5'2, 118 Lbs. 48 yrs old Mom of 2- 300 ccs Mentor Round Moderate Profile

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I aways had small breast. It wasn't until after I...

I aways had small breast. It wasn't until after I breastfed my youngest and got in very good shape that my small but perky boobies started to sag. That's when I finally had "that" conversation with my husband. I was surprised that he was so supportive. I guess after being married for 15 years, I forget that he's still, you know, a DUDE!! Lol!! I went to my first consult with Dr. Aaron Smith in Colorado Springs. I loved his bedside manner. He made me feel very comfortable. I wish I had found this site before though because I didn't really know what to ask or even what size I wanted. After sharing with him my lifestyle, I'm very fit and I lift weights..lots of heavy weights, he recommended 334cc or 364cc. Any ladies out there from the Springs? I could use all the support I can get!! I will post pics soon.

Here are my Itty bitties!

I finally got the courage to post my tatas. After looking at many, many (more than I've encountered in this life) brave posts of before and after, I decided to be brave and post mine too. This is soo not me. Not that I'm all that modest but I am a private person. But I can honestly say that you all give me courage. ...So about my tatas...as you can see, they are small. I think I'm a 32AA because 32A don't fit me. I have a huge gap even when I wear padded 32A or 34A...On the side view, you can see that they are saggy.

High or Moderate Profile?

I'm still trying to figure out the difference so that I could make an informed choice between moderate or high profile. From what I understand is high profile gives you more projection so you may appear bigger or higher and you have less side boob? Is that right?

Mammogram Question

Hello Ladies,
I had my yearly mammogram. While I was there, I wondered what it would be like to have one with breast implants. The fact that my breast are so small makes mammograms very difficult. Last year, two nurses tried to pull my poor boobies to get an image. They then walked out and cane back with these tiny paddles that looked like cooking spatulas. Omgosh, I cracked up at those things. They said that they didn't use them often. At that point, I felt like I had the tiniest boobs in the country! Today's mammogram was much better. I think because I've lost even more weight from the last mammogram, so my bobbins are pretty easy to stretch now!!
Here are some pics of me wearing my favorite bra, 34A. It used to fit me prior to losing weight about 18 months ago. Now it's way to big and I refuse to buy a double A bra!! The other pic of me is just so you can see that if I had bigger boobs, I would be much more balanced. No matter how much weight I lose, I will always have my JLO butt!!!!

Wish Boobs

Not too big or small. But wondering if these are considered moderate or high profile and/or round?

Working Out After BA?

One of my fears about having a ba is having to take time off from working out. I workout 5 to 6 days a week. I absolutely enjoy it. I'm also very active with my children and hubby. And, I also take Taekwondo lessons with my children. Fitness is very important to my lifestyle. I was wondering how soon were any of you able to resume your workouts. And, how about strength training? Are you still able to strength train? Of you lift, are you able to bench press and do Dumbbell flies?

2nd Consult today with Dr. Rhee

I'm having another consult today with another ps. I do really like the first ps I consulted with, Dr. Smith, but I want to make sure that I make the right decision in choosing a ps, so here I go! I'm so freakin' nervous. In a way, although I'm more informed after reading so many of your experiences here, I'm kinda overwhelmed at the same time. Ugh! !!!

2nd Consult and more confused?

I had my 2nd consult yesterday. I met wit Dr. Rhee at Castle Rock (about 30 min drive from Colorado Springs). He was not only patient with me and answered all of my questions, he was also extremely thorough. I wish I could have taken notes. But if you're like me, I loo totally calm on the outside bt I was very nervous on the inside!
H took lots of measurements and told me my BWD is 13 cm. I got to touch lots of different implants. After showing him my wish boobies pics, he recommended moderate profile. Then, at sizing I was very surprised that the 300 ccs looked huge on me! I say this because at my first consult, the 334 cc looked small and then the 365 cc looked big. Oh, vey! Choosing sizes is harder than I thought!
Funny thing, too, is although at Dt. Rhee's office, the 300 ccs looked big but now that I see my pics wearing the 300 ccs, I don't think it looks big at all. Any suggestions?
I plan on taking my husband with me next time because I can't make up my mind. But,...good thing is I know my bwd now and am leaning towards moderate profile.
I'm also including a pic of the chart that was in his office; however, I didn't notice that I took the pic of the saline instead of the silicone.
I was also set on saline implants. He explained the pros and cons. I'm not sure yet on what to go with. I'm a bit terrified of the silicone but I also want this ba to last me a long time. From what he explained to me, the saline are cheaper but they are not as forgiving AZ silicone...meaning that are more probe to rippling. Gosh this is so hard!

Worked hard to wear a Bikini at 48 years old

I love building muscle. The small boobies when I was younger wasn't much of an issue because they were firm and perky. But, now that I'm older, I feel like a boy. I want to continue gaining more muscle. I find muscles sexy (and so does my hubby) and I love, love that just last week, I helped move some very large furniture with my hubby. Some of the furniture was weigh over 180 pounds and I could lift it with very little effort! Buuuut, I would love some boobs so I can feel feminine again. **sigh**

Stretched skin on belly button hides my abs

This is for dr35. I lost a couple of pounds. The more I lose, the more pronounced the stretched out skin around my belly button gets. It's not as obvious when I stand straight but it really shows when I bend to the side. Also it covers up the hard work I've done with my abs. I'm not sure I would be willing to pay for a tummy tuck (it doesn't bother me much) But I'm wondering if a umbilectomy would help!

Scheduled surgery today---Oh Mamma!!!

So I finally decided on the right ps for me and I got the courage to schedule the ba dare for Feb 23rd. Omg! Omg! It was so hard to commit. I've wanted to do this for a long time. And then once I decided to go through with it, I couldn't choose between two incredible ps docs. I finally chose Dr. Rhee in Castle Rock, CO abut 45 mimite drI've for me. The other ps doc, Dr. Smith has some great reviews and I really liked him too. He is but a mere 8 mins from my home. But I chose Dr. Rhee because he was very, very thorough. I'm also getting a lift and I'm not being charged extra for it. But, actually, the deciding factor for me was not money (both were reasonable) but where the surgery is taking place. Dr. Rhee is performing my ba at a hospital. I just felt like if anything went wrong (God forbid!!), I'd want to be at a hospital...Anyway, I'm glad that decision has been made. Now I can put my energy towards having a mommy/daughter conversation with my oldest. And I need to decide on sizing. Good thing, though, is my husband will be joining me for the pre-op, so he's going to help me choose. Oh boy!!...Everytime I look on here, I start to follow girls here with either similar stats as mine or close to my age but it doesn't help me decide on the right size for me. Ugh!!! I need help.

I made a BIG mistake...Me & My Big Mouth

My husband and I haven't told any my one about my upcoming ba scheduled next month (Feb 23). Well, I recently befriended a lady here in town. My son plays sports with her son. Anywho, I couldn't help notice that she looks like she had a ba. Geez, after the hundreds of boobs I've seen here, I can now spot, for the most part, women who have had one especially if they've had children and are over 35. So,...I shared with this new "friend" my decision. I was hoping that she would open up to me about her experience aND provideme some needed advise. I haven't seen her boobs naked, but when she wears Spaghetti strap blouses, she looks really good (perky, not too big or small)....Her immediate response to me about having a ba was, "I can't believe you want to do that!...you will never feel slim again...what would you tell your daughter?...but your husband loves you just tge way you are!" Needtosay, I was very embarrassed and soooo freakin upset with myself for sharing with her. She went on to tell me that she wishes she had never had one and how she made the decision during a low point in her life. I asked her why she regretted it. She said that at her first ba, they were way too big for her frame (she's very petite at about 5' tall and about 115 lbs.) She said that she got a revision about 1 year ago to get smaller implants. She then said how much she hated that she has to think about them everyday. She kept begging me not to go through with it....She really did shake me a bit. I'm already worried about the obvious (going under the knife, complications, etc.) But, honestly, I really like her friendship but I think she doesn't know me at all. I'm really not making this decision for anyone but me. And, at my age, I just want to do this for ME. I've put my kids' and my husband's needs first. That's really how I got to be very overweight. I kept putting off my needs. Now that I'm in great shape, I want reward myself with a bit of confidence!...That conversation with my new "friend" really made me think long and hard about why I'm going through with this. I'm very confident in all areas of my life. I have great kids and a husband who adores me. I am very educated and chose to put my career aside to be a sahm fir my two kids. I'm also not a spring chicken anymore and I'm actually proud of my gray hair and the "older" version of me that I see in the mirror. So, I think my reasons for going through with it are unlike hers. I still plan to go through with it. But I could really use the ecouragement from you all ;)

Preop TOMORROW and Feeling Nervous

I'm so nervous about tomorrow's preop. I keep thinking about how guilty I feel doing this for me. Am I being selfish for wanting this? Am I a good mom? God forbid something should go wrong, etc., etc. All the mommy guilt is consuming me. I'm also concerned about choosing the right size for me and my family's lifestyle. My surgery is scheduled for next Tuesday the 23rd. Eeeeeek! I want to make sure that I ask all the right questions and choose the RIGHT size (not too big, not too small either). I am taking my husband with me, so I know that's goibg to help. He is soooo calming to my Type A personality. I know he's going to help keep me calm. So for tomorrow, I'm taking several pieces of clothing to try on with the sizers. I will take lots of pics with the sizers and my wish boobs pics for Dr. Rhee. I have quite a few on my phone. Am I forgetting anything? Geez, any advice for me for tomorrow? By tge way, I've been really lifting heavy this past month to get ready for my new additions ;)

PreOp? Payment? Size Confirmed..uh not sure?

So my preop was today. My ps's office is about a 45 minute drive. My husband took the afternoon off to join me AND my kids too (although they waited quietly in the waiting/lobby). When I booked the preop appointment, I wasn't aware that it was a school holiday. I'm blessed to have well-behaved kids. Technology is a great babysitter too! I brought their tablets along with a promise for a treat if they behaved. And they did.... So I gotta say, I thought that having my husband at the preop would be helpful...not! He kept wanting the bigger sizers. He was being really stubnirn about it too! Funny thing is my ps walked in and recommended 275ccs moderate profile based on the wish pics I gave him, my lifestyle and, of course, my bwd. He is a pretty conservative kind of ps..actually most people in this area are pretty conservative from what I see in that they opt for the more "natural look" vs. augmented look. For me, my lifestyle with my kids being so young really dictates a lot of my decision on size and timing for my ba. I am 48 years old but I had my oldest at 38 and my youngest at 43 years old. In losing all the weight that I did was not just for me but for them. I have to keep up with them! In fact, the four of us even participate in martial arts, too, as a family. And we live in the mountains here, and that also dictates how we live. We hIke and rideas our bIles often...All this rambling I'm doing here is to tell you that I had one of those realizations in the ps office today. I had to have a talk with myself about the reasons why I want this and my goal. AntaB hit the nail on the head in her comments about how I should remember or keep in mind what I want. That helped me alot. I remembered how In my 20s and 30s, I was small (34 A) but I was perky and fit. Then when I gained lots of weight starting at about 40 years old, I was about a size C. But then I shrank significantly when I lost lots of weight recently. What I don't like about my breast besides the sagging is the volume I lost from breastfeeding and losing the weight. Do I think big breasts look beautiful? Of course I do! My mom and my sisters are large breasted. (UGH!) But, honestly, when I tried on the sizers above 300ccs, I couldn't see myself go through with going that big. Silly, huh? I didn't know how conservative I would feel about my own body. Funny thing is as soon as my ps walked in and saw me with the sizers (the 350 and 400 my husband liked), he said, "that's not you." Normally that would have ticked me off but the funny thing is, is that I was thinking the exact same thing in my head! My husband, on the other hand, wanted me to go at least to 350cc. My ps then began to show him how they would look with my stature. He said even thoigh my chest is wide, my torso is not that tall and the breadt will sit high on my chest. My husband looked at him like, "Uh, I don't see a problem with that." Boy waa I embarrassed! Lol! At the end though I'm undecided but I'm closer to what "I" want. My ps was such a gentleman. He said, "well think about it, try on the sizers, talk it over with your husband and just let me know what the max ccs you think you would like." The range I chose is 275-300 ccs moderate profile. Deciding was sooo stressful!! This is the reason, why I have NO tatoos on my body. It's not that I never liked them. Most of my friends have beautiful ones. My husband has several. But I just could never decide on what I liked, so I got none! Lol! ....But, seriously, I am rekieved that I got a range! Yay! I git a range! So there you have it Now let the countdown begin! Please wish me luck and please keep me in your prayers. I am relieved to have made a decision. Now if I get boobs greed, I will have to reread this post several times over! Lol! We shall see.

Side view w/300 ccs

Preparing for my BA this Tuesday

I've been super swamped with my oldest daughter. She has had lots of projects and deadlines to complete. I haven't even had a chance to get to the pharmacy with the prescription my ps gave me at my preop. Can any of you please recommend an article that explains what you should get in preparation for your ba? Like a list or something. Help!

Very EMOTIONAL & Cranky. Ugh!

I've been snapping at my huby and kids and now I feel so guilty. I am feeling very anxious but I can't back out now. I'm a real cheapskate so knowing that I'm paid in full = "Get your butt in gear because it's going to happen!" Lol! ...I'm also emotional because I feel like I have to say "goodbye" to my itty bitties. It's like they're feeling neglected or rejected. I never thought I'd feel this way but I do! I'm reading many, many posts trying to cheer myself up! I haven't even prepared myself other than purchasing the pain meds I was prescribed. I still need to buy at least a couple of button up blouses. I don't think I even own one! Button up blouses always accentuate my flat chest, so I don't know that I have one. As fir bras, how do you even choose to buy one if you don't know what size you're going to be afterwards? I'm so tired of thinking about my boobies, her boobies, that lady at the cashier tegister's boobies. I know I'll be happier with boobies this summer but I wish I could be feeling happy now instead of sad :(

Big Day Tomorrow!

I don't have much to share. I'm still nervous but I know I will love them once the ba is completed. I had to take some sleep meds because my mind is racing. I also gotta stop reading these explant reviews. Please say a prayer for me! Xoxo

I made it to the other side!

I am super relieved to be on the other side. I had lots of pain right afterwards.Like an elephant was sitting on top of me. But I was feeling sooo relieved to see my kids and hunny in the recovery room. They wouldn't release me right away though because my oxygen was low even with my oxygen mask. Even now, I'm struggling but I think it's because this strap across my chest is waaaaay super tight! It helped to take my pain meds. I usually hate pain meds but it was the only thing allowing me to breathe deeply without pain. But, geez, perocet is like a super drug! Myhusband who's been a totally supportive horror even brought me foo bed. I didn't think.I was hungry but I ate bog time and I felt my strength picking up!
Oh and for size, my ps brought with him 250cc all the way to 300pccs. He said 300ccs looked best. I didn't get to ask him if he did a lift or not because I went back out right afterwards. I haven't taken a peek neither. I want to but I still can't raise my hands to do.so and hubby.is getting our babies ready for bed and is relaxing in his man cave for now. Sorry for rambling so much. Drugs are kickin in !

The Day After

The day after and I'm feeling surpringly better. Trying to sleep was difficult because I'm a stomach or side sleeper. But I took 2 percocets and they pretty much knocked me out. This morning I felt super dehydrated which I attribute to the antibiotics and anesthesia. I'm soooo grateful that my ps prescribed the anti nausea meds. I had no nausea yesterday after the surgery. This morning I had a little but after lots of water, it went away. My ps recommended light walking so I'm walking around inside my house. It actually helped clear the congestion I was feeling probably from the anesthesia. I haven't even looked at my new girls. I was so super swollen yesterday that I was afraid that I would not be able to close my surgical bra back up afterwards. I was so swollen that I couldn't take deep breaths. I used a frozen bag of corn 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off all night long. I think it helped. My husband is working from home today during the morning after he drops off the kids to school. I am gonba ask him if he can help me take a peek. I'm sure he'll want to! I'll post pics for the big reveal!

Recovery Advice

I've been reading about products that have helped after recovery. I'm talking about scar away strips and body oils I searched on Amazon but it was overwhelming. What Advice do you all have for me? What scar away products did you use and how about oils?

Yup, those Snoopy boobs are mine!

It is Day 1 but I had some serious trouble breathing. So I called my ps's assistant and she gave me the okay to bring the girls out for some fresh air.

Thank God I've read so many of your reviews and saw so many distorted boobs here following surgery or I would have freaked out at my snoopies!

I see my ps tomorrow to change out my bandages and clean out y incisions. Then I can shower with them!

I have spent the day sleeping for hours and hours. It's a terrible side effect of the pain meds for me. But at the same time, there's not much for me to do and I'm usually on the go with my oids, so I'm hapoy to skeep the boredom away while I can.

In the pics you will see that bloating is real! I refused to weigh myself but boy do I feel huge!

Day 2...High & Tight

Not much has changed. They're still very high and tight. I'm breathing better though. I had a slight fever sonce yEster day but it's gone now.. The pain is tolerable as long as I stay on top of the meds. I really do hate the effects the percocet and valium have on me. I sleep all day long!..All I can do at the moment is read and watch TV. I finally saw all the way to the finale of Dexter on my tablet. Lol! And now I've been watching my recordings of The Good Wife. But I keep falling asleep. I hope I can scale back on the pain meds tomorrow. I feel like I'm neglecting my kids. But, thank God, my hubby's been supportive so far. I also haven't eaten but crackers and cheese--just enough to take my meds for the last two days. Too tired to eat. I ate pizza the night of surgery and that was a big mistake. I had major indigestion. I guess I gotta listen to my body and go with the flow!

Meds Suck!

I'm having a really bad reaction to the percocet. I'm going to call my ps to see if I could something else. On the bright side, I was able to sleep through the night. I've been waking up in the middle of the night with severe pain and had to popp a couple of percocets. But not last night. Yay!

This morning I experienced what many of you called "morning boob". I felt very tight and sore--mostly on my incisions. So I took one percocet. Bad mistake! It immediately puts me to sleep and upon waking, it gives me naseau. On top of that, I had some horrible bad dreams and woke up almost two hours later feeling very sluggish. No pain but very fatigued. It also makes me quite foggy. I can't imagine that people get hooked on these because they make me miserable!

Good news is I can move my arms a lot more. I still can't tolerate but bland foods. I'm still experiencing too much naseau and I try to avoid throwing up.

I can breath deeply too although I still have some congestion from the anesthesia. But it's not bad really.

I think if I can find a pain meds to use without the side effects, I can start to feel more like me.

Like Night and Day!

I cannot believe how much better I'm feeling. I think the fatigue I waa feeling was a serious reaction to the percocet! I haven't taken one since 7 this morning and the foggy brain and fatigue is gone!! I feel so good now. If it wasn't after 9 p.m., I'd go for a light walk outside!! I haven't left my home since Tuesday and I'm going a little crazy.

Oh and my boobies dropped a little. I can tell because I had to move up the hooks on the straps a notch. They still feel like rocks but they're not necessarily painful anymore, just feel swollen. And I can take deep breaths.

And I got my apetite back. My hubby cooked homemade Spaghetti. I ate and then for a snack, I had my protein shake. I felt so good about feeling better that I'm already planning out my new lifting workout once I get the okay from my ps to hit the weights again. I'm sure gonna miss bench presses though.:( But, on the bright side, my chest is going to look so darn hot with boobies now instead of just muscle! And, the hours I spent on chest exercises are going to be better spent on my booty exercises.

Each year, I set a fitness goal. In 2014 I lost 25 of the total 40 pounds I lost so far. Then, 2015 I gained lots of muscle and lost about 15 pounds. This 2016, I'm focusing on growing more muscle on my hamstrings and tightening up my big butt. I'm so glad I'll have some tatas to balance it all out. Okay, I'm feeling better because I'm rambling and I have virtually no typos on this post!!

What a Man! (Need to Brag about my PS)

So my ba was Tuesday. All went better than I expected. My ps was so thorough in our first consult and preop that I really didn't have any surprises after the recovery. Buuuttt,, unfortunately, my family and I moved here recently for my husband's job and we haven't made close friends yet. Well, at the recovery room my ps says he wants to see me no later than Thursday. My husband's job is such that he could not drive me to see the doc at all this week (long story). So we asked our doc if we could postpone my appointment until next week for my folllowup appointment. Our doc's office is about a 40 minute drive from our home (in good traffic). Our ps asks where we live and then he offers to come see me in my home. WTH?? Who does that these days? People who care, my ps, that's who! Apparently, he said he coukd see me on his way to his office. I'm so glad we live close to the Interstate! So he came over to my home for my follow up! Love that man!
Then, get this, my next follow up is this Monday. He calls me this morning wanting to know how I was doing. Then he asked if he could come see me in my home to change out my dressing (gauze, etc.) and save us the trip on Monday. He tells me that he wants me to be able to showe but he needs to change out the gauze and check on my incisions, etc. And he showed me how to start massaging my breasts. I really appreciate the way he educated me and my husband by explaining the why and how in regards to the massages, etc. He then asked me if I was still in lots of pain. I tell him about the terrible side effects I had with the percocet. So, he prescribed a Tramadol (spelling?). He also encouraged me to keep moving. But what I was really excited about was when I asked him if I "had to" sleep at a 45 degree angle because it really hurts my back. He said I could start sleeping on my side. Halelujah! I am going to sleep good tonight!
I just want to say how grateful I am to have found a ps who really puts his patient's needs first. I am sure he has a full schedule with not just his practice but his young family, so my husband and I really appreciate the way he went out of his way to accommodate us. Isn't he awesome?

Driving Question

When were you all cleared or able to start driving? I'm going to call my ps tomorrow to ask but was wondering about your experience.

Boob Greed is Real!!!

So I'm looking at all of you lovely petite ladies (5'4 and under) with 350cc and up. I started feeling just a leeeeeetle bit greedy like I should have gone up another 50ccs! But you know what? I started trying on a couple of my workout clothes and wheeesh!! The Boob Greed monster went away cuz I didn't realize how big I am as compared as before until i looked at my pics. Lol!!

More Boob Greed...

This is my favorite sports bra. Even with pads, it used to swim on my frame. I can't wait to show it off once I'm cleared to return to the gym. I just hope they don't "shrink" once they drop because I am really loving my new size!

Day 6 Boob Greed (reloaded pics)

I inadvertently wrote Day 4. I edited the pics to read Day 6. Wow, I can't believe tomorrow will be one whole week. Yay!!!

My Tatas learned to Talk Today!!

It's early and I alwaus get up before my family to read and enjoy the quiet. I'm sitting here sipping my morning coffee and I keep hearing a strange noise. I get up and check the coffee pot. I look outside my window. And I look at the stairwell. My kids are still.asleep. I reach for another sip of coffee and I hear a crunchy kind of noise--kinda like when you crumple paper. I ignore it. I shift positions in my chair and I hear it again. IT'S MY TATAS! THEY'RE TALKING TO MAMMA!!!!

Have any of you experienced that before? I swear I could hear them.

Week One Boobiversary (Yesterday)

Dang it. I wrote up a long review. I even spell checked it but it disappeared. Well, here's the gist cuz I gotta get kids off to school: My puppies are fine. I think I over did it yesterday because I went shopping for about two hours for food then clothes for my kids. Had to take a percent and a valium for muscke spasms My puppies won't talk to me today. I think they're angry with me :( Not much change visually but they feel softer each day. I have my ps one week appointment tomorrow. Bye for now and Arf! Arf!

Gratitude Question

Eventually, I want to be able to thank my ps and his staff. I was wondering if or how you all showed your gratitude. And how soon: at the one week post op visit? The one month mark? Two month? Did you provide just a card? A gift? I want to be polite and could use some ideas.

My Surprise at my Week One Appointment Today

So I got to see my miracle man today (my ps). Lol!! Like always, I'm nervous when I get there. Not only because this was such a big decision for me and my family but also because I haven't had another man look at my boobs (or touch them!!!) since I've been married for amost 16 years. Lol!! So it's a bit...aaawkward! Even my gynie is a woman. Don't get me wrong, my ps is totally professional and kind. It's just something I have to get over!
Everything went well. He suggested more massaging to help them drop and fluff to get rid if my Snoopy dog look. As always, he was thorough and explained why you want to massage this way and not that way, etc. He removed my stitches which was not painful at all. In fact, I have total feeling in my whole breast nipple and all. I'm surprised about that since I read about other women here with numbness or "zingers". The only discomfort I'm feeling is from the surgical bra which sits right on my incisions. Ouch!
He said I could start wearing a sports bra. Yay!! And, and he said starting Monday I could resume lifting but very light weight and, of course, no chest exercises yet. I'm excited to get back into a workout routine even if it's just a light workout. Although I'm wondering if the "regulars" in the weightroom will notice my puppies. I guess I'll find out soon.
You know in my younger years, the flirtations when I liked a boy usually went something like this: I was the girl with the pretty face who walks by the cute guy. He smiles, I smile back I walk away. He THEN notices my huge booty and THEN he wants to get to know me! Geez, so glad I married a butt guy!! Anyhooo....going back to my appointment.
Soo we get done with my apointment and he sends me out to reschedule with his patiebtvc7. I am walking out saying bye to one of his assistants who, by the way, was kind enough to show me the work he did with her boobs. Gosh I love that office.! Lots of boobies action and it feels good talking to other women about their ba in person! She sets my appointment and hands me a coupon for a free facial! Then, check this out,... she hands me a pretty hot pink box. I open it in front of her and inside was another generous gift. It eas another coupon from none other than Victoria's Secret! Now isn't that special?

Sports Bra Recommendations

Do any of you have a good sports bra that you can recommend? My ps said I could start wearing sports bra and then use my surgical bra to sleep in. But I need help in finding a good sports bra with very good support. It's so funny but I remember how my goal when shopping for sports bras BEFORE my ba was to find one that had the most padding and lift. Now, I just want good support! And recommendations?

Imma a Boobie Flasher!!!

So I haven't told anyone, literally, about my ba. As you might remember, I did bring it up to a mom who's children play with my children. I could tell she had hers done but then she is one of those ba people who regret the procedure. I don't think she is aware that I got it done aready. I didn't go very big on my ba. They are pretty proportioned to my pear shaped frame, so it's not obvious nor is it her business....HOWEVER, I mentioned my ba to my youngest child's kindergarten teacher. I volunteer very often in her class--at least once or twice per week. We've grown close and she's close to my age. When I told her, she was thrilled for me. She is a natural size G but told me that her grandmother got a ba done well in her 60s! She was happy for me. She is one of those very free-spirited people who you love the first time you meet them. I had to tell her something because I told her that I would not be able to come in for a couple of weeks or so for recovery. She was worried for me. I went in to volunteer this morning, and she asked to see my boobs!!! Lol!! So we snuck into the kids' bathroom and I flashed her my puppies!!! It was really kind of liberating!!! She even wanted to see my incisions. So I showed those to her too! She told me they looked as perky as a teenage girl and she loved the size on me. Her teacher assistant overheard cuz we were kinda loud. The kids were at lunch, it was just adults in the classrooms. And guess what? I didn't care a bit that her assistant overheard us, so I flashed her too!!!! I would of never let anyone other than my husband and my gynecologist see my befores!!

It's Like a Jungle Up in Here!

Boy what a week I've had! I've been consumed with my kids school and after school activities and have not had time to download my pics at two weeks to share. Each time I tried to download them, I kept falling asleep! I have some changes. But in my eyes, I dont see major changes.


How in the HECK DO YOU SHAVE YOUR ARMPITS? I haven'thad a good shave since day 1. In fact when lift my arm up to do so, It's like a cave forms under my armpit! I have to have my husband help me stretch my skin. But I still can't reach it all.

MASSAGING: (How often?):
How often do you all massage? I haven't dropped much and now I'm thinking that I might not be massaging enough? I like the way they feel softer after a massage them.
Well, in my dreams I am. Tonight, I dream that I'm pregnant. I think it's because boobs still wake me up. They feel exactly like they did when I was nursing.

I finally coughed up the money (after the gift card my ps gifted me) and ordered the knock out bra by Victoria Secrets. I need more support than my regular sports bras. This week my boobs feel very heavy. I'm hoping that this means that they are dropping?

I feel very good and I'm back to my regular routine (minus the lifting weights in the gym). But some movements or activities really hurt especially if you're very active like me. For example, I ALWAYS wash my hands as soon as I walk in from being away from home. Washing vigorously--rubbing my hands together--ouch!
It also hurts when I have to pull the shopping cart for grocery shopping especially when they get stuck and you have to pull hard.
And, it hurts when my 6th year old tugs my arm. That's a major ouchie!

I haven't stepped into the weight room. I need my sports bra before I even attempt a workout. I'm keeping away from lifting. I want to protect my investment. But I am walking at a moderate pace for about 30 minutes to an hour.
I had better conclude this entry I'll post pics soon. I'm falling asleep...zzzzzz

Week Two (Boobiversary)

My week two was this Tuesday the 8th. I'm not seeing much dropping and fluffing :( I'm trying not to worry about it, but I am!


I've actually dropped about 3 pounds since my ba two weeks ago. It's probably because not being able to lift means I'm losing some muscle. And, I've been doing more "cardio" albeit, I'm talking about very casual walking on my treadmill about 2.5 mIles per hour. I'm not getting my heart rate up and I'm not even working up a sweat even though my ps gave me the okay to walk more vigorously at about 3.0 mph is what I recall he said. So,.... on Friday, I decided to go to the gym and work my glutes for a bit. I felt a little shy or self-conscious because I wore two sports bras for some added support (I ordered my VS knockout bra online but it hasn't come in yet) and my boobs, to me, look so huge in a sports bra now. Usually sports bras make me look even flatter. In orfer to camsflouge the upper pole fullnrss, I wore a regular gym tshirt over my sports bra like I always do. This one covets all the way to my neckline, so no boobs were showing. Anyway, I worked on isolated glute moves and inner thighs (3 sets each at 15 reps) as follows: hip thrusts, standing leg curls, abductor machines, abbuctor machine and I walked at about 3.0 miles per hour on the treadmill for 45 mins. I kept my arms on the bar so there was no arm swinging involved. I felt REALLY good afterwards! I thought that my boobs might freak out, but actually the exercises I did don't involve any upper body strength at all. And I did discover that sweating just a little seemed to help with the swelling. So, Yay I'm going to keep at this same low intensity at least three days a week.
So I'm a regular gym rat. I love, love that my kids get to play in their own kids area. I always workout by myself. It helps my calm my mind. But occasionally, I might ask a guy to help me move, say, a weight bar that I can't reach. I'm strong but I'm still short. I wondered if my boobs would be "noticeable" because, to me, they are but it's my body. Also, since I've leaned out a bit, I notice some projection from my side profile that I never noticed before. I always wear a fitted shirt over my sports bra. I don't flash my abs like I did when I was much younger. I have loose skin form having my babies anyway and I don't like that kind of attention anyway. Hete is the story: There are two really nice MARRIED and very fit guys that are the ONLY guys I ever hold a conversation with at the gym. One of them has a daughter who plays with my son. Both guys talk with most of the ladies in the gym. They are very respectful gentlemen. We talk about our kids or nutrition. I have never seen them "check me out" or even check out the many gorgeous young girls that workout in the weight area. But, GEEZ!! it was so aaawkward on Friday. I really think they noticed my new BOOBS!!!!
He kept kinda coming by wanting to say hello. I was in a hurry because I had to run an errand afterwards. But he kept kind or rotating his workouts around mine. I can honestly say that it wasn't the workouts that brought him over to me. I ALWAYS work my glutes at least 3Xs a week. He finally made eye contact with me. He said, "How's it going?" I said, "Good but just feeling rushed. And you?" He just stood there. He looked at my chest then he made eye contact. (There was a long quiet pause). It was super awkward. I put my ear phones back on, I smiled and said, "Enjoy your workout!" Phew! He then walked away. But I could see him checking me out. Omgosh! He tried to talk to me again but I felt a bit embarrassed. I smiled but I didn't take my earphones off, so he kept on going.
This guy usually asks me, "So what are you working on today?" He made eye contact with me but wouldn't even come close to me. I said hello but he just waved from a distance. Then he looked at my chest!! I couldn't believe it. He totally avoided me but I could see him from the corner of my eye. He looked uncomfortable and avoided me the whole time!
It kind of made me feel a bit down because they usually treat me like just one of the guys. I don't talk to anyone else. Most of the girls who lift are half my age and they usually work out in pairs. I'm sometimes or usually, the oldest woman there. Most women my age are on the cardio equipment or in one of the many aerobic classes offered at my gym. I guess for a long time, not having boobs made me feel like "one of the guys". I was totally not expecting that reaction. I guess with time, Boob Sniffer 1 & 2 will just have to get over it. I haven't changed!! Oh well. I'll just keep going about my business. I'm the same person I was before the ba. I just feel less like a boy and more like a woman. It feels really good to have my femininity back. With my confidence back on the table, I just might be projecting it consciously. Oh yeah, I think I got me some GIRL SWAGGER going on now!! Lol!!

Week 3 (Bobbiversary)

Not much to report here in Boobilandia! But I have finally figured out how to find the notofications of when someone comments on my review. Duh! Me!
Although my boobs are still riding high, they are much softer. I massage them every night for about 10 mins and throughout the day when I remember (usually when I'm going pee).
There are still lots of things that I can't do without pain: opening pill bottles or any bottles for that matter, closing the drivers seat door of my mommy van, reaching up high to bring something down from a high shelf and pushing elevator buttons, reaching over to my side table lamp to turn off or on my lamp. And my number one ouchie today was using the garlic presser when I was adding fresh garlic to my chicken in the crockpot meal!
Nonetheless, here are my images for my 3 week old boobies. I'd better wrap this up before I fall asleep. Here's to hoping and praying for fluffing and dropping! ????

Loving Tshirts again

This is the ONLY tshirt I own. Before my ba, tshirts always made me look so darn flat! Well, I was flat but I used to look even flatter in them. They made me feel like a boy. Now, I'm loving the way I can fill them in.


Today is week 4 since my ba. Here are some changes I'm experiencing so far:
SLEEPING: I'm sleeping so much better these days. I usually sleep on my stomach but I've learned to sleep on my side. I do tend to automatically turn over to my stomach in my sleep and eake myself with a sudden "ouch!"
MASSAGING & MORNING BOOB: I still wake up every morning with soreness. BUT!...I started massaging every night while lying down while reading or watching TV (thank you me.me for the suggestion!). I've noticed that the more I massage at night, the less morning boob soreness in the morning. I also learned from freyja_619 to massage "vigorously". It felt weird at first, but when I do massage more firmer than I had been doing, I have less tightness throughout the day...I still have dreams about twice a week, that my milk is letting down like when I was breastfeeding my children. I keep waking up thinking I'm pregnant. Lol! It's really weird when that happens because I keep waking up and the first thing on my mind is, "gotta get the baby from the crib." Phew! I love my children to pieces but I'm glad to be past that season in my life.
EXERCISING: I've been walking a lot--about 4 das pet week. I've actually lost about 3 pounds since my ba. Part of the reason why, I think, is because I'm unable to weight train so I'm losing some muscle :( But since last week, I've had some excellent leg/glute workouts. I've just had to find exercises where I could isolate my lower body without engaging my chest muscles. I'm okay with modifying my workouts because I am loving my new boobs!
CONFIDENCE: I feel so much more confident in the gym, in the store and at home! I feel like myself again. I haven't had myself measured for new bras because I still have more dropping and fluffing to do. Plus, I still fit into all of my old sports bras and blouses. However, I've had to ditch the padding in all of them! Yay!..That's pretty much everything so far. I haven't run into my buddies at the gym. But I'm feeling less and less awkward when people notice them. I think it's because they now feel more and more part of me. I don't even think about them as much unless it's time to shower and I look at myself in the mirror. Or when I grab my youngest by the arm when crossing street and I feel a little pang here and there.
NEXT DOC VISIT: I'm scheduled for my one month follow up next week. I'm excited about it. I hope they're dropping as expected because I do fear that S&M looking strap some of us have had to wear! Lol! Sorry but it looks like a torture device to me. I was given the option to not have to use it but I'm afraid that if I haven't dropped as expected, I just might need to wear the dreaded strap! Keep me your prayers! I'll update again after my ps visit. Xoxo
Castle Rock Plastic Surgeon

I was looking for a doctor who would educate me on the process and help me make the right selection. I had lots of questions and lots of learning to do. During the free consultation, Dr Rhee exceeded my expectations. He answered all of my questions before I asked them. He was extremely thorough and he even asked me a lot of questions in an effort to get to know me (my lifestyle) and what I wanted. He explained the process and the recovery in layman's terms for me. He let me see and feel and try on different implants. He never rushed me. He made me feel like I was his most important patient. He measured me and explained my bwd and took notes about my background and history. He really got to know me. This was especially evident when at my postop appointment, my dear husband joined me and wanted me to choose a much bigger size than I had wanted. Lol! Dr. Rhee knew that that was not the look I was going for and he gently explained to my husband why that particular larger size was not a good fit for "me". There are many well-qualified surgeons in Colorado Springs but, at the end, I chose Dr. Rhee because he was thorough, had an excellent bedside manner and he is passionate about his work and the quality of his work. I felt very confident in his care. His staff, too, were very kind to me and my children who were present at my preop (in the waiting room). I also appreciated that the ladies in the office were open about sharing their own personal experience with their ba with me. I am very satisfied with Dr. Rhee and his staff and my new breasts! He gave me what I asked for and I am very happy with my results.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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