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Ready for a tummy tuck revision, breast lift, BBL....

Ready for a tummy tuck revision, breast lift, BBL. I have contacted Dr Alwx Campbell waiting for estimates. So far communicatio been excellente and exactly what I am looking for. I want to feel safe in every way. I have made my decision based on all my reading on this site qnd doctors website which is very detailed. I am excited and nervous at the same time. Will keep posting as I learn more and prepare.

Quote from Dr Alex Campbell

Got my break down quote this afternoon
Breast lift
Tummy Tuck revision
Liposuction to abdomen, back, waist, arms, thighs
Brazilian Butt Lift
$8,900 plus stay of 14 nights $1,176 plus massages, 1 faja, and meds $410 plus flight

I am putting together a list of medical and detailed surgery questions to have ready for a phone consultation with the doctor next week.

stay price only includes breakfast good enough!

Doctors are opening their own suites for their patients. Hope they are stay so that you are comfortable with all that pain LOL

Deposit done!!

My deposit is done!! Count down and preparation starts. I want to be as healthy as possible. So healthy eating and exercise.

Looking for a buddy for July 2016 to Dr Alex Campbell in Cartagena Colombia

If anyone planning on going to Dr Alex Campbell July 2016, please let me know as the journey would feel better with a buddy there.

Before pics

Not good about posting pictures but this site is very helping to many on these journeys, its important to read others experience whether its good or bad. Also the support from others who are going thru the same decisions help make the process a little bit easier. So there are my before pictures.

Preparing a list ...

As my date is approaching. The anxiety and excitement is creeping up on me again. I am definitely feeling confident of doctors I have chosen. Which makes it easier to focus on the positive. For the ladies that have gone and back from Premium Care in Colombia. I would really appreciate on main or little things I SHOULD or MUST bring with me to make my trip and healing smoother. I have started my list as I been reading lots of posts but ladies that been to the Premium Care would help me even more. Thank you for all your sharing which helps each other.

Less than a month...

I am preparing and buying last couple things. I am excited but nervous at the same time. I am hoping the trip, the money, the healing journey etc. will be worrh it at the end. I am hoping Dr Campbell & Dr Restrepo will do their best on me. I do not have high pain tolerates so I am scared but I know nothing comes easy. I am also nervous because I am 5'0 feet and weight 138 pounds, I am hoping I get at least 5-6 pounds off in fat and skin plus eating healthy those 2 weeks there, get me down 8-10 total before heading back home. Can anyone whose gone to Dr Campbell and Dr Restrepo tell me how many pounds they lost right after surgery? Has anyone had mini thigh lift with lipo? Is it painful? What's more painful the incision from mini lift or lipo? Same with the mini arm lift and lipo? Incision or lipo hurt more? I have so many questions but I know I need to wait until I see Drs in person...

Its feeling real...

I feel I am more on RS than before maybe because my anxieties are kicking in. I am nervous about the entire experience but now i am focused and staying positive. I am looking into the amount of fat I really want to my booty. Dr Campbell mentioned 300cc but that dont seem like its enough to get the booty I would like. I know his a more conservative doctor so I am nervous he may not put enough. After so much reading about lipo and amount into a bbl, I think I need more like 500-600cc in each cheek. Can you ladies give me specific CCs and I will check you before and after pics? I am 5'0 and weight 138lbs. I dont want to loose more weight because I am scare not having enough fat. I feel like I have more loose skin than fat. Plus there is a percentage of that fat transfered that will not survive so I definately want Dr Campbell to do much more than just 300cc. I will appreciate your comments. Thank you ladies!

wish pic

Well where do I start...day 23 days

I am alive and doing well during my recovery, sorry to the ladies who have messaged me privately and I have not responsed.
I will update pics soon. I want to share true results, first few weeks, its all but swollen. it is finally going down but I can say that I am starting to see my results and Dt Campbell has done a nice job to fix the areas that needed help. I never wanted
a HUGE butt so I am happy with what he did with my butt. He put 400CC each cheek just even to fill in my flat areas lol. I feel I got to much as once but its too late now. Moving forward... last minute we added mini thigh lift too, its proably one of the best things I did. It has made my legs 15 years younget. But I mist say it HAS NOT easy. Recovery is the hardest part of the entire journey. I have not had even had desire to update on here as I am trying to catch up with small house duties and I am exhaused after that. There is so much for me to share so please feel free to ask questions. I will answer them.

Update pics

Here are a couple of pictures in my faja... I am still swollen around the abdominal and back areas. I am now in my M size faja. Started out in a XL day of surgery. Today is 4 weeks from surgery 7/19.

Mommy Makeover with Dr Campbell/Dr Restrepo

Its funny how I was on RS everyday before my surgery. After surgery you just want to make all the negative and pain fade away. RS is not on your mind for the first few weeks. It wasn't for me. But then you remember how all these wonderful ladies dedicate time even with pain to share the bad, the good ans the ugly that has helped you plan for this huge journey. After reading updates on 1 case with Dr Malloy in DR haa made me take the time to share some of my experience as I am gratefull that my scary moments were nothing compare like this lady.

I can say honestly that I looking back 5 weeks ago. I am juat fine and my recovery ia going well. 0 problems with open wounds, 0 infections, 0 pain or burning of any type which is extremely important. Before surgery you just dont think it will be you dealing with these kind of nightmares. Thank you lord for that. Hospital and clinic were very clean, 99% of the staff at the hoapital were great, 100% of the staff at Dr Campbell's office were awesome, 0 complains because that was what changed my outcome after Day 2. Yes the first 2 days was 2 days that I don't even want to remember about. Nothing Dr Campbell/Dr Restrepo did (a back nerve activated and it was an unbearable pain, all low dose pain meds were not doing anything, Dr had an emergency and that cost me 28 days of unbearable pain because nobody at the hoapital waa smart enough to see my suffering. Dr Campbell arrived after 28 hrs after my surgery (he had a death in the family, which is understandable) and ordered morfin doses and YES!! its when I saw life once again. If I could fade away those 28 hrs of that type of pain, I would say my experience met all my high expectations. As I look back and I read some of these awful experiences. I know that I chose the best of the best doctors. I am slowly starting to see my results and I am loving them. If I was to give 1 advice to all women on RS, what would it be?? hmmm easy !! DO NOT just chose a DR because of their BEFORE ans AfTER pics please!!! Chose a DR with a clean report. DONT TAKE chances going into unsanitary clinics, hospitals, or big infection turnovers that is a RED FLAG. I see women still going to doctors with "death record" please ladies NO LOOK or RESULTS are worrh taking a chance with these doctors. If you come accross with DRs with theae kind of of reviews, thats your RED flags!! Its hars to write these reviews because there are ao many details and info to share but have no ending. If you have any questions please ask. If you have made up your mind that you will have surgery no more what you read on RS??? At least go to a Dr who will keep you safe !!! Dr Campbell would be the one for me!!! He will keep you safe and well taken care of. I will update pictures as my swollen continues to go down. I am ready for my 3 month post ao I can be ME again. Good night ladies, I hope my post can save someone from a nightmare or a death. Choose your doctor wisely!!!

2 month update

I am uploading a couple pics to helps those who are looking into Dr Campbell's work. I am very happy with mu results. I know it will only get better as I am slowly getting back into exercising and eating healthy. Staying positive and focus will only help this process and to have great results. I am blessed to say that I had 0 problems with incisions or any type of infections.
Colombia Plastic Surgeon

Dr Campbell and Dr Restrepo make the perfect combanition. They are genuinely caring, attentive, professional, experienced, and know what after care means. Shout out to hia entire staff at PREMIUM CARE, each one play their roll well. Thank you PREMIUM CARE for the once in your life experience because I got everything done that I am done with plastic surgeries LOL Dr Campbell took care of ME:))

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