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Hello this is my first entry and beginning of my...

Hello this is my first entry and beginning of my Sx journey. I have been ready to do this for 3yrs now and I'm finally ready to be happy with myself. I'm approaching Chapter 30 of my life and I want to go into these next years of my life with confidence and love what I c on the outside. I have read @bellabarbies E-book called "plasticia" and it had good and useful information in it. Step by step guide to keep me on track while on my way to a new me. Sooooo..

I want:
Tummy Tuck, Lipo(sculpting), BBL, and possibly Breast lift....

I know my goals and wish pics are achievable I'm just really not sure if I should loose a good amount of weight before hand or trying to stay consistent and just focusing on lowering my BMI.. Ehhhh

I have doctors appt this week to get a pre-screen of my overall health and to make sure I'm not unaware of anything wrong with me, which I figured is a good idea before even moving foward with consults. I don't want to get my hopes up but I'd hate to find out later on down the road after I've consulted and sent any deposits.

Im really in a happy place right now about everything to come and I'd love to share and have some input, and possible others that have recently just started this process to keep up with me as I will with them.

Going to Cali,Colombia

I have been in serious research mode and finally decided on a doctor
in Cali! I have revived my quote and I am currently discussing what's
included and not included with that, and also trying to figure out my
projected sx date. I don't have a huge support system and the one person
I have which is the father of my kids is like up and down about it. Not
really sure what his deal is but our relationship isn't on the best of
terms so I'm to the point where I'm not letting anyone get me in my
feelings about this change I want for me. So I'm going to wait to finish
getting all my questions answered and be sure about my date before I
send in my $500 non refundable deposit and I'm good to go. Just a quick
update on my progress. But it's moving right along. I will be
reconstructed in #colombia! Hopefully my next review I'll have my date
and deposit sent with hotel/recovery house accommodations too!

It's been a while! Quick update I have flight...

It's been a while! Quick update I have flight booked RH reserved, and deposit sent for March. I have a little less than half of my supplies packed already.. It seems so far but the way my last minuteness is set up I prob should get back on top of things...oh I'll be seeing dr Manuel Belen in DR. STILL want to find a buddy as well if possible...
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Very assertive and reassuring. Responds to messages in a timely manner.

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