my surgery date is and he was supposed to take Friday off to take care of me this mother fuck ericka decided to work overtime all day Friday and he's working Saturday too a day that he is normally off. I could have immediately cursed him out but I am not going to let him stress me out so I just said drop me off at my moms in the morning and I will stay with her this weekend. I believe she has to work tomorrow but I know she will at least leave early if I need her to and she has cable so I can watch TV all day so I'm not bored crazy. I understand my bf wants overtime but seriously I just had fuckin surgery and he had the option for overtime last week and chose not to do it. He should have just left me at my moms house today if he was gonna end up pulling that card. I'm so mad at him I don't even want to look at him. He read my post op instructions and my mom even went over it with him that I am not to be left alone especially for that much time. He has yet to tell me I look nice he wouldn't even know how my experience went had my neighbor not just came over asking me about it. Makes me question everything. You know who is there for you in times of need. I don't believe he even put in a request for the day off. Now he keeps smoking weed literally like 2 ft away from me I'm turning my head the opposite direction but his stupid ass isn't catching the memo. Pray for me that I don't go off on him tonight.

feeling ok today

I woke up at about 4am in a bit of pain so I took a couple pain pills and that helped. So far I'm taking 2 every 4 hours. I accidentally dropped all my pills all over the hardwood floor I was so mad but fortunately I found all but 1 of them. Still haven't gotten a good look at them but from what I see they look great. My right boobs is more swollen then the other but I'm pretty sure it will even out soon maybe after my shower tomorrow. I look inside my brain at my padding and there's really no bleeding I'm pretty sure I'll be ready for work after 1 week but I'm still gonna take the whole 13 days. Today I'm at my moms house just laying in her bed watching TV in and out of sleep. She made me a nice green smoothie this morning so I'm sipping on that and some wheat thins. I'll eat some more chili tonight. I also took to fiber chews I still have not gone number 2 so that's my only concern right now but I hear that's normal. My stomach is making all kinds of noises and I'm gassy but I can't complain. Well back to sleep i go

shower day

Today I was finally able to shower and see my new boobs. They look amazing! I have some bruising but that's expected. Pain is minimal I just need to keep taking my meds but I'm down to 1 every 4 hours as opposed to 2. Showering was difficult I had my bf do my back and legs and I did the rest and now I have on a regular sports bra. I returned my front clasp ones to Walmart bc surprisingly I am able to reach over my head. I feel pretty good overall. I ran a few errands today and was fine as bc I didn't have to really do much but walk which is probably good for me anyway. My bf feels terrible for how he treated me so he ended up taking today and Monday off and now he's outside grilling me veggie burgers in the cold. Lol. I plan to just relax and watch movies for the rest of the day. 2 days post op and I am beyond satisfied with the results so far the size is perfect the shape is perfect I can tell scarring won't be too bad. Dr. Smith is truly amazing

I can't get comfortable

I am so tired of sleeping on my back! I usually sleep on my side or stomach so this is very hard to adjust to. Last night I kept waking up i was having head aches and my stomach was upset. The stomach aches were bc I had to take 2 laxatives yesterday morning bc I still had not gone number 2 and they definitely helped bc I've gone about 3 times since then. I'm trying to ease off the oxycodone but I had to take 2 this morning bc my incisions were in pain I should have purchased some padding to put in my bra after my surgery bc it's not a comfortable feeling having my bra touch the cuts I might need him to put more surgical tape on me tomorrow to protect everything. Mornings seem to be the worst as far as pain but I'm still only at about a 3 on the scale of 1 to 10. My boobs still look great i just have alot of bruising . Today I will continue to rest might go to my mom's for a bit but I'm really just focused on healing I'm a very independent person so being unable to move about like I like to is starting to bother me. My pets have been loving me being home I have a dog and a cat both are spoiled rotten and fight for my attention all day so both of them have been sleeping on my stomach and legs all day they literally don't move lol their gonna be sad when I get back to work. Every time I use the restroom I look at my boobs nobody can believe how good they look for being only 3 days post. I do have a little feeling in my nipple as well. Dr.smith did such a good job I have absolutely zero complaints this man changed my life


post op appointment

Today was my post op and as i expected everything is healing the way it's supposed to. My right breast is still more swollen and bruised but he said they will eventually settle in fine. Everyday they get better so I'm confident they will heal perfectly. Last night I slept throughout the entire night with no interruptions that's the first time since surgery. I took 2 oxycodone before I went to bed and I haven't needed any since. I woke up w no pain and I still feel fine. That's good bc I don't want to depend on them anymore. If anything I'll take 1 before bed but if there's still no pain I'll pass. Next appointment isn't until January so in the meantime I'll just be healing. I am so happy with my breast already he said they will keep looking better. I can't believe just last week I had big saggy bags and now I have cute perky ones. I'm so blessed. Good luck to all you ladies that are still in the process. It's sooooo worth it!

im so bored

I am bored out of my mind all i do is watch movies, youtube,instagram, and real self lol. Everyone i know is working so i have no one to keep me company. Maybe I'll go for a walk later if its not too cold. I think i overdid it yesterday w my arm movements bc last night the incisions were soar and i bled a little so i started taking oxycodone again. I barely slept last night not bc i was sord though i was just up. I think i was tired of being in bed i was in bed all day after my appointment. Right now im on the couch i will clean the kitchen up bc that doesnt take too much arm movements then ill watch nip tuck season 3 and orange is the new black season 1 ihave never watched oitnb but hear it really good. Nip tuck is my shit if you haven't seen it your missing out. Its basically about plastic surgery we all love that lol. Well i really dont have much else to say like i said im just bored. So let me stop rambling.

trust your gut

I just read a review about a woman who cancelled her appointment w her surgeon only 2 days prior bc she didnt feel like the surgeon was right for her. I could totally empathize with her bc i had to do the same thing. Its crazy how we get so excited one we find out were approved that we just want to hurry up and get it done bc anything will be better than these huge ugly boobs. I was originally placed with Dr.Alfred Speirs through tricare. I researched him online and saw he was like 80 and listed as retired he even had several bad reviews but for some crazy reason i was denying all of that and just ready to get my surgery. At the consultation with him he had a dr in training with him which was fine i agreed but it did make me uncomfortable i felt like a science project. Based off my measurements the dr told me a free nipple graft was my only choice and to expect them to look boxy afterwards. That scared me but i thought well hes the dr he must be right. I had never even heard of a fng. Then his nurse tells me it will be ok but advices me not to research anything online bc that will just scare me. Red flags everywhere! Of course im going to reasearch this online these are my titties! After about a week of reading nothing good about fng outcomes i decided i needed to do something. First of all why only consult w one surgeon thats just crazy anyway. THANK GOD i met dr. Smith. He guaranteed he could get me where i needed i had already researched him a bunch and knew he was the one. I am positive had dr.speirs done them he would have ruined my breast and id be on here crying. He needs to retire for real. Yes it sucks to have to start all over w insurance but everything happens for a reason. Speirs had me scheduled for dec 2 smith got me done dec 3. I might be overthinking it but i believe that was God working it out for me. Always trust your gut especially for something as major as plastic surgery. Even in 2015 there are doctors out there botching people w zero fucks given! Be patient and the right one will fall into your lap. Just wanted to share that portion of my experience i hope it helps someone

feeling good

finally saw my nipples

I've started letting alot the surgical tape come off my Dr said by the end of week it was OK if it all came off so me being me I peeled the rest of the tape around my nipples off. They look so good. I swear they are like a third of the size they used to be lol. My scar underneath my nipple is so light I have no doubt it will heal just fine. I left the tape underneath my breast bc that area is still sensitive and yesterday I did too much and bled a little so I'm going to probably wait till that tape just naturally falls off. I haven't really gotten dressed nice since my surgery I have just been wearing hoodies and exercise pants but today I'm going out to celebrate my nephews bday he has a bball game then we're going to dart wars so I thought I'd wear normal clothes at the very least lol. I was so amazed when I put on my favorite jacket and I could actually zip it all the way up. I have always worn it unzipped due to my large breast but it fits me perfectly now. I can't wait to start trying on more clothes and see the difference. Each day I feel better I have no doubt I'm ready for work but I'm gonna milk this last week off anyway lol.

back to work

Yesterday was my first day back to work. I didn't want to go bc I love being home with my pets cooking and cleaning but unfortunately I have bills. I was very busy but I took about 2 hours long breaks in between clients so that helped. By the end of the day I was extremely exhausted. After 2 weeks of relaxing it's hard to readjust and I am still tender on my right side especially. I ended up taking today off bc I do think I over did it. Fri and Saturday hopefully I can get away with half days. It was good to get out of the house though plus it's almost Xmas and even though I don't celebrate it everyone in the hair business knows this is the time of year your clients literally throw extra money at you so I definitely am here for it lol. My boobs are still healing good. My scars don't look bad even my bf said their healing nice. I showed a couple of my gay male friends my boobs and they said they looked good like I got little implants lol I figure if gay dudes like my tits they must be nice lol and they wouldn't lie. I'm able to sleep more comfortable on my sides thank God and I basically can do everything I could before surgery so I'm really happy about that. I might be ready for light cardio at the gym but I'll wait til I see my Dr on the 4th to get his opinion. I have had sex and that was kind of difficult bc you still can't do too much bouncing around one of my incisions did bleed a little so you definitely want to be careful or in other words boring lol. I went grocery shopping and cleaned out the fridge now I'm just gonna relax until I make dinner. Taco night!

3 week update

3 weeks since my breast reduction and I'm feeling pretty good. My only concern is my right breast is still bruised and hard and it is bigger than the left. I know that's supposed to be normal but my left one healed much quicker so I hope nothing is wrong w it. I have heard some women say they had to get their boob drained I hope I don't have to. I see my Dr on the 4th hopefully he can do something for the swelling. I feel like my right boobs is a whole cup size bigger. You can't really tell in my clothes but when I look at them from certain angles I can. I'm not trippin if one is slightly larger than the other bc it's still better than my before situation but the swelling just concerns me. Maybe I have been doing too much too soon. Idk. Scars are looking decent I feel like they will eventually be non existent ive been putting a homemade Shea Butter mixture on them nipples get better over time. Still no feeling in the right one but it's starting to get erect so I think that's a good sign the left one I had feeling in almost immediately. The right boob just wants to be stubborn lol. Anyway I can't wait to get back to the gym you never noticed your stomach so much until your boobs are no longer sitting on it. I could definitely do some work. Overall I am still very happy with my breast it's so nice to have the weight off and to know that I can wear anything now w no restrictions I can't wait to have somewhere to go that I can wear a sexy dress to. I love being able to go to Walmart and get cheap 5 $ bras that actually support me. My bf loves them every time i undress his eyes are on me its nice, at first I think he didn't know what to expect a lot of people don't realize when you get a br you get a whole new sculpted shape and lift they think you just get liposuction on your boobs lol that would be stupid but I understand everyone hasn't researched it like me so I try not to judge...well if anyone has any good tips on reducing swelling after breast reduction please lmk!

cheap bras for the win

It is so nice to be able to wear a strapless CHEAP bras and still have support. I still can't believe it lol

4 week update

I took some advice from the ladies on here and started massaging my breast and the swelling in my right breast has gone down significantly. They are just about the same size now. I'm able to sleep on my stomach as long as I have an extra pillow under my chest and I really have no pain or tenderness anymore. Sometimes I forget I even had surgery until I go to reach something way out the way and it feels tight. I did work out on tues but I kept it minimal I only did 20 minutes on the stairs master so no jumping around or lifting weights. It felt good to get my heart rate going it's been a while since I've broke a sweat. I barely made the 20 minutes but it felt good. I feel terrible bc I have gained a few pounds since my surgery just sitting on my ass so I need to nip that asap. The 4lbs he took out of my breast are now on my stomach thighs and ass lol. I'm still just using my Shea Butter for my scars and I'll probably stick with that my skin is responding well to it. It's so cold in colorado springs so my nipples are hard basically all day but I still don't have complete feeling in them I hope it comes back soon but I do understand the possibility of losing sensation that's just a risk you take. I'm just blessed to have smaller breast that sit up lol. I still don't know my exact size but I will go get fitted in 2 weeks when I'm cleared to wear real bras w underwire. I'm actually not looking forward to that I think they will feel uncomfortable compared to sport bras but it can't be as bad as wearing one to hold up huge breast and having permanent dents on my shoulders so I'm sure I'll adjust. Btw the dents are still in my shoulders the redness is gone but I imagine the dents will take time to recover from years of holding all that weight up. I'll probably post some new pics when I get home but that's it for now. Hope everyone has a happy new year:)

had another dr appointment

I had another appointment with my surgeon yesterday and like I suspected I have a hematoma in my right breast. For those who don't know it's when something on the inside of your breast starts bleeding and it causes more swelling and bruising. I had been massaging it for a couple weeks and alot of the swelling went down he told me to keep massaging it and make sure it's supported and it will go away over time. It gets better each day so that's what I'll continue doing. He said everything looks great minus the hematoma and I'm ok to start exercising regular as long as it's not causing discomfort. He also said my scars look good I'm confident they will completely disappear over time. I see him again the end of feb hopefully my hematoma will be gone. Yesterday was my first complete body workout and it felt so good. I did 30 min on the glider than hit up all the weights. I did use my arms to hold down my breast during my cardio bc just letting them bounce even in the sports bra just didn't feel right it didn't hurt but I probably need to buy a even better bra for working out. I'm over this cold winter weather I'm ready to be able to show off my new boobs lol but I'll just be using this time to get the rest of my body in shape. I am still very happy I had the procedure just wishing I had done it years ago.


Top picks is before I was squeezing into a dd but my Dr said I was more like an e. Now I'm about a c still haven't been fitted to know exactly size yet


Hey! I wanted to show some progress pics of my scars. Shea butter is the only thing i have been using ladies save your money and go the natural route! Also me any my bf went on a date last weekend and I was able to wear a strapless outfit with NO BRA! it was amazing lol the last time I wore that outfit I had the most uncomfortable thick strapless bra on and all night I had to make sure my girls were not about to pop out. Little things like that make money so happy I made my decision to have surgery. I'm down 4lbs since I started going back to the gym 11 more to go I'm motivated!

bra size

So I finally went to Victoria Secret to get fitted for a bra. I was very surprised she measured me at a 36dd. Keep in mind I was squeezing into a 38dd before surgery but my Dr said I was more like an e cup. I looked shocked bc I was sure I was in a c cup. I tried on the 36dd and like I thought the band was too tight and the cups were too big so I had them give me a variety of sizes from that to a 38c. None of them felt right idk if it's just that brand of bras or what but I had an issue with each size they gave me to try on. I thought you were supposed to be top less when they measure you but she did it w my hoodies still on so I think that's why she had my measurements off. Oh and when i told her i had a br she said why would i do that....smh you would think she would know better given her job. Finally I just gave up and went to Burlington their bras are cheaper anyway lol. I tried on a few sizes and felt most comfortable in a 38c the 36d was ok as well but I'm gonna stick with a 38c depending on the type of bra it is. I'm ok w that I was hoping for a big b or small c but I feel like my boobs are a good size for my body and they will get smaller w some weight loss. I have been going hard in the gym yesterday I actually ran for about 20 minutes on and off. It felt good. My breast are finally settled and they feel and look like normal boobs I kinda miss the little implant look but oh well they're still sitting pretty lol. I just gotta get used to wearing these damn underwire bras again I was loving my little sport bras.

2 month update

Yesterday was officially 2 months post op. Not too much to say everything is healing well my hematoma is pretty much gone and they're looking very natural. I have still been using my Shea Butter mixture on them everyday and that seems to be working fine. I am just patiently waiting for summer bc it almost feels like nothing changed obviously the weight is gone and they look better naked but during the cold season I'm always covered in a hoodie or something so I don't get to really show my new figure. Summer time I'm gonna be doing the most lol.

forgot this pic


Another benefit of this surgery is FINALLY being able to wear sexy lingerie not the old grandma stuff! I picked this piece up from Burlington for 12$ and my man loves it! I don't celebrate valentine's day but it's right around the corner so there is a lot of cut pieces to choose from. I've been feeling kind of sluggish w the cold weather so it's a good way to spice things up. I never in my life thought I could wear something like this and look even decent lol

tattoo my nipples?

Yesterday was my 3 month anniversary and I'm feeling great. I'm running about 3 to 4 times a week and all I need is a good sports bra to keep the boobs in control. That's a wonderful feeling considering running was never an option even w a regular bra and a sports bra they were flying around every where! My breast are still sitting pretty but they have a much more natural shape to them now which at first I was bummed about bc I loved the round implant look but I still can go bra less so I'm not complaining. My nipples have some discoloration that does bother me sometimes so I'm thinking about getting them tattooed in the light spots....any ladies on here done that? I just want them to look like perfect circles and they did right after surgery but as time has gone on I have lost some pigment I hope I don't lose anymore. I do need to buy more bras I only have like 3 lol but I find underwire bras to be so uncomfortable now so I only wear them to work then I wear a sports bra the rest of the day. It's hard to believe I used to have a underwire bra on literally 24/7 unless I was in the shower bc my breast were so big it was not comfortable to sleep with out one on. I have absolutely zero regrets about my surgery I would do it again in a heartbeat. The confidence you gain plus the comfort is priceless. Tomorrow night I'm going to a party where I get to look sexy so I'm going to the mall when I get off to find the perfect (no bra required) outfit lol. Little things like that are exciting. I am so blessed to have gotten this done basically for free my only regret is not doing it years ago.

7 months post op

Hey ladies just wanted to give a quick update I haven't been on here in a while but it seems like nobody who I follow has lol. My notifications used to blow up but now I get nothing. I guess the excitement ends shortly after the surgery. Anyways it's finally summer and I rarely wear a bra. It feels good to finally not need one and to go to the gym w just one regular sports bra and have enough support. The scarring is so minimal and even if they don't get lighter I'm ok w that but I do feel they will completely disappear over time. Just to be able to wear what I want and no longer have severe pain from the weight makes everything worth it. The only negative is I don't think I will ever have complete feeling in my right nipple but to have the surgery done is worth it i was never really into nipple action anyway lol. If I had to do the surgery all over again I wouldn't think twice I would definitely do it again. My life has changed for the better. My pre op breast made me insecure nothing fit right and I didn't like my body at all. Now I'm more comfortable in my own skin than I have ever been i love my body and I never thought I could feel like that. I learned as women we will never be perfect to everyone but if you don't see the beauty in yourself you can bet no one else will. You have to be your biggest fan. Surgery doesn't fix what's damaged on the inside but let's be real when you look good you feel good you perform better and that's a great start!

1 year later

Hey ladies! So Dec 3 was my 1 year anniversary of my new boobs! Hard to believe how fast time flew by from wanting one my whole adult life, to taking the actions to get approved for one, to making it a reality. It is still the best decision I have ever made and I have zero regrets. I'm able to run comfortably for the first time in my life, I can do yoga w out my boobs suffocating me. If your wanting to lose weight and get serious about your health a breast reduction will make it so much easier. Clothes fit so much better I can wear just about anything I want. They are not as perky as they were the first couple months but they have a natural hang which does not bother me at all. I'm still able to go bra less they just don't look like little implants anymore lol. The scarring is so minimal they fade more and more each month it seems. Scarring is better than huge back breaking breast any day though! I'm a perfect 36c and most importantly I'm comfortable in my skin. My body is much more proportioned. This will be my last post and I'll probably delete my review eventually but I hope I was able to inspire someone to take those steps to change whatever they don't like about themselves no matter what it is especially if it effects your health. As long as your doing it strictly for yourself with no outside influence just do it. Yes it's a hassle dealing with insurance and finding the right surgeon but trust me it's all worth it. 2 years ago I wouldn't have imagined I'd be sitting here w new breast. Trust me it's worth it! Good luck to all in the process!?
Colorado Springs Plastic Surgeon

My experience with Dr. Smith was better than i could have imagined! His work is absolutely flawless and him and his entire staff is so friendly. He made me feel comfortable with him from the first consultation. He has so much experience and you can tell he is very confident in his skills. He gave me exactly what he said he would and boosted my confidence through the roof! I highly recommend him to anyone in Colorado looking for a grade A plastic surgeon. He really has changed my quality of life. I also have to shout out my recovery nurse Becky. She was so kind to me and she made me feel so comfortable. I have not one complaint about my experience with Dr.Smith he is amazing!

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