28years Old*lost 80lbs*severe Sagging*lift/aug

I lost 80lbs and had a tummy tuck 2 years ago.I...

I lost 80lbs and had a tummy tuck 2 years ago.I finally came to terms that my breasts also needed help.I saw a few doctors before I picked the one I knew was a right fit.I went in asking for a lift and Implants and he was the ONLY one who told me no.He had a different plan.Reduce and tighten 1st....

I'm getting Augmentation! :)

4 months later I realized that I'm just not happy with smaller breasts.
I loved the way Dr.Smith prepared me so I could choose to get them when I was ready. Maybe I would have changed my mi d about keeping my C cups.
One breast was left wider and bigger than the other and I definitely needed more lipo on the sides.
But he assured me everything will be fixed once my augmentation was done!

I got my silicone implants!

I did it! And the pain is worse than when I had my lift. It's supposed to be the opposite right? Well if you knew me, you'd understand. I'm very sensitive. I had a horrible first night. The percocets were not touching my pain, so I called Dr. smiths office. Thank you to Nurse Shelly because she listened! they prescribed me something that works! I found relief.
First day I was also freaking out about uneven nipples. But they seem to get better with the passing days. I see Dr. smith tomorrow and I am excited!
I can't wait to see when they are done being swollen and painful! I am ready to get back into the gym!
I have a few things left on my list but that's for the new year!
I'll try to post pictures as the weeks go on! I can't wait to see what I look like without all this retaining water!
I think Dr. smith is an Artist and I have 2 friends who booked with him, I have 2 more who will see him soon! He's the best in town!

12 days after

Still swollen. I feel my right Breast has dropped faster than my left. So I feel like my left is bigger and more swollen. But my husband says the opposite. Hmm...i am thrilled with results although I'll say to keep strips on as long as possible. My left fell out in shower 4 days later and I just took my right strip off. My right breast has a cleaner cut/scar since the strip came off last. But leaks...(told normal.)
I got silicons strips from the store and love them. Comes with one month supply. I'll use scar cream after. I needed neosporin, that should of been first priority.
I massaged my breasts last night before bed and I think it was too soon! Horrendous pain, and I couldn't sleep. Maybe next week. But like I said, they get more and more beautiful as days pass!
I will admit I should have went bigger. We talked about 420cc medium profile, and he ended up putting 445cc....but they still seem smaller than I expected. I e mailed him a few times and he's amazing at calling me back! (Usually when I'm napping-ha!)
He said when they fully heal we can go back to the question about size. They'll get fuller with time. Thank you for reading.
Colorado Springs Plastic Surgeon

I saw a lot of doctors who were eager to do my lift and implants that I was asking for. Even the doctor who did my tummy tuck. When I met Dr.Smith, he was the only one who told me that both procedures at once wouldn't be a good thing. He was very adamant about lifting and tightening before adding implants. I think he actually understood what I wanted my breasts to look like. I mentioned what I didn't like about some of the breasts I was seeing after this exact procedure. (Always do your homework) Dr.Smith was able to book my surgery that next week since my husband was leaving. I was so grateful! There's something soothing about Dr.Aaron's presence. His bedside manner is on point. It was like I was talking to a very calm, understanding, caring relative. I've always been a paranoid person so I always plan for the worst. So on the fourth day when my breasts bruised severely, I called a few times freaking out. He assured me everything was fine after looking at photos I e mailed him. He was quick about it! I was grateful. He calmed me down. I needed that. My two week appointment came and I was out of pain pills a day prior. I was still in a lot if pain. Visibly crying and uncomfortable and upset. He did not offer me another prescription, and I was too shy and nervous to ask. My husband was upset about this. I went home and suffered in silence for a week. Rethinking implants after enduring that. :( Almost the 4th week I started to feel better, but I discovered an irritation, burning stabbing pain that came out of nowhere under my right breast. I was told this was normal and he could fix the scar if needed be. This new, different pain lasted 3 days. Side note: if your pain tolerance is like mine. This procedure DOES NOT feel like engorged breasts after giving birth/breast feeding. This pain was worse than that! There's always going to be ups and downs when you put your body through surgery. All in all, I am happy I chose him, because my breasts are beautiful!!! More than what I expected!!! He is an artist and I am in awe of his work. Seriously! My nipples are smoothing out and I can't wait to be fully healed! I'm going to be adding photos as I heal. I hope I'm able to. Hope this helps someone out there!

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