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Here's my story: I was ill for a very long...

Here's my story: I was ill for a very long time, gained 80 lbs and the skin on my face was blotchy, dull, and just looked unhealthy. By 2010, I had recovered from my illness, lost over 60 lbs, but still the skin on my face wasn't bouncing back like the rest of me.

I decided to have the Pearl Laser done in August 2010 by a practioner that I researched and trusted. The treatment itself was painless. My face burned (literally on fire) for 45 minutes after the treatment ended...that's the worst part. At 45 minutes, the pain suddenly stopped. It took about 5 days (not including the day of the treatment) before my skin peeled revealing softer, younger, more vibrant skin underneath.

The great part about the Pearl is that over the next 6 months or so you keep seeing improvement in your skin(so be patient). In our twenties our skin renews every 14 to 28 days. After 40, the renewal process slows down considerably and we begin to see the effects of againg. So, the trick after getting the Pearl is to keep turning over your skin removing the dead skin and revealing the new skin underneath.

During that 6 month period, I used occasional scrubs, got microderm abrasion every month and received two vitamin C/retina masks at a local SPA that I trusted. In addition, I applied retina 2-4 times a week and used all the products that my doctor recommended.

It has now been 10 months and my skin looks 10 years younger. It's vibrant, full, the tiny lines in my forhead and on my cheeks are gone, the lines around my eyes are highly diminished, and the sun damage is gone. I should also add that I used some juviderm above my cheek bones, around my mouth, and a little on each side of my chin giving my face more fullness as I lost weight. With all of the collagen production stimulated by the Pearl, I used far less filler in my last treatment than previously needed. I've had no cosmetic surgery to my face. I plan to repeat the Pearl this year and then just do my monthly maintenance for a few years.

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