Mommy Makeover

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I haven't had Surgery yet but am Thinking about...

I haven't had Surgery yet but am Thinking about getting a TT and BA only has anyone else has gotten that done without BBL and how was your recovery. I'm from NY and a lot of people are giving her great experience so far and at this point she is someone I'm looking into to have my mommy makeover with. I have extra skin on my belly I really don't care about my little stretch marks I just my flat stomach back and fuller boobs.

Hey there looking for reviews on CG cosmetic. I...

Hey there looking for reviews on CG cosmetic. I looking to get a BA done in October. Was it a good place to go? I am a mother of 3, I need of a TT and BA with no lift. I am a 32C-D 5'3 120. I'm looking into Saline since my boobs aren't the same size and a mini TT. Which Dr at CG has done a great job in this field?

I want to get breast implants and not sure if I...

I want to get breast implants and not sure if I can get them done before I go to basic training, would it affect my training? I plan on getting my BA sometime the end of the year. I've had children and now my boobs deflated from 32D to 32B. How long after breast augmentation can I start doing push up??How long after a tummy tuck can I start working out.I want to give myself enough time to recover before joining.

Slim Mother of Three (Mommy Makeover)

Hi, there after years going looking for Dr I finally have pick my Dr.
After having my last child I'm ready set and go. I'm planning to get a
tummy tuck with muscle tighten hernia repair, breast augmentation and
lipo. I'm slim and good bmi, I trying to bring my Iron level up and gain
at least 20lb before SX

This is for Dr Medina

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Hi they, I'm getting a mommy makeover with Dr....

Hi they, I'm getting a mommy makeover with Dr. Gomez in Colombia. My mommy makeover will include BA, BBL, TT with muscle repair and Lipo. I will be staying at an luxury apartment provide by Dr. Gomez. I will have a nurse to take care of me and help me during my recovery process and 10 messages done is include in my quote. All blood work, medication and messages will take place when I reach to Colombia. Dr. Gomez is the one of many great Dr's in Colombia and I'm happy to have found him. ??

Mother of 3, TT with Muscle and Hernia Repair. BA with Implants, Lipo and Fat Transfer to Hips

My honest Review.... Hi there, I'm going with Dr. Gomez in summer 2017. I plan on staying at his apart man in Colombia for 12-14 days. My quote includes ... Messages, faja, a nurse, driver and so much more. I pick Gomez from a friend of a friend and loved her results but after speaking to LILI and sending my own photo as wish pic I knew Gomez was right for me. I look him up and everything and his credits and experience is by far what I was looking for from a Dr. I know I been on this SX journey for years and I'm beyond happy I didn't rush into Dr because I'm sure would have regret not going to Gomez.

Overall my idea look is to look like myself before I had kids. I have extra skin and a poke out belly button. My boobs are the only thing still up and youthful. I want to stay slim and have a fit mom look, a natural look. If I ever have a second round it would be Ab itching noting else lol. So if your going with Gomez for your SX I would love if we connect and give me some helpful tips. I would gladly appreciate any suggestions from my SX sisters

Great communication

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