Natrelle Style 20❤ (Smooth,Round,High Profile) Inframammary❤ (SubMuscular) 400-475cc❤

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I'm a tall and skinny, 26 year old mother of 3....

I'm a tall and skinny, 26 year old mother of 3. I'm 5' 8" and 110 lbs (always struggled with putting weight on). I breast fed for a total of 24 months ( not consecutively). I have an uneven chest wall and very little breast tissue. I want to go as big as I can without looking too fake, like 2 boulders glued to my chest. Because of my circumstances I don't think I can go much bigger than probably a full d, without it looking plastic. I'm really liking the gummy bear implants. They seem a lot more natural looking but not to the point where they're saggy. The perfect amount of "perk". I think HP textured sientra tear drop implants will give me the look I'm hoping for. Going to schedule some consultations and hopefully find the Surgeon who can achieve the look I want!! I've attached my boob goals!! :D

Different Ideas

So at first my husband didn't want me getting a breast augmentation. He liked the way I was and still thinks I'm beautiful 3 kids later. He finally is seeing where I'm coming from and is not only OK with me being one but exited lol! So as I'm showing him pictures of boobs I liked he's telling me it's too small or not the right shape!! So I had him find boobs he approved of to get an idea... He likes the huge, like stripper looking boobs!!! Infant, one of the pics he chose to show me was almost exactly what I described in my last post, that I did NOT want!! ???? He's saying go big or go home! I want to be big to but was thinking c a few years back, now I'm thinking d or even double d. But I don't want to look too fake. Obviously people will know I had one done but I don't want to see the implant right through my skin! I want a big, perky, natural look. Wondering how I can achieve a look both me and my husband will like. Here's a few pics of the look he'd like ( sizes vary but you get the idea) I guess they aren't terrible bit I really don't want to bottom out or look to stiff!! What would you ladies recommend? I'm 5'8" 110lbs my measurements: 28, 24, 33 Currently an A cup, B pre pregnancy. Your opinions are appreciated!! :)

Did the consultation, couldn't be happier with the surgeon!!

I had a consultation with Dr. Aaron D Smith on Friday. (Which I was ecstatic about cause my appointment was originally 2 weeks away.) He has vectra 3D imaging so I was very exited to actually see what my results would look like. I also liked how he consistently created cleavage, even with the flattest of flat! I went in completely prepared on what to ask and how to make my wishes clear. I was concerned that because I had such little breast tissue that I wouldn't be able to achieve the size I wanted. Also, that because of the slight unevenness in my chest wall, it would look lop sided or different shape or size. But my concerns were nothing cause the surgeon said that the implants will make it even more hard to see and that 450-500 will give me the look that I'm shooting for. I was surprised to hear I could go that big if I wanted, without it looking too hard or unfitting! I tired on sizers. 400, 425 and 450. Hubby and I were both happy with the 450 cc and the surgeon agreed that was a good size for my figure. He showed us what it looked like on the 3d imaging and my husband and I were grinning ear to ear! I was worried he didn't have a great canvas to work with but it turns out he does! The way my chest and body is really works well for the look I'm hoping to achieve which fulls me with SO much happiness and excitement! :D We decided on 450cc range, high profile, round smooth silicone, under the muscle. Wet discussed how I wanted a look rather than a size and he agreed. He's going to choose the size on the spot to meet our wishes best. He knows what's too big for me and too small for hubby :) I would have scheduled an appointment right then and there but we're waiting to hear back on if we've been approved for carecredit (7-10 business days ): !!) So once we figure out are finical options, it's going down!!! Sooo glad I found a such a great surgeon who understands our wishes and is confident with my situation! He thinks I'm a I'm a great candidate and was blown away that I carried 3 kids past 2 months lol. Cannot wait to get this done!!! Has anyone going through carecredit before? How long did to take to get approved? Our credit is fair to poor (600's) but our income is quite high for one income and the amount we asked wasn't for the full procedure. We put $5,000 and the augmentation is $6,500

Here's me!

5'8" 110lbs 28-24-33


I'm back & have my surgery date set!! ????????

Still hasn't sunk in this is actually happening in 6 weeks!!!! Won't feel real till it's all said and done lol! This is longgg over due! Being as tiny as I am and having 3 boys who all nursed definitely took it's toll! I'm ready to feel good again! Hubby is looking forward to it too but at the same time a little skeptical cause he's already not happy with the attention that I get, he says.... Hoping this won't put a damper on our relationship. I don't think it will, in fact I think it's going to help! Anyways, cannot wait till march!!!!!!!!! Here we go!

Still about the same size as last year...

My figure hasn't changed much since I've stepped away. Still 106-110. Getting over 110 is so damn hard for me! The only time I weighed more was while I was pregnant! Everyone said I'd gain wait after having kids but I actually lost weight and am having a hard time maintaining my old weight of 110. I'd LOVE to be 125 or maybe more with the height that I am but I don't even know what that'd look like so I'm not sure. But I know filling out my chest will help me not look like a teenager and help me feel a little better about my size. I was OK with having a smaller chest cause they were perky and perfect but know they're just truly depressing. My "golden years" are being robbed because I had kids early. I want to feel good about myself again at least before I turn 30. I don't want to feel like I was robbed of my youth! So this is a very big deal for me. I hope it puts me on the right track of gaining weight and working more on my health rather than being 100% wrapped up in my kids and husband. Feeling motivated!!

6 more days!!!!!!!!

OK so obviously I'm super excited but it almost doesn't feel real haha. They moved my surgery date to the 9th (a week sooner) I filled my prescriptions but I haven't gotten bras yet... What would you guys recommend for comfortability and best support for healing beasts? And what size?! I'm thinking medium/large? We determined at my preop that we're doing 450-475cc smooth, round under the muscle silicon. I'm hoping that puts me at a d or dd MAX. Here's pics of me trying on the 450 sizers and s couple are one side 450 and the other 500. It was hard deciding if i wanted those extra cc's or not. But my surgeon knows our wishes for the look so I trust his judgment. But I still can't believe it's going to happen! I can't halo but to feel like something I'd going to happen making me not be able to get it or that something goes wrong during the operation lol. Like a too good to be true feeling, ya know?! Prayers and good vibes would be MUCH appreciated!!

Today's the day!!

Going in in about 3 hrs!!! Feeling pretty nervous. I looked up complications and stories of explants... Not the best idea, didn't help to ease me much haha. But I just wanted to know what's at stake in case I changed my mind (but no going back now) I came across a surgeons answer to the question what are the odds of dying during or after and they are soooo extremely low!! He named all the things that are more likely to happen and by how much. The odds are absolutely in my favor but still one can't help but worry what if they're those rare odds. And I've been under general anesthesia as a kid and did fine so I'm sure it'll be the same for me. The thing is, I partake in cannabis and stopped on the 5th. I heard as long as you stop at least 72 hrs prior you should be OK (it shouldn't affect anesthesia, although i heard personal testimonies of women smoking right before they're appointment and they were just fine maybe a little more tired) so I'm not too worried about it but it's in the back of my mind... Most stories I've come across with breast augmentation have been positive. They're happy with their choice and feel great after. I know that'll be me. Side note, have any women on here needed new implants in the first few years after getting them? My friend visited Monday and told me how her friend got an augmentation and needs a new one 4 years later cause you can see it through her skin. And she apparently went under the muscle like me... I was pretty unhappy to hear that!! It's it true I could need a new one in as little time as that?! I was hoping maybe in 10 years and even then, it'd still be hard to pay for that and go through it all over again :p Keeping my fingers crossed I can say least hit the 10 yr mark. Well there's what's on my mind haha. I feel like this is a dear diary bahaha!! Some reassurance and peace of mind before going in would be much appreciated. I'll keep you ladies posted!!!!

Freaking ecstatic already!!

I made it haha!! Feeling pretty drowsy but on a scale of 1-10 pain wise, I was a 2 waking up and now I'm a 1. I took a little peek and am in love. My sad droopy nipple from nursing for a total of 24 months is back to what is was before nursing already!!! I was expecting frakenboob with nipples pointing up or down but they already look so good!!!!!! I'm thinking I'll absolutely love my results! The whole staff there was soooooo sweet and comforting that my nerves weren't bad at all and before I knew it I was awake with a nice chest!! Woooohooo!!!! I'll keep you ladies posted. Thanks for the assurance sweet girls :) going to watch me some Gray's anatomy and pass out!

Feeling good!!

So today I'm obviously feeling a bit soar but it's mostly my back between the shoulder blades. The incision isn't bothering me too much. Overall I feel much better than I was anticipating. I haven't needed to brake down and take any of my pain meds yet so that's pretty big for me cause I was only hoping to use it as I needed it (day 1) but as the meds wore off from the operation I found it pretty tolerable. Of course I'm taking my antibiotics... Last night was a bit rough however. I couldn't get comfortable and got maybe 60-90 min of sleep in the am. Surprisingly not too tired though! Got up quite a few times to walk around. My husband was incredibly helpful even though it was rough on him. Taking care of those boys AND me is not easy, especially when that's not your typical role! He had to go back to work today so I had some friends helping me today cause my hubby had to go back to work (we recently took a snowboarding vaca to Breckenridge). They went above and beyond! Made me an omlet, did my dishes, watched my boys, got me water, helped me up... Practically did everything haha. I'm blessed to have such great people apart of my life, that's for sure!! My girls are looking fantastic shape wise but I definitely want them to get closer together! They're softer today! Yesterday they were hard as rocks, the feeling you get when you're super engorged and need to relieve yourself while nursing. I found out about an hour ago I've been icing then wrong!! It was supposed to be on top, not on the whole implant, oops!! Hope I didn't do any damage :(( I'm freezing liquid dish soap inside plastic baggies (came across that idea from a girl on here I think) and it's worked fabulously. They morph to your boob so it's super comfy and relieving!! Here's are some pics from day one and today :)

Good morning!!

Feeling a lot better today because I got a good night's sleep! I broke down and took a Percocet not because of the pain but because I was so desperate to sleep! I'm mostly just very uncomfortable cause I can't lay down and sleep the way I'd like to. It made me drowsy and I slept for about an hour. When I woke up my arms were really sore for some reason. My back and implants were OK but my arms just really hurt! So I don't think I'll be taking the Percocet again unless I'm really needing it for pain. I know some of you may not agree with this but I decided to look up cannabis for pain management after breast augmentation and the Dr's pretty much said that it's OK and could help with recovering better (add long as you don't cough, and they recommend edibles rather than smoking but i took what i could get) so I decided to try it. I was able to sleep for 5 hrs straight!!!! Not to mention it took the little bit of discomfort I was tolerating away and sparked my appetite. I took small short hits so I didn't catch at all. What a relief!!!!! Also, I was finally able to get more comfortable in my recliner. I have a pretty arched back and when I looked in the mirror it was almost opposite!! My back is swollen and definitely irritated, you can tell. My husband put a pillow where my arch should be and another above it to even out the upper back and neck and I'm so much more comfortable now which is really nice. Oh, and I'm also using a heating pad that my friend bought for me. She said it'd do wonders and it has!! Like the comfort and relief of a hot bath on your muscles without the water. And another thing that also helped was a golf ball! I had my husband roll it on my back between my shoulder blades and it was just the right size and pressure to loosen up make back and help me feel relaxed! After that and some snacks I slept like a baby lol. I'm happy to know I have a natural and effective form of relief! Not much changes in the girls besides some softening. The gap is still very there. Wondering how close together they'll come. I feel like they're in my armpits right now!! Nice shape so far and nipple placement is still great. I can finally bathe today and change my bra!! I bought a wireless sports bra from Victoria's secret and it fits from C to Dd so I'll try that on and see how it feels while I wash the one my surgeon have me. He hasn't mentioned massaging them but I'm wondering if I should. Also, when should I start moisturizing my breasts? After my post op or now? I really don't want any stretch marks and I went huge overnight so I'm worried. I'm not super prone to stretch marks, out of 3 kids I have none on my belly, but my thighs and but have some. I gained about 15 lbs with my first son which is how I got them. So crossing my fingers that between my elastic skin and the stretch my breasts got while nursing that it'll be enough to withstand this huge change. Here's what the girls look like today and the gap that I'm too impatient to wait to close.

New bra!!

My ribs were really feeling the pressure of the bra I had on from after surgery so I had to change it. Sooo much better, I don't feel like I'm being suffocated. It wasn't always that uncomfortable but for some reason I just couldn't take the pressure of the squeezing anymore. When I took it off I had pretty good indents. I think it was becoming part of my lol. This bra from vs is awesome cause it's not just one size so it fits me nicely and gives me a lot more breathing room on the rib cage.

My hubby is the best!!

He picked me up the infamous cannabis infused salve!!! I cannot tell how good this stuff works!!!! It's literally a-mazing!! Be also picked me up some puppy chow so I didn't have to smoke anymore. Going to shower and get myself comfy!! Each day gets easier by the way! Feeling great today, not so much back pain :D have a wonderful day ladies!!

My showering adventure

Feels great to finally have showered!! Although shampooing my hair was quite the challenge and I didn't even attempt the pits (sorry if tmi lol) It was my first time letting the girls just hang all naturelle for a bit. Taking of the dressings was a bit nerve wracking, not going to lie! I was expecting gory yuck but there was actually no blood! I wasn't sure if I was supposed to take off the strip that was over the stitches so I decided it was probably safer to just leave them on. I made sure not to let the incisions get too much water (paranoid that I'd split them open or something, such a hypercondriac lol) I gave my husband a peek since I couldn't get a good look of the incisions and he was amazed at how small they were. I swear Dr. Smith is magic lol here's some pics to update y'all :D Can you ladies guess what size I'll be?! I'm thinking a D maybe full c... We shall see!!

Kind of freaking out

I rubbed in between my boobs cause I was soar and really hurting (i was feeling good and over did it and started to really hurt) andi felt an like a bubble or air that I pushed up towards my neck!!! If this bad?!! :(((


I have my post up tomorrow but I'm thinking I won't be able to drive myself... Were any of you ladies driving 5 days post op? I feel really good. No pain at all unless I over do it. But I can over do it so that's the thing. Not sure exactly what to do with myself!! Should I be relaxing and reclined a majority of the time or should I be walking around and getting back to my normal routine minus the lifting or crazy movement... I want to be sure that I'm doing this right haha ;) I'm back into the bra I was given after surgery cause I feel like it's better off the girls. I want my Dr to OK my bra to be sure before I mess them up :p here's the girls today! I feel like my right nipple had gotten smaller than the left which is weird cause they've never been unevenly sized... Could it just be the changes and they'll even out?! Cause I'm really hoping so... Any similar experiences?

Feeling gooooood :D

It's a gorgeous sunny day in beautiful Colorado and I'm feeling fantastic!! Was nice to get out and get some fresh air and sunshine! Things get easier everyday! I'm able to drive and do pretty much everything that I couldn't before (besides picking up my babies :[ ) although I did just hurt myself lol! I jumped up with my arms pushing from behind and that hurt like hell!! Icing them now, hope I didn't do damage.... Anyway I saw Dr. Smith today and he was happy with the progress. I'm very happy also. Things are evening out and looking fabulous? He gave me the OK to start sleeping in my bed on my side or back so that's HUGE and I can pretty much get back into the swing of things as long as I'm not breaking Dr's orders ;) here's the girls 5 days post op :D

Can't believe it's almost been a week!!!

Not much to say today! Feels good getting back to normal although I do tire more easily. My girls still slightly changing everyday. The right side (the one with 475cc rather than 400cc) seems to be slower on the healing process. The left is squishier and better looking in my opinion. But I'm trying to be patient ;) Also, my back on the right side is so much more jacked up than the left. I don't know if you can tell in the pics but my shoulder blades come out like wings!! They normally don't do that unless I'm pushing my shoulder blades together so that's definitely odd for me. And the left side sticks out lots more than the right. I hope I get back to normal eventually!! Here's pics to give you an idea of how I'm coming along

Officially a week post op :O

Wow! It's been a week!! So glad to know time still flies haha although when you're eagerly waiting for that certain progress it can seem like forever!! I'm just so thankful this has all actually happened! You ladies have been more helpful than you can imagine! With the support, love and encouragement!!! It's seriously SO awesome! ? So, obviously I still have a while to go, I'm only 7 days po lol but I'm very happy with the progress and I'm almost out of the woods comfortability wise. The recovery has been so much easier pain wise than I ever expected. So grateful for that!! I think staying positive (and having a great surgeon ;) ) definitely play a huge role in your recovery. Here's the girls officially a week old!!

Took off the strip's and OMG D:

The stitches on the right are AWFUL looking!!! Is this normal?!?! I touched it and a bit of blood rubbed off... It's not like bleeding and going on stuff but it did have some blood. Is this OK or should I call my PS? Dr. Smith food an excellent job on the left side. He carefully lined the cut and stitch along my tattoo which I'm very grateful for! Here's some pics!! Oh, and I dug out an old sports bra from when I was nursing. Barely works lol but I'll take what I can get...

Don't have the implant I thought I asked for!!!!!!!

So I asked for Gummy Bear implants cause I felt like they were the safer option... I thought I confirmed this with my PS the day of my surgery (I brought it up and I thought he agreed that's what we were doing) but I just found out that I have Natrelle style 20's instead. I guess I just didn't have a clear understanding and since it'd been a year since my consultation (when we chose the style and size) I guess I just misunderstood or forgot... But THANKFULLY it's OK cause I was researching which felt squishier and the silicone do! Also, a doctor said "You won't get the cleavage when using a push up bra that you would with a smooth round implant." (Referring to Gummy Bears) So, it turns out this style is more the look I was shooting for! And if it every does leak, it's only leaks into the capsule or whatever it's called they they made and doesn't leak into your body... Good thing I fully trusted my surgeon to give me the look I wanted cause if it was up to me I probably wouldn't have been happy! The girls look better everyday! Here's them today :D I've also included pics of the style that I got on different women and my device ID card (which I just decided to look at and that's how I found out I don't have gummies. Terrible I know)

Took a little break

I'm back! Gosh time had just been flying faster than ever!!! Life just got super busy! Sorry for disappearing like that. I'll post some pics today or tomorrow :) Hope everyone is well

Not very happy with my right side...

I said I'd put up pics so here i am :) Not very happy with the right side. As you can see it's taking forever catch up! I'm starting to worry if it ever will. I haven't been massaging them as often as I should. Maybe once or twice a day if that. Been trying be better about it but I'm just always so busy it's hard to remember! I hope that because I did this that I haven't ruined them :(( I know it takes 4-6 months, even a year to get to where they need to be but I'm still worried cause it's such a big difference. The right also has more cc, 50. And it's my dominate arm. I've been holding my babies with that arm for 6 years straight and counting. I'm hoping that's why it's taking longer to drop. If they were to stay this way I wouldn't be a happy camper!!!!!!! What do you ladies think? It still had some changing to do? Not the final result? I see my surgeon in July. Also, I found a cyst in my breast. Pretty scary! I need to get a mammogram done and a biopsy to make sure it's not cancerous. Either with a needle or scalpel.... so prayers that everything is OK would be greatly appreciated. My great grandma died of breast cancer and grama for pre cancer clusters removed at age 40 so I'm a bit nervous. Have to wait till SEPTEMBER till I see the breast health Dr again :/

Oh and here's the scars

Still a bit of cording going on but they're smoothening out nicely I think...

Progress? Was worried my right could have cc

I've been using a compression band, sleeping on my belly and massaging for 5 min minimum for the past 2 days and i believe it's helped! Does the right side seem to be catching up with the left? I was starting to worry that I had cc on the right. Does anyone elses breasts get hard when using your chest muscles? I've noticed when i start working those muscles my girls student as soft and movable as they typically are.... will this fade as time goes on or do I try not to workout my chest muscles so much so they weaken and let the girls appear natural? Right now I can flex my muscles and distort implants, it ain't pretty :p in my opinion my right has quite a bit more catching up to do with the left till they're looking good, the way I'd hoped... crossing my fingers that side continues progress!

Pictures to make up for my stepping away

Here's some pics from April and May! Sorry they're not better, I wasn't taking progress pics so this is the best I can do.... excuse the posing in some, they were for hubby haha

Was measured last month, 32DD!!

I'm almost 4 months po and i can't believe it! My girls are still getting softer. The right seems to still be changing, hopefully catching with the left. It's weird cause the left side looks bigger to me and under clothes when I'm not wearing a bra but the right can look bigger at times, just more compressed. I've included clothed pics so you see how much a bra helps lol but I'm starting to wonder in that muscle will ever let go. It seems to have improved but definitely isn't even. You can't tell when I'm wearing a good bra or bathing suit unless you really study it so I'm not bothered too much but i am crossing my fingers to even up. I can sleep on my belly which was actually recommended to me by my surgeon's office but I can't do it for very long, I start to get uncomfortable. I mostly sleep on my side, very close being my belly haha. I'm still doing my massages. I've missed a few days but be start again when I felt like they were firm... I wear the compression band during the week while I'm at home. I like to think it's making a difference but I'm not sure... I was surprised find out I'm a 32DD not a 34D. Bras are so weird lol. But regardless of what I measured at, I still have to try on the bras cause they're all just so different from brand to brand... I'll make a post trying on various bras like some of my favorite girls on here did. It's really helpful seeing your size implants in various bras and styles. That'll probably be next week or 2, I've got a busy few weeks ahead of me. Oh, almost forgot! Did the mammogram and another ultrasound. They said it's a small cyst with a calcification so they're going be watching it. I go back in September for another ultrasound make sure it hasn't changed. So everything's good and my girls improve daily! Overall I'm a happy mama :)
Colorado Springs Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Aaron Smith is a revision specialist who studied at the mayo clinic and he's also a FACS a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons (general surgeon). He does beautiful work (both breast augmentation and revision-augmentation). At our consultation Dr. Smith made my husband and I feel very comfortable and we were immediately on the same page. And knowing my circumstances, he was confident in achieving the look I wanted. The 3D imaging was very useful in helping decide exactly what we wanted. After researching and doing other consultations we knew we found the right surgeon. On the day of my operation my nerves were calmed by the super friendly staff. We communicated well and they listened to my concerns and made sure that everything went well. I was very happy with my results just from day one! He honestly has already exceeded my expectations. Dr. Smith is quite the artist and I would absolutely recommend him. I know he'll be the surgeon I go to again in the future. I believe he's one of the best doctors of Colorado!

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