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I've lost over 80 pounds and these last 10 have...

I've lost over 80 pounds and these last 10 have made my naked body look WORSE. Sure I'm healthier and look good in my clothes but... well, the pictures speak for themselves. I have lower pole constriction which makes this a challenging breast surgery. That's my biggest worry. I will update as I go along!

Lap band port... this is getting frustrating

Well I have read over and over with many of you that your surgeon "swapped out your lap band port" during your abdominoplasty. Every last one of these surgeons look at me like I have 3 heads when I ask them if they can swap it out for me. I just can't see having 2 surgeries to do this. Nor can I see going through all this pain and MONEY only to have this giant bump on my belly. The lap band surgeon I was to meet with locally had me on the schedule for this Thursday. Called today to cancel it and can't see me until December 4th. Well that won't work because my tummy tuck is scheduled for Dec 31st. If I wait until then to talk to him and he can't fix this thing prior to the surgery or during the tummy tuck I am out of luck here. I'll have to postpone this surgery. And here's my other concern: these bariatric guys do the most complex surgical procedures invented... that roux n y is ghastly complex. All I want is this stupid port changed out. Not even going below the muscle. Can't they send their junior trainee resident surgeon to do this? Grrrrrrr.

Preop appointment made me feel better.

I have gone back and forth with choosing a surgeon. Just to give you an idea, before I purchased my wedding dress, I had to try on ALL of them within a 60 mile radius. Did the same thing with PS consultations. After all that, i ended up feeling like any of these surgeons would have done a great job. There was nothing that indicated something negative in any of my favorites. Once I got to my top three, I wasn’t sure how to choose so I went with his personality and the way he interacted with me.. his attitude towards me and the questions I asked. Personality and connection and intuition is better than a coin toss, right?

RealSelf sisters: How are we supposed to be qualified to make such a monumental decision as which doctor is qualified to slice and dice our bodies? As an informed consumer I can research which dishwasher has the highest ratings, but isn’t it bizarre to be treating a doctor the same way? Consumers who have to somehow be medically knowledgable when it comes to the art of plastic surgery. No wonder we’re terrified.

I am a borderline case for a lift in that there is not much ptosis but also a small nipple to fold measurement. Several of the doctors I met with said no way would they lift me because it's about trade-offs: not worth the vertical scar if my nipple is above the fold. Others said I wouldn't be happy with how low my nipples end up without the lift. This was pure misery making. Agonizing, even. Had my preop yesterday and after talking with Dr. Smith, I feel like he is going to do what's necessary to make me as happy and close to my wish photos as possible. I think the donut mastoplexy is sort of an in between solution. My nips are on the small side so I am not worried about the “flattening” that some people complain about with this type of lift. My boobs should have a sign: Caution: you have entered a CONE ZONE! Some flattening might do them good. Anyway, I slept much better last night because he basically said he is going to look at me while I’m under, and if he is not happy and does’t think I will be happy with the result, he will make it right in the operating room as best he can. I love this idea. Today I love it, and I’m happy with it. But stay tuned… I have 2 whole weeks to second, third and fourth guess my decision! Yippie skippie!

I have decided on somewhere between 330 and 371cc moderate silicone. Dual plane 2/3 under the muscle. I do NOT want doll tits. I am 5’8”, 165 pounds of pushing-50-cougar-mom! I have a huge rib cage and I know I could go way bigger, but I’d rather look more natural and more like I did before breastfeeding. Hubby is totally on board, as you might imagine. ;)

OH NO! Sneezie! Help!

NOOOOOOOO!!!!! Here I am 8 days from my surgery and I've caught a bit of a cold! Hubby gave me this - apparently an early Christmas present. :D I so rarely get sick... Usually my kids bring home all manner of bugs from school and it always seems like my immune system fights these off. I will start feeling booger-ey and then magically it will go away.

I don't believe in all the natural remedies because there's no science behind them. I think you have to believe they work or they don't. Placebo affect. If zinc and excessive vitamin c worked, the pharmaceutical companies would have bottled and made it a rhino viral prescription long ago. I am going to take a normal dose of vitamin c.

Anyway, I don't have a fever, cough or a lot of drainage. Just a stuffy nose and gravel-ey eyes. A little fatigue, but I'm still going to work and stuff. Oh and then theres this little shindig called CHRISTMAS this week. I have 4 kids. So much for getting rest. If the crud heads south and I am coughing there's no way. Can you imagine coughing after a tummy tuck? OMG.

I have 4 kids, a full-time job, and a weekend business. You can imagine what I had to do to make this surgery happen with my schedule and time off. New year's day and the day after are paid holidays for me. Anyway, enough of my pity party. Thanks for listening. :D

Still on schedule... even with cold

Talked with my PS today and unless I take a turn for the worse and start coughing or have a fever, surgery will go on as planned. IN ONLY ONE WEEK. I am kinda freaking out. Truth be told, I was a teenie bit ok with postponement. Just because I am terrified of this surgery.

I am no stranger to surgery... I've had a gall bladder, 2 c-sections, 1 ovary removal, 1 lap band surgery and a partial hysterectomy. I am not afraid of not waking up or anything like that. It's mainly the results... afraid my boobs will look bad after all that money and misery. Of a complication/infection or blood clot. Of my nipples losing sensation. Of the inevitable depression everyone talks about after this surgery. I guess that about covers it. :D It helps to write down my feelings through this but I do feel pretty alone.

Went bra shopping

My surgeon says that a sports bra must be worn at all times post op. For how long I wonder? What makes something a sports bra? Tight across the top and a lot of coverage on top? I don't have many clothes that will adequately cover the top of fluorescent orange trim and straps. I am having a hard time finding something that is a sports bra but wouldn't look weird if the strap showed. Any suggestions?

Walk a mile in my SKIN!

I hate that I can't really talk to my girlfriends about what I'm going through emotionally. They have a hard time making ends meet and here I am spending enough money to buy a vehicle on my appearance. I can feel them rolling their eyes... oh poor thing she's feeling anxiety about getting a perfect belly and boobs. (sarcasm). But then I stumbled across this photo of my second pregnancy. HOLY PARADE FLOAT, BATMAN! This is why I need my stomach cut off - Look at that f*^!ing thing!!!

TOMORROW! Deep breaths...

I had a little crying jag this morning. One huge contributing factor: every other surgery I have ever had, my Mom was here to comfort me from a medical and Mom standpoint. She was an RN for years and knew everything about EVERYTHING. She was so smart and comforting. She would even have a little medical chat with the surgeon right after and ask technical questions. I miss her so much right now. OMG he has been so awesome. He never gives platitudes, he hugs me so tight and kisses the top of my head. Couldn’t ask for more.

Meanwhile I feel like I am nesting the way I did before I had my babies... I did every single bit of laundry in the entire house of 6 this weekend. I could open a bath towel store. I barely have room for all of them in the closets!

I bought one of those wedges from Relax the back store. I think it will be great but it was expensive!

I'm going in!

Next time I post, I'll be mommy-licious!

I did it!!!!

Happy New Year! Happy boob year! Before the surgery I asked Dr Smith : where is the piece of paper I sign giving him the right to make changes if I'm not mommylicious. He laughed but he did it! Ended up with 400 ccs!!! I am 5'8" and was worried the 330 wasn't going to look proportional. But because of my tiny nipple to fold distance and lower pole constriction, he said anything bigger would push the nips too low. I got the benelli mastopexy. And he must have decided that the lift fixed that issue. Time will tell. They are riding so high and tight of course. Speaking of high, pardon my OxyContin rambling. More later!


Look how great it already looks - 3 days post op!

5 days post op and overjoyed

If you saw how bad I looked before, you'd know why I'm so elated over having round boobs. I can't wait for them to drop and fluff. I think 400 cc's look perfect on my frame. Have my post op appointment today. Maybe drain will come out. :D

Before and After Photos updated: My Mommy Makeover!

People ask about recovery: If I had to put a date on it, I'd say I felt good back at work 18 days post op. I am still having weird sensations and one on my semi-numb belly --- don't freak out --- that feels like a baby kicking me. I'm still achy and swollen which I hate. My belly is pretty puffy. But so the hell what! Look at those tiddies! ;) I have posted pix I took at 16 days post op.

Roller Coaster of emotions. What am I, Pregnant?

Don't laugh. It's so much like pregnancy. The way you feel about yourself when you look in the mirror and see a different body. Buying temporary clothing - maternity clothes are like compression garments and huge bras. The permanence of some of your body changes. The fear of the medical part, going to the hospital/putting your life in the hands of the medical profession. The WAITING. The patience required to wait for the good part... the day when all the misery is worth it because in a few months you'll have (a new baby) your new improved body. See my analogy here? Some of you Moms will get what I'm saying. In short, this is kinds of a HUGE DEAL with some far reaching after effects.

One minute I'm elated and the next minute I'm questioning the entire decision. I think there's a word for this kind of behavior and they make pills for it. My 14 year old daughter was talking to me about all the emphasis on women's body image. We both agree that the skinny body is more perpetuated by women than men. The vast majority of men like a healthy woman and like a bit of junk in the trunk and never cared about a stupid thigh gap. We agree that this is the media making money. Then she said, "Like you getting this surgery, Mom." I told her I feel the diet industry makes way more money off the thigh gap than plastic surgeons do, but for the most part I agree with her. My husband does not care about me battling 10 pounds. He would care if I were obese. I reminded her that I removed pounds of empty skin off my belly and re inflated my breasts and that yes, this was all about MY opinion of how I want to look and nobody else's. I told her I hope she never weighs 270 pounds like I did. I have to admit though, I agree with her and it was one of my biggest apprehensions about getting the MM.

Having nightmares. Stop it, seriously.

Horrible nightmare this morning that I went to show my friend my boobs and they were still my mini traffic pylons! Got up and while I was making my coffee, I saw my reflection in the window and I was like Day-yam girl... those look beautiful and that t-shirt is quite tight up top now! Even with a sports bra on. They haven't dropped much but I am patient.

Nipple Enlargement!
One thing I don't see many women talking about on this site is trying to get LARGER areoles with surgery. Since I was getting 400 ccs of implant and a donut mastopexy, I told Dr. Smith not to be afraid to make mine bigger. Personally I think they look way better and in proportion with the new breast size while getting the lift. Great side effect of the way this lift was performed but I’m sure if your nips are too small it would work with anchor or lollipop. Haven't seen it addressed on this site much because most women want theirs reduced in size. Smaller busted women to know about that's an option.

New Photos - 1 month post (almost)

Still loving my new girls and tummy! My main complaint is somehow sleeping. I seem to wake up a lot with my tummy hurting. I think laying flat just pulls the skin... even if I sleep on my side it doesn't seem to help.

Forgot one photo...

Incision puffy on top but coming along.

WTH? Why would a stitch wait this long to decide it wants out of my boob?

GROSS! It waits 5 weeks to fight it's way out? That is just weird but after searching the RS doc answers, seems pretty common. Doesn't hurt and it behaved like a small sore. I didn't really see the stitch itself. I just put antibiotic ointment and a bandaid on it. Everything else is moving along. I sleep curled up like a shrimp because I'm still sore if I sleep flat on my back but it's much better. Seeing my PS on the 16th.

Drop and Fluff

Hello ladies! Everything is going along swimmingly. I have to say that photos do not look as good as my boobs look in person. I have tried different lighting but maybe it's because my arms are always up holding the camera. I don't think my appearance has changed much since my last photos except all the bruising is gone. I wanted to note that If I had gotten the lollipop lift with the vertical scar, my nips would be much higher and my shape would have been more round in the lower pole. It's a trade off between super high teen-boobs and the scar or my result with no vertical scar. I'm super happy with my results.

Bath Time!

Still loving my new Mommy body! Check out my 2 month photos... in the bathtub! My boobs are really getting squishy now. Still tight skin around them but enormously better than a month ago.

5 months photos

Very happy with results! Boobs really feel like a part of me now. Very squishy too. Scars will fade.
Colorado Springs Plastic Surgeon

I met with so many board certified surgeons and narrowed it down to 3. I had second appointments with all of them. I felt like any of these 3 would have done a great job, and that was reassuring. All 3 of them had some different ideas about how to approach my somewhat challenging augmentation. To make my final decision I had to use a little bit of intuition, for lack of a better term. Also, I felt like Dr. Smith had the best of all worlds: the technical/artistic talent, experience, and outstanding interpersonal communication. I felt like I was being treated as an equal, and almost like I was having a conversation with a friend. There wasn't that stiff formality and he called me on my cell to discuss further some questions I had posed. Even though I brought in what must have seemed like every possible horror story and complication imaginable, he explained everything and was reassuring. The other reason I chose him is that he has really tried to work with me to get my lap band port exchanged, where others were somewhat dismissive and told me to have separate surgeries. That's just counterproductive. I had my surgery on 12/31/2014 - ring in the new year with a new body! He was great and so far all my worrying was for nothing, even with my more than challenging surgery. During the surgery he discovered that I had a tendon in my pectorals and bands in my constricted lower pole that had to be released to create the pocket for the implant. If he can make me look this good, he can make anyone look like a centerfold. I will keep this updated as I go along. So far GREAT!

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