August 18 Butt implants and nose w/ Juan Diego Mejia

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Ladies , had a bbl before and lost all Of the fat...

Ladies , had a bbl before and lost all
Of the fat within a year.. Now I'm taking my journey to Colombia.. Been reading and hearing great things about butt implants in Colombia.. Need advice to which are the best doctors .. I was wired 4500 by dr Correa but not sure if I want to go with him yet .. Any help and also if ladies have suggestions for recovery houses

Doctor is Juan Diego Mejia! Surgery set for August 18th!

Hey ladies so I found an amazing doctor in Medellin Colombia ! His name is Juan Diego Mejia.. I have spoken to him on what's app and sent him my pictures and he recommended I do round implants and we are all set for the biggest available at 560cc round silicone implants. I am very excited as the surgery is set for August 18th . Now I just have to book a recovery house and I'm pretty sure I'm gon g with tranquility as they are reasonable . I will be staying in Colombia until Sept 1st.

Booty buddy vs bbl pillow

So I'm leaning towards booty buddy because it looks higher.. Ladies which one did you choose ? I had a boppy pillow but I feel like it deff did not give the support I needed and after a while of sitting it lost its shape

chose dr juan diego mejia for 560 cc round butt implants and rhinoplasty in colombia

ALRIGHT LADIES.. I finally chose to fly my butt to medellin.. I have had a bbl last year in december and loved my results up until about 6months... i began to workout again and had lost all of my fat... with being out of work for about two months i have spend almost 17k with the surgery and all expenses... so i was pretty pissed off.. i have see Medias work on instagram and also been talking to him religiously on whatsapp..My surgery is finally scheduled for August 18th for butt implants, which we chose the biggest available at 560cc round. I am also doing a second rhinoplasty. I am pretty unhappy with my nose as well which was the same doctor who did my butt here in miami.. I am very excited as i heard he is an excellent surgeon and very skilled as well as board certified here in US. I will be in medellin for about 16 days and chose to go with tranquility recovery home.

Pre suregery pix

Here are some pre pix .. I lost ll my bbl fat from last year because I started doing 5 miles a day

More pix pre surgery

Wish pics

1 week pre

Nose before

Here is the nose .. Had one rhinoplasty last year and I hate it .. Here goes 2..


Arrived at Tranquility last night .. everyone was very nice and helpful. today i went to dr mejias office for my pre op appt and bloodwork. We decided to stick to the plan and do 560cc round butt implants intramuscular and also shave the bump and raise the tip for my rhinoplasty. Wish me luck ladies! Im so anxious I won't be able to sleep my surgery is at 7 am

Surgery went amazing!

I cannot tell you how quickly I woke up after surgery and was just trying to move around .. i cannot express enough gratitude to doctor Mejia for making my nose beautiful! I am obsessed ! He lifted it and refined the tip and the results are nothing short of amazing. Moving on to my butt... Lol.. This one is a bit more tough .. All the pain that I am feeling is from my implants .. They are very sore I deff had to ask for medication few times so I can relax and go sleep for a bit . I'm coming out a brand new person .. My butt is big but not huge and I have a tiny waist so it's going to look great

Butt very sore

So my butt is very sore but I got too much energy smh I can't sit still and not sleepy at all. It's the medicine it gives me life instead of putting me to sleep.. Any who here are some pix that I just took

Got my pain pump!

Day 3
Ugh! Ladies I finally got my pain pump.. The dumb nurse at the hospital blew two of my veins because she didn't know what she was doing so the other nurse came and did it first try.. I was being tortured smh.. I feel a thousand times more comfortable with my pain pump now .. I got out of my faja and feel so much better I am wearing spandex compression leggings and I cut out a hole so I can go to the bathroom.. The bathroom experience was terrifying .. I had to go the next day after surgery because I eat such a healthy diet with lots of fiber that it made me go.. But other than that my face is finally starting to go down and I'm starting to feel much better here are some new pix

The drains are out!

So the drains came out yesterday.. And all I can say it thank god... I feel 100 times better I'm walking without wobbling .. My nose swelli g is going down drastically because I'm so on top of my arnica Montana and all the vitamins.. I had to go to the bathroom today and let me tell you it was an experience I never want to relive .. The morphine drip is making me constipated so I took an ex lax which didn't do much.. But I finally went .. My butt is looking great I can't stop staring at it .. I'm learning how to sit down now and it's actually not that bad .. Tomm I go back to take the morphine pump out and also to change the tape on my nose :)

Recovering way faster than I thought

I'm honestly recovering way faster than I thought I was suppose to leave Colombia this Thursday but changed my ticket to Monday.. I am already sitting .. Not for a long time but for 5 min at a time no problem .. My nose swelling is slowly going down and my butt is starting to look less square every day .. But I know that is going to take some time to drop and fluff..

Side views

Hips for days

Loving the hips .. Implants definitely helped that!

Working out

Been in the gym I can sit fine .. Still a bit sore but my recovery has been a breeze

A month update.

My butt dropped just a little
Looks a lot more natural.. few
More days and I'm going to start running like I used to

Love my results!!!!!!!!!

Hey ladies here is a quick update ! So my butt is looking so nice and natural
It dropped quick because I am at the gym a lot I started doing my regular 5k on treadmill 17 days after surgery . I absolutely love it .. no one can tell it is fake but I definitely turn heads.. my nose swelling goes up and down .. it's a journey because nose takes much longer to heal and swelling to go down .. but today I took a side shot and I'm absolutely in love with it !

He is very responsive and nice.. we talked so many times on whatsapp and he answered all my questions.

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